Spider-Man plus ‘True Story Swear to God’ and ‘Invincible’

Tom Beland, who does the relationship comic True Story Swear to God will be authoring a Spider-Man story entitled I (Heart) Marvel: Web of Romance, with the bonus of Invincible‘s original artist, Cory Walker, on pencils.

I’m not sure if a lot of people have read TSSTG before, but it’s a well done series of strips depicting Beland’s autobiographical relationship with a woman, and how it affects his life. It’s sweet, and honest, and a little hokey, but heartfelt and well done. And if you listen to the podcast, you may have heard one or two mentions of Invincible. So picking up this book is a given for me. But reading the interview with Beland will give you a hint at where he’s going with this, and if you’re looking for balls-out, two-fisted action, this might not be for you. But for the softer side of superheroes, I’m going to give this a shot.

It looks like it’s coming out in February. I can’t find that said specifically in the article, but my powers of deductive reasoning tell me so. You know, while I like this “inside the mask” kinda stuff, I am a bit wistful for a really good version of some two-fisted action lately. I might have to go to the back issues.


  1. I’m on board, if only for the art alone.

  2. Hmmm….This seems interesting. The feel good stories are always good, and if done right, can be predeccesors for a variety of multiple different comic stories. Also, this concerns the web-slinger, so I’ll give it a glimpse. And the art in ‘Invincible’ also rules, so we’ll see how it goes.

  3. Doesn’t Spider-man have enough romance in his regular books? Does he need a seperate one?

    Meh. Gimmack book, though I do like the artist. How much longer before foiled covers make a comeback?

  4. I don’t mind a gimmick book if it’s well done. If they give an indie creator some time in the playground, that’s always fine with me. I wouldn’t put it in the same category as the foil cover phenomenon. But at the same time, they could have just done a one shot in the regular book. Of course, people might not notice that as readily. I probably wouldn’t. I’m more likely to buy a single issue of a book done by a special creative team it it’s a stand alone issue, rather than issue #423. But it could go either way.

    Your cynicism is thick. I argue your point, but applaud your doubts.

  5. Well, Josh and Toga, heres the thing. We’ve just gotten out of Spidey’s ‘The Other’ Crossover. Fans are going to be demanding changes, and tranisitions, and paths that lead to ‘Civil War’. Now, romance does good in Spider-Man books (Gwen’s death, the wedding, the ‘When the Stars Turn Cold’ story from JMS a few years back), but there’s no way to incoporate it straight into the regular book.

    Aside from that, Marvel’s re-launching it’s old ‘Romance’ books that they had in like, the 30s-40s, before Namor and the Huamn Torch. It’s a way to experiment with this medium, and like Josh said, it’s gonna catch more attention and appeal to a certain group if it’s a stand alone certain title. Too some, this might not appeal. But if this time it’s going to be an honest-to-God- romance story, it’s much more appealing to romantics and such then a book which involves the Vulture or Doc Ock breaking up a date.

  6. The first issue of this book came out.

    It was not very good.

  7. My store, who did not order it, described it as “cute.”