SPOTLIGHT: Speed Racer #1

If you’ve got a need for speed, here’s your green light for wide-eyed motor mayhem. The all new Speed Racer comics from Allegory Media harken back to the pre-Wachowki days of high melodrama from the character’s checkered-flag past. Aside from some forthcoming upgrades to the Mach 5, the only contemporary twist is Sparky’s tablet device for diagnostics work. That said, this nostalgia trip is a refreshingly bright and charming saga sure to set your ascot a’flutter.

In the days before a big Alpine grand prix, Speed brashly accepts the challenge of garish daredevil Snake Oiler, known for his death-defying stunt tricks. But the Mach 5 isn’t designed for automotive acrobatics, and when Speed attempts to jump a record number of piled junkers, he nearly totals his own ride. Stirring from a coma just in time to prep for the big race, Speed is crestfallen at the state of the Mach 5 and the knowledge that even in ship shape, it’s still no match for his flashy competitors. Can Pops and the crew upgrade one of the world’s top racers in time to best the rest? Will Trixie put up with Speed’s flirtatious ways long enough to meet him in the winner’s circle? Will Sparky And will Racer X ever reveal that he’s truly…

Plus, Spritle and Chim-Chim pull off the old stand-on-your-shoulders-under-a-trenchcoat-to-pass-as-a-grown-up trick!

Tommy Yune and Robby Musso offer up some classic Speed Racer fun and thrills, and reading it digitally in guided view actually adds to the experience. The transition from a wide angle panel to an extreme closeup mimics the editing of the original anime series, presenting each line of dialogue with that trademark punch. It’s just one of those great bits of happenstance we’re gradually discovering with each new digital comics experience.

So, strap in and grab  Speed Racer #1 on Graphicly today.


  1. Paul, thanks for mentioning this issue. I had no idea it was even coming out. Noticed on the shelf yesterday and grabbed it. I loved it. My brother and I grew up watching speed on tv when we were little kids, a long time ago. This was a great blast from the past