Spotlight: The Untamed

A wicked man died in the desert town of Oasis. Seasons later, he returned to that place. Both had grown darker, angrier in his absence. This is the tale of a Stranger in a strange land called Asunda.

This is the tale of a wicked man’s fall and how he got back up again.

But rising from beyond the veil is not enough for our Stranger. There’s blood to be let. Corpulent taskmasters still thrive in a city of sins. Monsters dwell. Around each corner, the memory of a family lost and a life wasted. There is little time to waste, for a covenant has been made to reclaim purchase in this living realm. Seven souls for seven days.

And so, death shall come to tyrants.

The Untamed is a dark fantasy tale from Sebastian A. Jones and Peter Bergting, a haunting revenge saga amongst the dunes of Asunda. It’s a bleak place, pitted with vile governors and cunning thieves. Few citizens of Oasis are true innocents, least of all our mysterious antihero, the Stranger. He walks the streets a taciturn avenger, a reaver really. Like Conan or Solomon Kane, he slays his enemies with abandon, driven by a mirthless need to cleanse a fiefdom he once subjected to tyranny. Jones weaves grim poetry through the Stranger’s bloody mission, elevating the simple tale to grave myth. Bergting’s painted scenes, especially in his depiction of the town’s dusty outskirts, recall the stunning concept art Ralph McQuarrie drafted for the original Star Wars trilogy. Asunda is a savage place, but at heart, a beautiful and foreboding one.

 In addition to the free digital comic, Stranger Comics has even produced a full motion comic. And they did a terrific job on it too.


  1. Sounds excellent! Looking forward to checking this out after work 🙂 The opening lines of this article remind me of a concept album called “Who Will Survive and What Will be Left of Them?” by the band Murder By Death where (if I remember correctly) the devil in human form gets cheated in a card game in the old West and then takes his revenge by slowly wiping out everyone in the town. May be a good soundtrack to this comic.

  2. Haha! I actually had to Wiki MBD to make sure I hadn’t seen you in concert back in the day.

    Q: What am sarcasm?

  3. Thanks for the awesome post. I’d love to hear some MBD jams