Stand Up and Salute the CAPTAIN AMERICA: FIRST AVENGER One-Sheet Poster!

Marvel has unveiled the teaser poster for Captain America: The First Avenger.

Aint it pretty and dignified-like? I'll be honest, I was looking for that last 'R' in there. And then I realized there was already a full word there. A verb! A call to arms.

You can run nazis. but you can't hide. 

Don't take your flags down on July 5th. Captain America Day is July 22nd.

UPDATE: Does this pose look familiar? It should. Kudos to iFanboy reader slim for putting together a side-by-side comparison:



  1. Now, that is cool. Isn’t there a poster of cap like this already but penciled or is it all in my head?

  2. That’s pretty fucking sweet.

  3. Great poster for the film. I too was guilty of looking for the ‘R’. Maybe I’m imagining it but this image of Cap looks very familiar.

  4. That looks really awesome. Could be a Cap cover. Even the costume looks cool, wise choice not to have him rocking the helmet

  5. This could actually be a surprise hit (for comics enthusiasts anyway) thank god Louis Letterier didn’t end up directing it, Clash of the Titans was so shit

  6. I… I… dang. That’s purdy.

  7. Hey guys, it was a cover. I put the two together to show the resemblance.

  8. This looks fucking awesome! Very simple and it works.


  10. Nice job.

  11. Awesome! Now let’s go kill some nazi’s….or hydra.

  12. Can’t wait to see this film. As an historian, I’m really excited they set this in WWII. It is gonna be awesome.

  13. And he thought the inglories basterds was going to be the last ww2 movie

  14. Cool. I would like to see one with cap in the middle of a confrontation with hydra all around.

  15. Does anyone else think this sounds less like a movie than a warmup for another eventual movie (The Avengers)? Even this poster seems to be advertising the Avengers movie.

  16. i like the dirt/mud/debris flying around. Very nice.

  17. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Manos210  In fairness, the word Avenger is also in the title as a means to sell it in countries other than America. 

  18. @PaulMontgomery  Which is of course better than their original title, Captain Amerka: Ass Kicker

  19. love it

  20. W-O-W!!!!. Looks amazing!!!!.
    I gotta tell you, I’m not familiarized with the comics nor the mythos of Captain America, but certainly what I have seen so far has driven me crazy. It looks fantastic!!!.
    Is completely different than what has happened with Green Lantern. I’ve read every single book of the character since Rebirth and I was eager to see some sneak peeks of the movie, but the trailer was a complete lay down.
    I think (for what I’ve seen so far with the Cap and Thor) 2011 is Mavel Entertainments year.

  21. Looks great.  I am so anxious to see this movie.

  22. What’s underneath that shiled I wonder. I’m going with Nazis. LOTS of Nazis.

  23. The movie posters actually better posed than the comics cover. Rule #1 of posing: don’t keep the arms pinned to the body. It makes you look wide. Let a little light through and suddenly, Cap looks ripped, not bloated. Such a minor change, yet such a big difference.

  24. Copied & pasted onto my wallpaper, So EPIC!!!

  25. This poster make me wish I was American. It also makes me glad I’m not a Nazi, ’cause he looks bad-ass!

  26. Can’t wait to get this poster on my wall at home!

  27. So awesome!!!

  28. captain america should really move out of that storm of brown flying particles or whatever. maybe they’re actually little piece of people being blown up

  29. I like how none of what I’ve seen of that shield is clean and pristine.  It’s always dirty and scratched up which makes sense when you use as much as Cap does.  It’s a lot why I really love that Isiah Bradley pinup Joe Quesada did.

  30. This shot clearly shows the logic of his costume. It really is a combination of a traditional WW2 era gunbelt with shoulder padding, both kept in place with the red straps. Not for sure what the strap going across his torso is for, but I would guess that it is probably for his shield when not in use.

    It looks era-appropriate but not off-the-shelf: after all Cap isnt a regular grunt and he needs to a look that is custom to his fuction.

  31. they got their poster all muddy didn’t they

  32. This looks absolutely incredible! If this is as good as it looks like it’s going to be, I might be perfectly happy never seeing another comic movie (not that I wouldn’t, of course).