Steven Grant on Character Logic, Polls, and CBS

The latest edition of Steven Grant’s “Permanent Damage” column at CBR starts off with an interesting bit on character logic and Spider-Man.

As per usual, “Permanent Damage” explores a little bit of comics, a little bit of politics, and a little bit of TV. Three of my favorite topics.

Not too long ago, internet columns by comic book writers were all the rage. By now most of them have faded away leaving it to Steven Grant to come up with something smart and relevant every week.

He never disappoints.


  1. Did they all go away, or did I stop reading them?

    I think Ellis does a short thing at Pulse. John Byrne might be out there. Peter David? Anyone else?

  2. Well, there are still columns to be sure… Ellis has one – sorta – at The Pulse. Joe Casey has one at CBR.

    But it’s not like it was in 2000 when the columns were HOT STUFF that everyone talked about and people looked forward to. And it *seemed* like every big name writer had a column.

    Now, there are still on-line columns out there but there seems to be zero buzz attached to them (even Lying in the Gutters).

    Steven Grant writes a good column, though, and he’s been doing it for years now.