Stack Week, Part Seven: Am I Really Number 7?

To say that I’ve had a busy week would be an understatement. And I know what you’re thinking – how can a college professor be busy in the SUMMER? Well, let me tell you – it takes energy, a lot of energy to move from the bed to the sofa to the chair and back… and if that weren’t bad enough, some days I have to get dressed. Lordy don’t get me started on the energy that takes. 

Seriously though – I know that we are all writing about stacks. I have one as well. It is a happy mixture of single issues (that get’s higher each week) and trades. I usually find myself reading the trades first because I LOVE getting it all at once. I guess by letting my singles stack up I get a similar outcome… except without the reading.

Without further ado – let’s dive into the stack and see what goodies we have.

Starting with the singles…

All of the books from this week, but it still is this week, so those don’t really count. But, they are Zorro #4, Rasl #2, The Illiad #7, War is Hell #4, Wolverine: Old Man Logan and the Pick of the WeekScalped #18. So, that’s what is currently residing on the top layer of my desk. It’s actually not too daunting when I think about it that way. Actually – if I shuffle things just right I can’t even see the books staring at me (I tucked them under some papers). Now it’s not even not daunting — the problem has corrected itself.

Done and done!

At least until I take a look at the shelf. I am looking at $$$ — lots and lots of $$$. Sadly it’s not the kind of money I can spend. It’s the kind of money that is long past spent and now needs to be read. (If I finally do read some of the stacked books, my LCS has offered me a quarter for each single issue I bring back. That’s probably a lie – but I’m going to try it anyway.)

Moving to the “thicker” books – Joe Sacco’s Palestine.  This book was loaned to me by a friend – which means I really need to read it so I can give it back… anyway – he knows my tastes and believes that I might enjoy this book. Having flipped through it – I believe he might be right. He also loaned me Danger Girl. So – I’ll get to those on the soonish side.

Working my across the shelf I’m happy to see a recently finished Starman Omnibus, Vol. 1 (thank you Josh!) and Queen and Country: Definitive Edition, Vol. 2 – and a smattering of other books read. But, my elation runs out quickly – partially because I see The Filth and partially because I see the stuff I need to read. On a side note, I tuck my unread books in with the read ones as coping mechanism. This way instead of the ominous stack looming in the corner – I just see my shelf and don’t cry. First unread (or at least not at all even started) is The Facts in the Case of the Departure of Miss Finch by Neil Gaiman. I picked it up one day because the cover intrigued me. Smart move, Gordon. I’ll get to it.

Next up is Phonogram – which came to me as a highly recommended book – although I don’t remember who told me to read it… maybe Ash? And, apparently the recommendation was not good enough not enough for me to actually read it in a timely manner – but I will. Next to that is Suburban Glamour – this is pretty recent. I’m pretty sure that Conor told me to read it. It looks suburban-y and glamour-y. Can’t wait. Next to that is Darwyn Cooke’s The Spirit.  I know – last week I said I was going to read it… and I opened it. And that’s worth something. It really is. STOP JUDGING ME!

I’m calm… next I see The Umbrella Academy. I picked that up this week (as I’m sure a lot of people did). Following that I have Atomika. There’s a long story behind that, and I don’t want to relive it. However, it is signed and… yeah… I’m still not going to read it. Finally I have Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall. I’m not sure how this book came into my hands – but I’ll read it. I love the premise behind the whole Fables phenomena; I just haven’t really read any of them yet.

Truth be told – this part of my stack isn’t that daunting. With a couple of weeks and some actual time off I could certainly read those. Especially if they are as good as people say. The real issue comes with the issues. I don’t buy a lot of single issues. A big week for me is 5 books – a normal week is two or three books. 

That being said, I really have no excuse for the pile I have accumulated. Certainly I have time to read 5 books a week, right? But – accumulate they do… and the stack attacks. 

The most embarrassing thing in the stack would be Scalped. I keep buying it because I really want to read it. I do – but there are 18 issues! Beyond that there are all kinds of random books. Most of the series that I read I tend to keep up on – it’s the new titles or odd covers that really pile up. I buy them because they look so interesting… and guess what? They still look interesting on my shelf. And by interesting I mean, “waste of money as they sit there collecting dust.” 

Wow – the longer I write about this subject, the guiltier I feel for not actually reading. So, I’m off. I can’t and won’t promise that I’ll make a big dent in the near future. Actually I can pretty much guarantee that all I’ll do is add to the pile. Got any great recommendations?

ps – I just looked at me “work” stack – ouch. 


  1. Wow, does everyone have the Starman Omnibus? Glad I got mine, or I’d feel so left out. 

  2. It really is the hottest book going right now…pretty impressive when you think about it, everyone I know bought it too..

  3. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Yeah, I don’t think the Starman Omni appeared in my column, but it is sitting right here on my desk.  Currently reading that one. 

    All the cool people are doing it.  

  4. New Frontier is in my stack.  So is Hitman vol. 2 and 3.  My friend lent me the Hitman without the first arc, so until I get that, I’m not reading the second or third trades.  Also, the final two volumes of Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol, and I’ve been putting off finishing the tenth vol. of Sandman.  I got about halfway through, and just kind of stopped.  I think it’s because I don’t want it to end unless I know there’s something else I can read after that.  As far as single issues, I’m sitting on Comic Book Comics no. 1, American Splendor no. 2, and everything from this year’s FCBD.  Except for that X-Men issue.

  5. I’m four issues behind on ASM.  I haven’t read Final Crisis #1 yet because I want to read DC Universe #0 first.  I don’t have an excuse for not reading that one.  I’m seven issues behind on Thor cuz I was missing a few, but then I collected all nine together and now I’m like, "I gotta read nine of these things?  I’ll save that for later."  I haven’t even read the first Batman RIP.  Help me, I have a problem!

    On the upside, I did read all four Astonishing X-Men trades last night until 3AM.  I hope Warren Ellis can keep up.

  6. Man i think iam the only fanboy out there with out a Starman omi! And i really want a new fronter omi but i haer it’s out of print.

  7. I picked my Starman Omni the day it came out and man was a glad.  Today I picked up the first three Buffy collections and the first two Scott Pilgrims.  I can’t wait to read all of em.

  8. just finished scoot pilgrim 1 after a week of looking at it and it was awesome

  9. Scott Pilgrim will be joining my stack soon.

  10. Starman’s not in my stack. Or on my shelf. So there!

    Er, actually, it’s waiting for me at my LCS, which is two hours away. 

  11. geez. Looking at my stack, I got a lot of stuff still to work through. Half of the Shadow is done, but I’m not to the weird bits yet, so that’s highly anticipated. I’ve tasked myself with reading The Walking Dead run by the end of the weekend. I just made the mistake of looking at the proofs for #50 and had to put it down once I realized what I was proofing. So, that’s definitely on the short list. Along with, Action Comics issues before the awesome Braniac story starting with the last issue. Invincible full run, Scalped in trades, 100 Bullets trades, and rereading Preacher for the third time.

  12. I’m guessing the New Frontier Absolute is out of print cause the price has skyrocketed on Amazon.

  13. So I’m guessing I should get the Starman Omnibus then?

  14. who has the biggest stack? that should be a contest in the forums. (i should be posting this there, eh?)

  15. @RobAbsten – If your LCS is two hours away, I think it ceases to be your LCS.  Maybe your CCS (closest comic shop) or MCCS (most convenient comic shop)?  But definitely not local.