Stan Lee Wants to Give YOU Free Passes to the New York Comic Con

It's no surprise that we're pretty big fans of Stan Lee.  He's one of the great creators responsible for so much of the comics we read still today.  We've enjoyed having him on our video show a few times and the folks at Stan's company, POW! Entertainment like iFanboy too! So much so that they've been kind enough to allow us to invite one of you along to interview him at the New York Comic Con, but it doesn't stop there.

POW Entertainment wants to give YOU 2 FREE passes to the New York Comic Con or if you're not in the NYC area, you can win signed swag from Stan the Man himself.   All you need to do is answer a few trivia questions!

Here's all the details:


We’re at it again, Stan Lee & POW! Entertainment, in affiliation with iFanboy, are officially announcing the “2010 New York Comic Con POW Entertainment/iFanboy Trivia Spectacular”. The Grand Prize winner, must be from the NY area or in the NY area the weekend of Oct.8th-10th, he or she will receive 2 passes to this years NYCC from Oct.8th-10th . Our runner up will receive a bunch of exclusive NYCC swag signed by Ol’ Smilin’ Stan “The Man” Lee himself. The contest will consist of 5 trivia questions, listed below, the first person to get all or most of the trivia questions right will win the amazing grand prize. So please, send all submissions to: , only those sent to: , will be taken seriously, all others will be ignored. Be sure to include whether or not you are from or will be in the NY area the weekend of Oct.8th-10th. Good Luck Heroes.
-Stan Lee & POW! Entertainment.
1)  In  Stan Lee’s interview with iFanboy at this years 2010 SDCC, how many interviews did Stan say he did that day?a)  1,000b)  5c)  32
2) Who will be Presenting Partners at this years NYCC?
3) What is the name of the Poem Stan Lee wrote?
4) How old will Stan Lee be this year?
5) During his interview with iFanboy at the 2010 SDCC this year, Stan reveled the secret to enjoying your work and keeping up your energy, what was his answer?
You can also read about this over on Stan's Facebook page, MySpace or Bebo
Good Luck and Excelsior!


  1. members only I assume… ?

  2. No, it’s open to everyone. POW! Entertainment will be picking the winner.