SPOTLIGHT: Reed Gunther #6

If you’ve yet to meet Reed Gunther and his fuzzy wuzzy compadre Sterling the bear, drop everything and grab Reed Gunther #6. Because the comic made for everybody just got even more accessible. We absolutely recommend the full series to date, but if you’re looking for one issue to bring you up to speed on this hilarious, heartfelt romp, consider this Reed’s Secret Origin.

Mamas have been warned against letting their babies grow up to be cowboys. But back in the old west, earning your chaps wasn’t just a good idea, but a total necessity for life on the frontier. It’s either that or churn butter. Unfortunately, young Reed Gunther wasn’t built for maintaining a farm. In fact, he was a walking fire hazard. As for a vocation as cowboy and frontier hero? Well, that wasn’t quite working out either…

Tricky thing, horses.

Then one day Pa takes ill and it’s up to our inept young hero to fetch the much-needed medicine. Unable to keep himself on the back of a horse, he’s forced to hike all the way to town. But that means a trip through some pretty wild territory. Can Reed save his dad? And how will he ever become the hero we’ve seen he can be?


It’s a funny, thrilling, triumphant adventure, and jut one of the stories packed into the series’ sixth issue. Tired of the same old cynicism and ready for bit of genuinely entertaining action? Saddle up.


  1. I snagged the last copy of this from my LCS on Wednesday and everything about it is great. I hope my trade gets here soon.

  2. This series is so good and this might have been my favorite issue.

  3. I happened to bump into Shane Houghton this week, and he is such a cool / funny / humble / interesting person, so I bought this issue #6 (not knowing anything about REED GUNTHER ) and it’s true – this book is totally entertaining! I read it twice, and now I am going to pass it along to some friends to spread the word. 🙂

  4. Enjoyed this issue and bought the trade. Will be adding this to the pull list next month.