Storm to Marry Black Panther?

I haven’t been keeping up on this and I vaguely knew that something was happening, but today Marvel sent us an “invite” to the summer 2006 wedding of Storm and T’Challa, also known as the Black Panther.

You can click the invitation to the left to see it up close.

I know that in the X-Men books they had Storm, while in Africa, meet up with the Black Panther, but I stopped following it there. Now it looks like she’s staying there.

I’ve been reading the X-Men books for practically my entire life and this just smacks me as coming completely out of nowhere. The movement of Storm to Africa in the X-Men books was clumsy and made no sense. When the House of M thing hit and the mutants were wiped out, and Storm refused Cyclops’s request to come back to New York, it just seemed completely out of character.

As I type this, I just remembered that Storm and the Black Panther were together in Earth X, but to counter that, in Claremont’s X-Men: The End, Storm was “with” Wolverine when the book started.

My head hurts.


  1. I’ve heard something about this tying into this whole Civil War thing going on this summer. Just like that lovely new Iron Spider Armor thing that Marvel is showing off.

    I dunno. According to what I’ve heard in the podcasts, you all aren’t too keen on crossover events.

    Now, I like IC in DC, just because I like how they have seemingly been seeding this event for the past couple of years in DC continuity.

    I could not stand House of M. The Post M stuff is okay, potentially. But, Marvel seems like they just throw monkey wrenches in continuity every now and then, and then shape they story around that.

    Oh, and for those who follow the X-Men stuff reverntly, what happened in relation to the Morrison run of the New X-Men? Was most of that retconned out of existance? (That was the last time I followed any Marvel books monthly.)

  2. First, on cross-overs, I honestly don’t mind them. I do like the major event from time to time and I enjoyed the House of M, more so than Infinite Crisis so far (but I’m more of a Marvel guy…)

    Morrison’s run has been pretty much retconned through 2 ways:
    1) Whedon’s run on Astonishing X-Men, which had the X-Men deciding to embrace costumes again and to be a more heroic, present super team to the public. Which was opposite of Morrison’s leather jackets, mutants everywhere approach

    and more obviously 2) Decimation, which wiped out Morrison’s millions of mutants.

    I thought there were hints of good things in Morrison’s run, but over all, I wasn’t a fan. You can read my entire opinion of his run here:

    Since Morrison’s departure, the X-Men books havent been amazingly better, they have lacked direction, but I firmly believe things are looking up, at least within the past 2 years.

  3. Well, again, since I haven’t really firmly follewed the X-Books for a while, I can’t say anything about that.

    I’ll be the first to admit that Morrison can be a bit . . . well, weird. I like his stuff though. I liked what he was trying to do with the X-Men, even if he didn’t execute 100% (which I don’t think he did).

    I was wondering what happened with the Xorn/Magneto subplot, and the Weapon Plus program ideas.

    Another question comment is on the whole idea of a comic wedding in the first place.

    Has there ever been one that really worked well?

    I think it has hindered a lot of the characters involved.

    The whole Peter Parker/MJ thing is still kinda, I dunno. I just think it makes both of their characters a little less interesting.

    Same with Lois and Clark. I mean, the TV show was . . . well, at least Superman was on TV, but I would have rather seen the George Reeve reruns. But they get married in both the show and the book, and Lois is just flat. She’s a 2D character who only seems to serve as bait for super-villans.

    Reed and Sue Richards at least had a really cool kid out of the union.

    Jean Grey and Scott Summers had an intersting one, seeing as they have a few possibly paradoxical children running about, but now that Jean’s dead (she is still dead, isn’t she) the whole Scott and Emma thing has the potential to be the same thing. (Maybe the Stepford Cookoos are their children from the future.)

    Can you all think of anyone else? And thought of any instance where it actually helped the characters rather than seemingly limiting them?

  4. I am on record as saying that both the Peter/MJ and Clark/Lois marriages were the worst thing to happen to Spider-Man and Superman.


  5. word bitch. Clark should have married Lana…we are talking about Smallville right??? “DAMN YOU TOM WELLING GET OUT OF MY HEAD!”

  6. Teagan,
    are you loaded?

  7. To respond to Michael:
    – I agree that Morrison had some good ideas that just weren’t executed well or followed through enough. A lot of flash, little substance
    – The Magneto/Xorn subplot resolved itself in that after Morrison left, they had a story arc (I think) in regular X-Men where they found the real Xorn and he joined the team briefly and something weird happened. I’d have to go dig up those issues to remember specifically, but it was fairly incomprensible (thanks Chuck Austen)
    – Nothing on the Weapon Plus concept, I think we’re all glad that they’ve forgotten that – the guy in the white GI Joe like costume was awful

    I love your question of Weddings in comics – its really a good point. I think Conor is right that the marrage didn’t help Superman and it definitely put a damper on Spider-man, although the original publicity stunt of having the wedding at Shea Stadium before a Mets game in real life was one of my fave childhood memories). The Reed/Sue marriage seems to be the only one that actually helped the comic in terms of good stories.

    Jean and Scott’s wedding in X-Men was actually one of the best things of the X-Men 90’s, that was just a long time coming and it was good to see it done with dignity (despite feral Wolverine skulking in the woods). Jean is still dead, and looks like she’s going to stay that way unfortunately. I really hope that Scott and Emma don’t get married/stay together – I dunno, something about Emma just bothers, me, I know..that’s the point. But it just doesn’t feel right.

    I’m going to dig and try and do some more research around this wedding concept, I wonder if there are any that have worked…

  8. Wow. I love reading stuff like this because it reminds me of how much I don’t miss the X-line. I picked up House of M, but it’s so angstastic, that I don’t know how long I can keep on reading it.

    At least on the Ultimates line, the drama gets broken up with some humor.