SPOTLIGHT: Footprints #1

When his brother the Yeti turns up headless it’s up to Bigfoot along with the Jersey Devil, Nessie and a host of urban legends to unravel the conspiracy. Because before he blew his top, Yeti was on to something. Something big.

It isn’t the first time the hairy man of the Pacific Northwest has clocked in for duty on a supernatural mystery, but this is no bureau for defense. Creators Joey Esposito and Jonathan Moore instead mine the canon of cryptozoologic oddities for an Out of the Past pastiche replete with trench coats and old grudges. The result: Footprints #1.

It’s a basilisk egg, hardboiled with a side of chupacabra sausage links.

When Bigfoot’s estranged brother Yeti is murdered in the Arctic, he reforms his old private detection team of cryptozoological deviants to crack the case. As they tumble deeper into conspiracy, they discover a secret history that goes back decades. FOOTPRINTS is a monster murder mystery that blends classic noir, horror, and comedy for a comic that is rife with character.

Still a sceptic? Check the evidence for yourself with this preview of Footprints #1, available on Graphicly for just $1.99.


The complete Footprints trade paperback is available for pre-order through Diamond (DEC111216) – pre-order it from your retailer today or keep reading as the issues come out on Graphicly!


  1. Parri (@pazzatron) says:

    Bored to Death with more Big Foot? And an intro from Scott Snyder? Hello.

  2. I’ve been keeping an eye on 215 ink for a while now.

    I was particularly impressed with Blue Moth:

    And my cohort loved Vic Boone:

    Interesting output from this publisher actually.

  3. Looks very enjoyable. How many issues in the trade?

  4. Just picked up the first issue – very nice! Well worth the price of admission. Any idea when issue #2 will be available?

  5. Sounds a LOT like Proof.

    • looks pretty cool, im in 🙂

      and andybmcd, how many OTHER books(superhero related) sound like each other? its a comic, no need for the negativity.

  6. I think it’s commendable that iFanboy is spotlighting a comic created by the face of another comic site. I also am pretty impressed that the creator comes to this site to comment. Kudos for iFanboy and for Joey. I actually listen to both of their podcasts so its kinda like when your wife meets your girlfriend and get together for lunch.