Spotlight: Witchblade #151

It’s a new era for Witchblade–and the rest of the Top Cow universe for that matter–but incoming writer Tim Seeley doesn’t chafe under the sleek metal plating.

If you’ve ever wanted to join the ongoing saga of Sara Pezinni, but were too afraid of the sharp edges and high issue count, Witchblade #151 is the jumping-on point you’ve been looking for. Exiting writer Ron Marz opens the issue with a brief prologue detailing the cataclysmic aftermath of the recently-concluded Artifacts crossover from the perspective of Jackie Estacado, bearer of the Darkness. Just as DC Comics experienced a continuity streamlining Flashpoint event, so too has the Top Cow world. Reality’s just a little bit different, but there’s still a whole lot of awesome out there just waiting to collide yet again.

Gotta catch 'em all.

Now that we’re up to speed on the state of the universe, Tim Seeley takes the reins for an all new chapter is Sara’s life. No longer a detective for the NYPD, Sara now scopes out philandering politicians in snowy Chicago as a PI. But just because she’s lying low in a flyover state doesn’t mean the bearer of the Witchblade is off the hook from arcane happenings. Sara and her mystical armor remain hot commodities for a number of eager pursuers, and even seedy observation gigs and trips to underground night clubs offer supernatural intrigue. This all leads to a sting behind bars, but just how she winds up there is all in the telling.


Seeley and new artist Diego Bernard serve up an exciting new start for everyone’s favorite armored sleuth, whether you’re a stalwart or newcomer to the tumultuous world of Top Cow.

How’s about a preview?




  1. This was the first issue of Witchblade that I have read and I have to say that I am now going to go get the back issues in TPB.