Storm’s a Brewin’ in the South – Pros vs. Wizard

Wizard makes a bold attempt at their world domination plan, as they scheduled Wizard World Atlanta in 2006 for the same weekend as the long-standing Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC.

A lot of people are pissed, including some comics pros who are now boycotting the Wizard con. This sends a message loud and clear to Wizard: no one wants to be bullied by you.

Watch 2007, they’ll schedule the LA show for the same weekend as San Diego and the comic book population will go nuts.


  1. We’ve been joking about this happening for years and finally Wizard makes its play. This makes me glad I stopped buying that magazine.

    I wonder if Marvel is going to catch any flack for this since they have unofficially officially thrown in with the Wizard cons. Their presence at San Diego is disgraceful.

  2. “Uh… that date’s not locked in. We never said we were having the con on that day.”

    Suck it, Wizard.



    The WizardWorld backlash is in earnest and both Marvel and DC Comics are in discussion over what their move should be.

    For the past few years, WizardWorld have been increasing the numbers of their comics conventions in order to squeeze the competition. A WizardWorld Los Angeles was originally planned for the same day or the previous weekend to the number one comics convention, San Diego – not so much as replace it, but to leech importance from it, thus increase the importance of WizardWorld Chicago and other WizardWorlds through the year. This plan was, however abandoned for something smaller.

    And the recent decision to coincide WizardWorld Atlanta with Heroes Con was exactly that. Using the power of the WizardWorld brand to knock out possible competition around the country and grow to challenge San Diego for the number one spot.

    But finally a number of prominent creators have rebelled against this Starbuckisation of comic book conventions. Giving Heroes Con its best star line-up for years – JMS, Mark Millar, Warren Ellis, Bryan Hitch, Travis Charest, Art Adams, Tony Harris and many more.

    Which leaves Marvel and DC with a dilemma. WizardWorld has long courted these two companies and provided serious discounts for their appearance, as long as they commit to a number of shows across the country and agree to make headline-making announcements there.

    But with pressure from their own creatives and staff, and the possibilities of a PR nightmare, is it conceivable that Marvel and DC may break their previously mutually agreeable partnership? Until that week, that was not a possibility. This week, it’s been raised internally at both publishers.

    WizardWorld is also looking at serious damage minimisation on this one.

    Lying In The Gutters would like to announce it will not be attending WizardWorld Atlanta. Not going to Heroes Con either, but still. Actually, if WizardWorld did fly me over, I’d probably be a willing scab.

  4. So Johnston’s not so much of an activist then?

  5. Not only that, but it appears that he pulled the above story at the request of Wizard.