Subtle Podcasts/Vidcast Nods in ‘Adventures of Superman’

This is a bit on the geeky side, but in The Adventures of Superman #648, the artist slipped subtle nods to some tech podcast/vidcasts by drawing in their logos. This is neat because I listen to/watch all of these — so it’s rad to see them pop up in a comic.

I know artists do this all the time by working in pop culture type things into the art. Any other ones you’ve seen recently? Simon from Colombia (yes, South America!) recently e-mailed us to ask if we’d seen R2-D2 embedded in the big Anti-Monitor thing at the end of Infinite Crisis #3. I didn’t catch it at first, but its definitely there.

I’m out on the road for work, but when I get back tomorrow I’ll scan the panel from Infinite Crisis #3 and post it.


  1. Do you think Leo gets more downloads of TWIT than they sell copies of Adventures?

    Curious indeed.

    That’s awesome though. I guess you’d credit it to Nunzio DeFilippis. Could be Rucka, but I doubt it.

    By the way, does anyone read this? It is Rucka writing it. For a guy who is probably in my top 3 writers, I don’t think I’m reading anything of his.

  2. This Week in Tech absolutely has more weekly downloads than Adventures of Superman sells per issue, unless they sell more than 250,000 of it, which I doubt…

  3. I read it. It’s okay. There have been some good issues that were better than others. This one was quite good.

  4. Is there a strong woman who’s really the center of the story, such as in ALL Rucka’s work?

    It’s Lois isn’t it?

  5. Si, senor.

  6. Idiots. They could be selling that space for product placement. *eye roll*