Who doesn’t love Paul Dini?

Paul Dini got some attention today and we’re not sure why other than that blogger obviously has a daily quota. What’s strange is that it’s a TV blog but there’s nary a mention of Paul Dini writing/producing for Lost.

We here at iFanboy love Paul Dini.

What’s not to love? The guy writes great TV, he writes great comics, and he walks with a purpose. As if we didn’t need another reason to love Paul Dini, the man is not only seemingly obsessed with Zatanna (who isn’t?), but he listens to the music from his own productions.

It looks like Paul Dini is dating the girl dressed like Zatanna. When you’re Paul Dini you can get your girl to do that.

I can only call him Paul Dini. It seems wrong to call him Paul or Dini or Mr. Dini. He’s got one of those names that must always be said in full.

Paul Dini.


  1. In addition to Paul Dini, I saw Jeph Loeb’s name on the credits of Lost last week too.

    Hail Paul Dini!

  2. so…….. is he the dude writing ultimate wolverine / hulk, or is that another Lost dude?

  3. That’s someone else.

    Paul Dini is a geek legend! Mr. T says: Educate yourself, fool!


    The guy writing Ultimate Wolverine/Hulk is Damon Lindelof, one of the co-creators of Lost.


  4. Is Paul Dini still involved in Lost – why do I think that he’s not?

  5. Just season one, apparently.

  6. Damon Lindelof is like, really young looking.

  7. He looks like J Allard, the xBox guy.

  8. *raises had* Is there anyone who doesn’t love Paul Dini?

  9. What could you possibly have against Paul Dini?

    I beg you, ma’am, please!