Discussion: ‘Spider-Man 3’

Hey, True Believers! Spider-Man 3 is finally upon us!

iFanboy is excited and will be catching a showing at 1pm on Friday. A special edition podcast will surely follow.

Are you going to see it? Of course you are! This is one of the most anticipated geek films of the year – let’s talk about it!

Just a word of advice — once you click through there will be SPOILERS so if you don’t want anything ruined for you, don’t read this thread until you’ve seen the movie.

I’m excited and yet… somewhat not excited for this movie. I’m not sure why. Perhaps its Spider Fatigue. Perhaps it’s my not being thrilled about the filmmakers moving away from the classic villains and having Venom show up.

And yes, I realize that Sandman is in the movie.

I really didn’t like Spider-Man all that much, but enjoyed the heck out of Spider-Man 2. Hopefully this one won’t let me down!


  1. Thanks to part time job at a movie theater I was able to see it last night. Honestly, I thought it was horrible. I don’t want to give to much away, but the dance scenes (yes, dance scenes) was very saturday night fever and just as bad. Kirsten Dunst can’t sing (yes, I said sing). The special effects are good, but went too quickly for me to catch what was going on in detail. Sandman’s performance was a little too stony (Sorry, had to go there). Topher Grace was way over the top. One of the very few scenes I did enjoy involved Bruce Campbell. I felt the ending was very lackluster. I know some people may not consider me a true fanboy/girl for not liking a spider-man movie but this was proably the worst movie I have seen in a long time.

  2. I got my tickets to midnight, Burbank, huge theater, looking forward to it quite a bit.

  3. I hate to say it but I’m in the same boat as Jenn and I feel exactly the same. I really liked the first two but… ugh. I mean spider-strutting….

  4. Midnight at the Ziegfeld tonight. Whoho!! And then work tomorrow….ugggh.

  5. I’m going to a 3am show at the Arclight in Hollywood. I thought about seeing it on IMAX, but…I’m not a huge fan of IMAX.

  6. I can’t go to the midnight showing tonight because of a macroeconomics exam tomorrow. CURSES!

    I’m going either late Friday night or Saturday.

  7. Hey guys, I was lucky enough to catch this flick yesterday, here’s a link to my SPOILER FREE review:


    I was lucky enough to land tickets to an advance screening of Spider-Man 3 last night and i thought i’d let you guys know what I thought about it. this is SPOILER FREE!

    I will start this by saying that I really had fun while watching this movie in the theatre. I think part of this is because I love superhero movies, but Raimi also keeps the consistent light hearted appeal found in the first two flicks. He has had a great grasp on the characters he’s brought to life from the Spidey universe and this film is no different.
    The performances were excellent, MacGuire continued the vulnerable charm found in the other two movies and he got to strech out some different personality traits while wearing the black costume.

    I’ve never been a fan of Kirsten Dunst, I find she is a real “love her or hate her” type actress and i fall into the later (but i’ve felt this way watching the first 2 movies as well). i have just never gotten the MJ vibe from her.

    I think the standout of the returning cast is James Franco. While a good chunk of the story revolves around him, his character goes through a lot of changes and he does a great job of conveying Harry’s emotional rollercoster ride. After seeing this movie, I hope to see more performances by Franco where he can really show us his acting chops.
    Out of the new cast members I enjoyed Bryce Dallas Howard (Gwen Stacy) the most, but that could just be due to the fact that she is gorgeous. Shes got a great “girl next door” movie star look that fits perfectly with the Gwen Stacy of the comic. My only complaint is that we don’t have a chance to see more of her, she just lights up the screen everytime we see her.

    Thomas Haden Church does a capable job of playing the Sandman if only for the fact that the effects really take over this character. He has some really great scenes where you can tell that he is an accomplished actor, unfortunately they only really come at the beginning and at the end, for the rest of the film he is mainly a means to an end for the plot.

    Topher Grace does his “Eric Foreman” Eddie Brock which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. He’s charming and funny, I’m just not sure if thats what we are looking for in brock/venom. personally i think he played a good brock but didn’t follow through with as an intimidating venom.

    The real star of this movie is the special effects team. While the first 2 spidey movies had epic action scenes and huge budgets, this film outdoes them all. At some points it did feel like that action was moving too fast for me to follow properly but of course this is a spider-man movie, the action is suppose to be moving a mile a minute. I think that most people will come out of this movie being impressed by the Sandman special effects. After seeing what they did with his powers on screen, you can understand why Raimi chose to include him in the 3rd movie over another more logical villain like the Lizard. His scenes are visual exciting and original and the moment where he first discovers his powers is like nothing else i’ve ever seen on screen before.

    The film is not without it’s problems though. My greatest concern going into this movie was that it seemed like Raimi bit off more than he could chew with the amount of villains/storylines hinted at in the trailer. While he doesn’t necessarily fail, there are a few scenes that definitely felt rushed and should have been fleshed out in more detail. The three villains did feel like one too many but in the context of the story, they each played their important roles and you can see why they were needed. Personally I felt that it would have worked better to save Venom as a tease at the end of the movie and done a Spider-man 4 but with talks that MacGuire, Raimi and Dunst uninterested in returning, I can understand why they went in this direction. It just felt to me that Venom was wasted when they could have devoted a lot more time to this interesting character.

    The plot was also very predictable, especially to anyone who has seen most of the promotional material. Going into the movie, I felt I had a pretty good idea where the movie was going to go with each character and I was pretty much right on every count except one. I like to be suprised in the movies but in a film like this (PG13 action movie), they follow such a strict formula that you can pretty much tell where the plot is going to take you. I just felt like I did myself a disservice by watching all the trailers and promotional clips that were released going into this movie, and I probably would have enjoyed it more had I not seen them.

    The movie contains many of the funny/charming moments found in the first two, but some of these moments also felt like they were running a bit too long for my liking, especially considering the fact that they could have devoted this time to elaborating on some of the scenes i complained about above.

    Finally, I found the climax to be a little too much. It felt like it ran too long and contained elements we’ve seen before. It was still exciting and action packed but it felt like something was missing, it didn’t feel like it was set up properly to me.

    Overall I had a blast while i was watching it, but when i left the theatre the more I realized that i didn’t enjoy it as much as some of the other superhero offerings, it felt more like i was “trying” to like it because it was Spider-Man rather than just enjoying the movie for what it was worth. I didn’t enjoy it as much as Spider-man 2, Batman Begins, or X2 (my 3 favorite superhero movies) but it wasn’t as bad as Fantastic 4 and Daredevil. I’d even say it was better than the first Spidey and Superman Returns. There were moments that worked and these moments were excellent, but the moments that didn’t work were extremely noticeable as well.

    In terms of a superhero/comic book movie, I would give this movie a B

  8. Hey, does this mean there’s an extra podcast coming this weekend???

  9. iFanboy is excited and will be catching a showing at 1pm on Friday. A special edition podcast will surely follow.

    I think that might answer you’re question jimski. lol

  10. I have the same feeling as Conor about the movie. This was one that everytime I see a trailer for it, I get pumped, but then when I think of all the things it’s trying to accomplish, it’s makes my head spin. And call me a weirdo, but battling the crowds of the “non-believers” just to get a seat where I can see and not be near a screaming child is going to be annoying.

    I can say too that for the most part, Venom seems like one of those villains that was created as a counterpoint to Spider-Man, but somewhere along the way he became this character that everyone just thought was “cool.” I’ve never been too interested. I wish they would have gone with the Lizard or something like, especially since they set up Dr. Connors as a character. Maybe even injected the Kingpin in some way.

    Look at me…judging the movie before it even comes out. I can’t guarantee that I’ll be seeing it tomorrow, but it is on my list of things to do this weekend.

  11. Lucky me got to see Spidey up on the big screen early because i live in Beijing.
    and man did it let me down… the action scenes were, as expected, amazing. although at the same time (without giving too much away) they were less and less amazing as you progressed through the film, with the last one almost having you look at your watch
    The rest of the movie was just cheesy. yes i laughed a lot (Bruce Campbell ftw), yes i thought it was fun to see peter parker struttin his stuff, but the movie did not come together as a whole
    I should note that i’m not a big fan of MacGuire as peter (he could have at least got fit for the movie, there is spider-chub all over the place in this one)
    Gwen was enjoyable (and hot as hell), Sandman managed to pull some compassion out of me, Venom was just pathetic (looked like they recycled spideys black suit for venom), MJ was lackluster
    The best character in the movie was by far J Jonah Jameson (but the buzzer thing, though funny, didn’t help this movie)

  12. Just got back from a preview screening at the iMax. I really enjoyed this movie. It was long, that’s really my only complaint, but it’s a half-hearted one. I felt the same way about Superman Returns and Batman Begins. As with those, there wasn’t really a lot that could have been cut (ok, maybe a few scenes), and the movie really built the story up layer by layer. But 2 1/2 hours just feels really long to me. Too long for me to sit in one place. Maybe we need to go back to having an intermission so everyone can stretch their legs.

    All in all, Tobey did his usual angst-ridden thing and it worked well in this movie. Tofer and Church were good villains. Harry Osborn really stole the show though, and I found myself rooting for him by the middle. Oh, and Gwen Stacy was pretty striking.

    My only other complaint is that MJ is used too much as the victim in this movie especially, but also in the previous 2. Kirsten Dunst can scream good. I get it. She needs to do more ass-kicking though, cause this movie showed she has the chops for it. Raimi just didn’t give her quite enough to work with. Bendis’ move to give Ultimate MJ a power is making more and more sense to me.

  13. Just got back from a midnight show – I was really disappointed.

    To me, it felt like they had three different ideas for a movie and tried to shoehorn them all in. If they had really developed any one plot line instead of doing all three I think it would have been much stronger.

    So much of the movie was just bizarre. The enitre chunk where Peter was bonded with the symbiote was very very strange and random, especially the bar scene with Gwen.

    Having the reporters and crowd comentary during the final fight felt like the action movie equivalent of a laugh track. And all the Jonah stuff was too over the top for my taste.

    The special effects were great, so there’s that at least.

  14. Oh, and the stuff about Sandman killing Uncle Ben felt super forced and unbelievable to me, from the moment they introduced it up until the end.

    And the parts with memory-loss suffering Harry were very strange too.

    Such a strange, strange movie.

  15. Today me and my friends have the day off work, and we are watching spiderman 1 and 2, eating pizza and krispy kremes, then following it up with Spiderman 3 in the large luxurious leather seats of the Reading Showcase cinema. Woop woop!

  16. Just caught the midnight showing in Boston. Surprisingly mixed feelings. Under normal circumstances, I love anything and everything Spider-man related. This movie was not at all what I expected it to be.

    I think the best way I can come up with to describe this film is “Hit or Miss.” Every scene, from the opening credits to the closing battle, was either breathtaking or a major let down. I rarely found myself thinking, “That’s not bad,” or “Eh, I guess that works,” or some other in-between feeling. It was either awe-inspiring or made me cringe in my chair. Different scenes that didn’t work usually didn’t work because of different reasons each time. The dialouge, the plot, the acting, the characters; I never felt like there was any one consistently disappointing aspect of the film. Each part did really well in certain parts and really poorly in others. Hit or miss.

    There were too many moments that rather abruptly jerked you out of the movie. Movies, especially ones of this scale, should ensare the viewer and make you forget the fact that you’re sitting in a theater. Far too many times did I get removed from the action by a news reporter commenting on the scene or by J. Jonah demanding photos (JK Simmons on the ball, as usual) or by a crowd of civilians screaming in terror, but refusing to run for safety. I never felt myself drawn into the movie for too long without some interruption.

    Venom looked absolutely stunning, I cannot stress that enough. The cry he made caused my hair stand on end. Sandman could be, at times, terrifying, but also a little ridiculous. Harry as the New Goblin fit the position he played in advancing the plot, but didn’t extend much farther than that, which is a damn shame because James Franco is a fantastic actor.

    All in all, I thought it was a good film. Solid, but not my favorite by a long shot. I might say the worst of the three, but I’d have to think that over for a while.

    Finally, I don’t know why, but Sam Raimi loves giving Spider-man half of a mask in battles. I don’t know if he’s worried that we’ll forget it’s Tobey Maguire under there or what, but that’s three movies in a row now.

  17. Just caught it thought, I liked, yes the plot was predictible, but more than the others it was alot of FUN, not better than 2, but it was still pretty good

  18. Overall, this was a good movie, let alone a damn good comic book movie (in comparison). I am obviously a comic book lover and a person who studied film for years I enjoyed and disliked this film.

    I would have to say that over all, this was an excellent adaptation. It changed the story lines in such, which realistically is fine. The actually made some nice new origins for them. Sandman as a sympathetic character was nice. I was really concerned about them making him the person that killed Ben Parker. If they had made it so the police were just like “oh, woops we were wrong”, I would have been upset. However, when he blew off into the wind, and floated off like he was fucking Falkor, that was ridiculous.

    Harry would have been good except for. a) the outfit and b) the temporary memory loss. There’s even a shot in the movie where it shows Normans mask, a silver version of the mask, and then Harrys paintball mask. Then, the snowboard glider actually grew on me, it was pretty cool, but not as a Green Goblin glider. Harrys character would have been awesome as a totally different, never before seen hero/villain.

    The symbiote animation was fucking amazing. Holy shit, I went off in my pants whenever I saw it crawling around. The suit on Spidey was an excellent adaptation, and Venom exceeded all my expectations. The way Spider-Man seperated the symbiote from Eddie was bad ass. I really liked Grace as Brock. Making Eddie a character that was more comparable to Peter was an excellent idea. However, it bothered me that his webbing could hold a taxi in the air, and that it could pin spider-man to an i beam, but could not hold Marry Jane as she fell.

    Another thing, this is the first Spider-Man movie where I respected Kirsten Dunst as Marry Jane.

    Other than that, this movie was just plain old, poorly written. It was bad story telling. Go see it, it’s worth the money, but realistically don’t expect this movie to be a 10 out of 10

  19. I spent today getting ready, I watched both of the first films in the series, then left to catch 3. I will say that it does feel compleate, this is the end of the story, it can be called the “Goblin” trilogy really (even if part 2 doesn’t have one). It wraps everything up and it was AS jumbled as I worried it would be, but anyway.

    Just got back with an odd crowd to say the least, alot of yelling and laughing at scenes that should have been emotional.

    But on to my thoughts.

    I really really liked this film, sure it had it’s flaws, but I would say this might be my favorite out of the 3. I’m sure I’m in the minority there, but none the less, it’s true. This was everything I really wanted part 2 to be. I really liked 2, so don’t take that as I hated it, I really liked pt. 2, but I didn’t love it for a number of reasons.

    Part 3 pretty much dumps you right into the action from the start which I think is great. James Franco as Harry steals the scenes he’s in, his character actaully has an arc and does more then drink and say “I hate Spider-Man” the whole time. Mcguire did well again, the parts where he had to be funny he did so with ease, it didn’t seem streched. Kirsten Dunst was still meh, but an upgraded meh from last time. Her character still comes off as whiney and selfish for odd reasons, but at least this time it’s given SOME motiavtion. J.K. Simmions was great again, as was Rosemary Harris, though she did little else then tell Peter what it means to be married and is then seen only occasionally.

    As for Gwen, Howard did a GREAT job, you want to see her more though and can’t help but feel she’s there to give the comic fans something to go “Oh that’s so and so”. If there is a 4, I hope she’s in it and a major part of it.

    As for the villians. I have to imagine being cast as a villian in a Spider-Man film may be both the easiest and hardest job in Hollywood as an actor. Both Grace and Church talked about how they worked out for months and months to get in shape for the film, and it seems like they worked…maybe two weeks out of the six month scedual. I know the film is called “Spider-Man” not “Spider-Man and the villians” but, as with part 2, you kind of forget there are villians at times for a half hour or so. This is again a film about Spider-Man dealing with himself and what’s happening to him and his loved ones, the villians are there often to just push him when he doesn’t have the time to be pushed. But both men did a great job, and I don’t understand the complaint of Grace doing well as Brock, but not as Venom, I thought he did fine as both, and Church pulled off a great character when he was on screen.

    The real only other downside, IMO, is that the dark/emo Peter is played much more for laughs, and less for menace, you don’t get the feeling it’s a threat, more then just it makes him a jerk. It’s funny and it does make the film flow, but when the dramatic turn arives that makes him want to get rid of the black suit, the struggle doesn’t feel like it’s naturally supposed to be there, it doesn’t seem like this is something he really HAS to get rid of in order to stay “human” as it were.

    As for everything else, direction AWESOME, Raimi goes all out, S F/X Amazing, the money is on screen which is great to see, and finally Bruce Campbell is the MAN!

    But in the end, I found this to be a solid movie, and I really really hope they do a part 4 with this team, I like to see a little more villian attention, but we can’t always get what we want, and I’ll take another helping of what Raimi and Co. serve.

  20. GREAT MOVIE!!! Excellent performance by all the actors. So many themes – well the major one was revenge, but this is the first movie franchise that gets better with each movie.

    As a fan of Spidey – great movie. As a movie critic- great movie. Well done.

    I am amazed by it and c’mon it was way better than X-Men 3 (sorry Ron).


  21. Haven’t posted on here in forever, but I am going to come out all for S-M3. I think what this movie does is capture Spider-Man as a whole, it really felt like a Spider-Man adaptation. Thematically, it was awesome. The way the villains, plot points, etc. all fed into the overarching theme of revenge was perfect. And then the way everything was able to shift from revenge to forgiveness, wow. I really enjoyed that.

    What I didn’t enjoy was seeing it in IMAX. I don’t know if it was just the theater I was in, but I felt like I was only taking in half the movie at a time. And then it bent all the straight lines on the left or right thirds of the screen so that the buildings did like a C-shape thing. If I didn’t have an idea what was happening in the major fight scenes from some of the previews, I probably would have been lost because it became impossible to follow the action as soon as the camera went hand-held. So, I’m really looking forward to seeing it again in a regular theater.

  22. Saw it midnight lat night and i don’t know if this was because I was tired or something but I think that it was just on par with the other two movies. I’ll start with the cast. Topher Grace is amazing casting as Eddie Brock because he can really act and seem like the hotshot everyman that is Eddie Brock but when he is on the way to becoming Venom, He is a real jerk and I think that this was easy for him because from what iv’e heard about him, he is. He made a charachter that could have ruined the movie if handled wrong be pretty goo. James Franco was brilliant and I think that most of the scenes with Harry in them were among the best in the movie. Kirsten Dunst was alright, ’nuff said. Tobey is really give or take for me and sometimes I think he’s brlliant and other times he is really really bad. He just seems to get waaay to into himself and when he is in an emotional scene I think that it’s very one dimensional and he doesn’t express more emotions than just sadness. Gwen Stacy was good besides not really having a point in the film. Sandman was very good, some of the best emotions in the movie.

    The action, which is the main part of the movie was good. All the fight scenes flowed and seemed to have a beggining a middle and an end. Some of the moves were really cool and about 80% of the fights had a cool epic feel to them. Out of all the action scenes, my favorite were the end and when he was fighting Harry, these fights were just well planned out and felt good to watch.

    While I know it was neccessary to have an EMO spidey in there, do EMO’s really just walk around like their a frat boy and hump the air all the time? I think he should have been angrier and more EMOish. Although I think the scene where he said to MJ “This is for you” was pretty good, I think they could have gotten to the point quicker and had Peter dance less.

    This is definitley not the last movie as it seems that there was no conclusion to make it seem like it could be. With the first movie you could tell by the ending that they wanted to tell a complete story and they had no idea if the film would be profitable, with this one they left a lot of stuff, like Gwen Stacy, opened up for a sequel whereas in the first one the ending monolouge could have been a great place to end the series of movies, This one gave me a more “Be sure to come back in 3-4 years for Spider-man 4” vibe. As for where the series will go next, I think that they will probably do the lizard because we have been introduced to Doc Connors for quite some time and it would make sense for Raimi to go in that direction. All I hope is that next time, they do not do the multiple villain thing because that really weakend the movie for me and gave it a Batman & Robin type of feel. (albeit it was still 10X better than Batman & Robin)

  23. The emo hair caused multiple outbreaks of laughter for everyone in the theater

  24. All in all, it was an entertaining movie. There were 2 parts that killed my suspension on disbelief and took me out of the film.

    1. All of the damn dancing in the street that emo pete was doing! It was funny, but it was tremendously out of place. Cue the collective groan.

    2. Bernard popping up at the end of the film with MISSION CRITICAL information about Norman’s death that he just forgot to mention during the last film?!?! That really seemed shoehorned in and IMHO, that is the single worst moment of the entire story. Why wouldn’t Bernard have said anything to Harry between the end of the 1rst film and the end of the 3rd?

  25. As soon as I got home after the midnight show, I put on Batman Begins. Oh sweet sweet Batman Begins.

    I didn’t hate Spidey 3. I am just dissapointed. It feels like they focused everything on Peter and MJ’s relationship and just used every other character as a device to try and push that story forward. The past Spidey movies I cared about their relationship. I didn’t really care in this one. They were both too busy being assholes to each other.

    The best part of the movie: French Bruce Campbell. He can make any movie just that much better.

  26. ust got back from seeing it.

    The Spider-man franchise reminds me exactly of the X-Men franchise;

    *First movie was good
    *Second movie was awesome
    *Third movie was bad

    Bruce Campbell was awesome in it though.

    However, I did see some great previews; Pirates 3, Shrek 3, a movie called Across The Universe, and Fantastic Four 2.


  27. Going to see this as soon as work ends in 15 minutes.
    If anyone hasnt seen this yet and even if you have I suggest you look at the last post I made in the FF movie thread. Maybe it will help some of you more sensitive and easily disapointed comic fans.

  28. saw the midnight show…and i have to say i liked it. i had to think about it, but ultimately it was an enjoyable movie. were there moments that were cringe inducing? yes, but the foundation of this franchise is so solid that i don’t think they took away from the film. some comments:

    mj looked kind of haggard and i found myself routing for a pete-gwen pairing

    if i was harry, i would’ve gone ballistic on the butler…”do you think you could’ve told me that before i got my face blown up?”

    what’s the point of the neighbor who has the crush on peter? who is she?

    while the “dark” peter parts seemed silly, ultimately he is a nerd and i think a lifelong nerd who suddenly felt powerful and confident would be outrageously cocky and semi-ridiculous

    if they do a 4, it should be the lizard with kraven the hunter brought in to track him down, then when spidey rescues dr. connors(within the 1st 45 minutes), kraven decides to set a trap for the spider. otherwise i dont see a way to make a reputable 4th movie

  29. Hit or miss sums it up for me as well. I would’ve liked it better if they cut out all the romance crap and left it all action.
    I really thought that the actress who played Gwen was a lot better looking than Kirsten Dunst.

  30. ARGH!!! that’s all I got on this one. Luckily I caught an afternoon show which made it cheaper.

    They killed off their best chance at salvaging enough for another movie


  31. I just got back from seeing this movie, and I have very mixed feelings about it. Like most people, I feel that there are parts that are strong and parts that are really bad.

    I feel like somewhere along the lines, Raimi and crew lost sight of the narrative. Why do I have to have nearly an hour of narrative to paint the fact that MJ is miserable? And why don’t her and Peter ever seem to talk? They are a young couple, in love and yet they don’t ever say anything to each other. How about a “well, Peter, I got cut from the Broadway show.” I don’t get why she wouldn’t tell him. Was she expecting him to read her mind? Is that supposed to put the movie in reality?

    What I fucking loved, and wished they would have done more of is Harry getting inbetween Peter and MJ. And not some “bump on the head, I’ve lost my memory” bullshit. Like, the whole time he should have been purposefully manipulating the two of them. That would have made so much more sense, and taken less time to set up.

    I also did not like the dance and swagger scenes. I know Raimi loves to inject humor and camp into his movies, but this was just way to much and way to out of character for Peter. It’s almost like the crew was bored one day, so this is what they decided to do with their time and money.

    The villains are all fine and good in the movie, but it would have been fantastic if Raimi would have cut like 45 minutes out of the movie.

    Overall, this movie was just ok. It leaves me with the same feeling that the third X-Men movie left me with, which, of course, is very disappointing.

  32. Saw the midnight screening.. Loved it! 🙂

  33. The second best Spider-Man movie. Three might have been better if Sandmn wasn’t the killer of Ben but someone else Peter cared for (Perfect way to kill Mary Jane off and replacd with Gwen). Spider-Man 1 is still the best silver screen spidy story but this one is a close second.

  34. You know… I think I liked it! I liked it more than the last one. Sam Raimi loves his goonybird bulls***, with the Saturday Night Fever and table dancing and what have you, but I came to accept that two movies ago and armed myself accordingly. It just has to have more of a straight face than Xena.

    Still. “The Twist”? Really? All right.

    There is simply no medium where things go well for Harry Osborn.

    P.S. The songs were like twenty seconds long. Don’t get excited.

  35. I saw spiderman on Imax last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. There were some things in the movie that I absolutely despised, but overall I had a lot of fun.

    A lot of stuff with peter in the venom costume were really dumb. The slicked down hair was tolerable, but coupled with an overuse of eyeliner, he looked emo. And although there is a kind of darkness to the emo look, it is in no way intimidating, and it doesn’t work with tobey maguire. The stuff with tobey dancing down the street was makin you think “okay this is kinda, really stupid.” And then the whole dance scene with gwen in the jazz bar, was horrible. I’m watching and I’m thinking “did they change movies on me midfilm.” It didnt feel like i was watching a spiderman movie.

    Tobey Maguire did a good job. One scene that I liked, that wasn’t very big was the scene with Peter and MJ laying on the web watching the stars. The shot on their faces was good for some reason. It was very sublte but they both just looked so happy to be together. (Spoiler)The breakup scene with MJ was surprisingly heart wrenching. I could just feel that every girl in the theatre’s eyes were swelling(okay okay mine were too).

    I read some other posts the said the same thing as I was feeling so I didnt feel like a shallow douche bag hollywood type for thinking it. But Tobey added on some chub, and unfortunately for him, when he gains weight it goes to his face. Even if it wasn’t too much weight, someone like brad pitt could get away with it, cause he has a thin face, but with tobey you see all of it.

    The action scenes were phenomonal. The aerial combat and the movement of the angles was very big and very good. I had a lot of fun watching the fights with harry and peter.

    They had too much stuff going on with people constantly taking off or losing masks. Especially with Topher Grace. Venom is supposed to be very intimidating but every time he took off the mask to show his face I was reminded, “Oh yeah, Venom isn’t a big scary guy, he’s just a little wussy pretty boy.” And to have him talking normally when he has the mask on looked stupid cause he has a very unintimidating voice. They could have just made his voice scratchier like Christian Bale did in Batman Begins.

    I think they managed the idea of 3 villains in this movie very well(or as well as they could), which is saying a lot because that was my biggest worry for the movie. Having the heroes kinda beat individually was good. It felt like you were watching multiple episodes of the spiderman cartoon, takin out villains one by one and the way the villains come together in the end was really cool.

    All in all I really really ejoyed the movie. It was really good and I enjoyed it completely in spite of its(in some cases very big) flaws.

    Last thing. I’ve never seen a movie in Imax and it kicks ass. If you have any opportunity to see this in Imax you should take advantage of it. It is definitely worth it. One thing that was funny though was I noticed a lot of things that I wouldn’t normally. Sandman’s ears…were gigantic, I know he can’t help it and I feel bad, but I couldn’t take my eyes off it. LOL And I don’t mind bagging on kirsten dunst cause she annoys me. I’ve never noticed her funky teeth before, and they stand out on that big screen.

  36. Is it bad that, during the action sequences, I more than once caught myself thinking, “my God, this video game must be a pain in the ass”?

  37. fyi… the spider-man 3 video game is a lot of fun. a lot.

  38. “Spider-Man 3” took in a record $59 million domestically on opening day Friday, breaking the previous all-time high of $55.8 million for “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” in its first day last summer.

    Sony Pictures, the studio behind the “Spider-Man” franchise, also reported Saturday that the movie took in an additional $45 million overseas on Friday for a worldwide total of $104 million, a record for single-day grosses globally.

  39. 2 more days like that, and they break even!

  40. I have to say I’m a little disappointed, and yet I’m not. What was good with the movie was jaw-dropping spectacular, and what was bad was superbad. The whole Gwen Stacey rescue set piece blew me away, especially when I saw a giant boulder waste a female pedestrian on the street. I know this sounds morbib, but FINALLY! All through these movies when Spidey is fighting a villian in the sky and shit is exploding and debris is falling, I think to myself…”isn’t that going to kill some poor sap on the street?”

    Bryce Dallas Howard and James Franco were definate scene stealers. While I never had any major complaints about Dunst (I know I’m in the minority there), Howard really made me wish they had gone with Gwen Stacey as the love interest since the beginning.

    All in all, it wasn’t a good movie, but my friends and I had the most fun watching this one. And I really don’t think it’s the cinematic trainwreck that X3 and FF was. This is by far the weakest link in the trilogy, but I approach it just like I approach the original Star Wars trilogy. I know in my heart that Empire is by far the superior film, but when it’s late at night and I can’t sleep, I’m more often than not reaching for Return of the Jedi instead.

  41. Mixed emotions, definitely.

    Overall, loved it. Not perfect though.

    What’s so strange, was that even though it felt like 15 pounds of stuff in an 8 pound bag, I can’t decide what I would have taken out. Such a a strange feeling.

    Being so packed with “stuff”, certain things just felt too forced. Symbiote coming down on a meteor rock… That’s as far as the explination goes. Sandman’s orgin… What the hell kind of experiment were they doing with sand and molecular structure? Things like that left something to be desired.

    Now, the 4 shining elements for me were 1. Sandman pulling himself together after the accident. Beautifully shot. So emotional with no words, just an amazing score and great actions. 2. Venom. He looked so fantastic. I would’ve liked more of a voice change when wearing the costume, and Eddie was a little too “Eric Foreman” at times. 3. “Bad-Peter”. Tobey pulled it off so well. Not too much, not too little. Just great. 4. Gwen Stacey. My God. ‘Nuff said.

  42. clearly i’m in the minority here so i’ll go ahead and ask:

    what is so bad about FF?

    it was fun, the story was decent, the effects were good. it wasn’t batman begins, but fantastic four isn’t batman. they always have been a bit goofy and mainstream, not dark and gritty, and that is what we got- goofy and mainstream. they also set the franchise up nicely for what looks to be an awesome sequel with the friggin silver surfer! the original wasn’t oscar worthy but it wasn’t unwatchable. jeez

  43. Spidey’s special effects were amazing. The venom character spectacular but Raimi aimed very high in this movie and didn’t quite hit the mark. The dance scene is the tongue in cheek humour prevelent throughout the spideman comics and encourages the release of the inner geek. The fight scenes and camera angles were dizzyingly brilliant but the focus was lost with all the story arcs. sandman was very believable and the emotion in the character excellently conveyed. We could have devoted an entire film to the development of Venom. He went too far, too quickly and then he was gone! Although it fell short of the mark I still think it will be better than 90% of the films released this year.

  44. LOVED IT! Maybe not as much as the first two but it was a really good superhero movie. The dancing went on too much . . . And there is a lot of crying in this one . . . But I remember being more aggravated by the Green Goblin’s costume in the first movie than I was by the dancing scene.
    Aunt May is awesome in this movie. Her scene talking about how she met Ben was so sweet and moving. And there are tons of really funny moments and the fight scenes are INCREDIBLE! I see so many more movies yet to come with Gwen, Dr. Connors and I think the return of the original Green Goblin. Plus . . . This can’t be the last we see of Venom. Really great addition to the movie mythos!

  45. The move had its flaws, and from a story standpoint, it’s probably the weakest of the three, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t enjoy watching it. And honestly, that’s all I really expect out of a superhero movie.

  46. ” that’s all I really expect out of a superhero movie.”

    I know this isn’t said negatively, but I don’t really like it when people say this. I mean, the whole “Not much of a story, but it was fun to watch. Hey, what else should I have wanted? It’s a superhero movie!” is crap.

    If people keep this line of thinking, film makers will continue to get away with making shitty superhero movies because fans will just accept it. Sure, there is an element of suspending disbelief, but when someone gives you a movie without substance, but huge explosions and cool fight scenes, don’t shrug and say, “Oh well, it’s a movie about comics.”

    You need to say, “Now wait a damn minute, what the hell is this?” and expect more, so you get more.

    (With all of this said, if you look somewhere in the comments, I didn’t dislike SM3, and when I talk about bad comic movies, this wasn’t an example.)

  47. This was probably one of the poorest written movies I’ve seen in a long time. Emo-Spidey was lame. Even worse is the scene where the butler reveals the truth of Harry’s father to him. Harry has this vendetta against Spidey for 2 movies because he believes Spidey killed his father and this butler is there the whole time that knows the truth. After Harry is beaten and scarred. he finally pipes up and says “Oh by the way, your father killed himself.” Ridiculous.

  48. Did anybody else notice that Venom referred to himself in the singular? “I want the Spider dead,” or “I like being bad, it feels good,” etc. Hasn’t he always referred to himself as “we” since, like, forever?

  49. Venom in the comics, sure. But this is movie Venom.

  50. i just think it would have been a great opportunity for Sam Raimi to say “I realize there are die-hards out there, so here’s a little treat for you.” A throw back to the comics that might appease us for a while. Like, for just one scene, putting Gwen Stacy in her classic green jacket, black sweater and skirt outfit that she wore in every issue of the comics. It could have had a real nice effect on the overall movie for those of us looking for that kind of detail.

  51. You don’t spend $300 mil on a movie for die hards. How many people do you think are uber-spider-man nerds? Maybe a few hundred thousand?

    That probably wouldn’t cover the catering budget.

    Besides, the movie made a bajillion dollars, so I’m guessing no one’s really thinking about what they should have done, as it was an unrivaled success.

    It’s funny, a couple days later, I can say I had a lot of fun at this movie, but it sits firmly in the past. I’m not really thinking about it. I don’t really want to see it again, and I don’t have much to talk about regarding it.

    I’ve been thinking about how to phrase my feelings for the movie, and I think the reason I didn’t mind the wild change of tone is that I saw the first 2 movies, and I didn’t need to see the exact same kind of movie again. So with the wackiness, it was a refreshing change. But ultimately, it didn’t make a lasting impact on me.

    In that place for me, I can’t get enough of Hot Fuzz. I want to go see it again. I want to talk about it. I want others to see it.


  52. sigh…

    So, Whit and I saw this last night at the ArcLight dome, where I saw Spider-Man 2…it’s a pretty fantastic place to see a movie, and we had a pretty good audience (very little cheering but very focused, unlike my Superman audience, who cheered during the opening credits for each name, etc).

    I really wasn’t sure how I felt when I left, which was not a good sign. Like, I know I liked some parts, and I feel really odd when I find myself complaining that a comic book movie is too long..but it just felt like a mess. There were so many scenes that just kept…going…for..eve…r…

    Like, I get that he’s made of sand. I get it. I can appreciate it would be a difficult thing to make that transition, but okay, I got it. (But, I will admit, the treatment of Sandman was okay by me, I enjoyed it, I thought THC did a great job and enjoyed the characterization).

    I did like that there was an actual Teamup battle.

    I got really tired of people falling or being thrown into pipes and/or girders.

    Apparently there was a special discout rate for falling special effects at the fx shop. I mean, all right already.

    Was it me, or was Peter just TOO dark…and did we spend WAY too much time with him?

    I listened to the podcast and have to agree with all of you guys…I liked the commitment, I thought it was too long, I was dismayed at how they treated the Gwen Stacey character (but I really liked her in this movie, she was just different; I loved the whole floor falling out from under her sequence), I hate the key to the city sequence for some reason, the butler thing was stupid, and I really want to know where Parker got the damn black suit! I mean, did he just sew it together during an alien-infused blackout? I wanted the suit to grow on him and adapt to his thoughts like they did in the book.

    I thought Eddie was good, and though I really, really liked the Ursula character (the skinny Russian girl across the hall) in Spider-Man 2, I thought those sequences went on too long. I love that Raimi brought them back, but like so many other scenes, they could have been shorter.

    Long live Bruce Campbell, of course.

    And did we ever see Gwen as his lab partner? I mean…ugh

    too many loose ends, too many coincedences. I left the film feeling sad, rather than hopeful, which, I guess, is good…I just remember feeling really GOOD after Spider-Man 2, like, we had all gone through something together and there was something to look forward to…this film, I just felt like, well, Pete and MJ are just not gonna last, they have way too many problems!

    But hey, what a gift it is to be even able to have such complaints, I guess. I never imagined 15 years ago that we would have such high quality comic book movies to mutter about….


  53. I’m really not looking forward to seeing this. I probably won’t catch it until it’s DVDizzy release… and probably until months after because Netflix is really horrible nowadays with the new releases. I really can’t figure out why people think these movies are good. They’re so silly even for comic book movies. Now Batman… there’s a good comic book movie.

  54. Love it or Hate it, I think we can all agree on a few points:

    1. There was way too much for one movie; because of this overkill, the movie was left with way too many holes/odd coincidences

    2. While certain scenes were very odd, they were very Raimi. They were good alone, but in the context of the rest of the film, they just didn’t belong there and it made the movie awkward.

  55. Just finished listening to the podcast – CONOR – you are dead on for everything you said. Here’s a copy of what I posted on Newsarama:

    As far as I’m concerned, that movie was lucky to be handed one star by me. I was being GENEROUS. If any given scene wasn’t heavy on the CGI (total compensation) it was absolute garbage. I am so sick of Toby McGuire and his _____ portrayal of Peter Parker…but that doesn’t mean that I was impressed by “Emo” Parker either (so evil..ugh) Too tearful, too whiny. Did anyone get a crybaby count in that film? Gwen Stacy’s character had places to go; turned out to be a throw-away. Nice work.

    The piano bar scene from top to bottom was completely ridiculous. The scene with the out of control crane? Save the girl and then just leave the crane? Is anyone reading this script? Was there a script? The Polish girl (landlord’s daughter) back again? WHY WHY WHY? They make a point to say that there is no scar from New Goblin’s injury…evidence of his tampering with physiology…then they scar the crap out of him?

    THE BUTLER?! THE BUTLER?! “Sorry, dude. I know I haven’t said anything till this point, Master Bruce, but here’s the full story on dad’s death. By the way, I have a degree in metalurgy.”

    You want a movie for a five year old? Fine. You got one. Sell more toys, over-promote, over-spend, and have no substance. Congratulations Spider-man 3 – recordholder – proof that even diehard comicbook fans have just plain given up on the quest for quality. Group this in with what garbage Fantastic Four is going to be (and has been) and you’ve got an A+ for Marvel this year.

  56. I have to throw out my two cents on the dance/Peter strutting sequences. The symbiote took from it’s host, these are the rules established in the movie. SO, the way Peter acted under the influence of the symbiote is waht he beleived to be “bad” or “cool.” That is why it was so painfully awkward and funny… because Peter is a huge nerd in this version.
    And that’s all I have to say about that.

  57. I would utterly agree that within the rules established by the movie, the wacky dance/strut stuff made perfect sense.

    But it wasn’t what people were expecting, and very likely not what they wanted.

    I still don’t know why I laughed. It may have been the sheer inappropriateness of it in the movie, or that it was just funny, or that I have a familiarity with Raimi enough that it didn’t seem that odd in one of his movies.

  58. The cool thing about Sam Raimi is that he

  59. I liked it. I think I share the feelings of those who said they didn’t need to see the other two movies for the third time. It was goofy, but that is the kind of story I expect with Spider-man. I was able to dismiss the silly looking Emo-Peter because he wasn’t taken serious by anyone in the film. This Pete is goony and doesn’t have any edge. When he went dark he still went nasty. He went to tear out Mary Jane’s heart, which is very nasty. I didn’t like how Gwen was completely dismissed, but I understand they are going to be making more of these things so there is room to do more with her. The villains were cool, but I thought, months ago, I read that they were going to put Mysterio into this one. I didn’t miss him, but I kept expecting him to show up. The team up was great. I really liked this one.

    So Venom was incinerated? Nah, I don’t buy it. I suspect Venom is going to show up in one of the later films. I want him to take Sandman’s place in a movie version of the Sinister Six. They could spend two more movies developing Hobgoblin, Vulture, Electro and Mysterio.

    Josh- You liked Hot Fuzz? Cool. Have you seen Spaced?

  60. Have I seen Spaced?

    It’s one of my favorite comedy series of all time.

    Lemme ask, are people here clamoring to see a fourth movie, or have you had your fill?

  61. I’ve had my fill.

  62. I am not clamoring (but to be fair I am not exactly sure what clamoring means, but I would see Spider-man 4. I’d probably enjoy it too.

    I feel like these three have been Peter’s young years. In the first one he was thrust into the Spider-man life and had an oppressing sense of responsibility put on him. In the second one he denied being Spider-man and then embraced it. In this one he has moved on from it. He forgave his Uncle’s killer and now he becomes Spider-man for his own reasons. From this point on he starts to develop into an adult, instead of haunted by his past. Is there material there for a Spidey whose motivation isn’t guilt? Not until they kill off Gwen Stacy.

  63. Well, when they kill Gwen his motivation gets switched over to a different kind of guilt. No longer what he could have done, but what happened because he is Spider-man.

  64. “Lemme ask, are people here clamoring to see a fourth movie, or have you had your fill?”

    Boy, that is a question. I’ve had my fill of Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst, who I was never really crazy about in the first place. When I hear them talking about the Lizard or the Vulture or what-have-you, I do think, “Oh, that would be fun! But not with those guys. But no one will accept a new cast, will they? Oh, who the hell knows.” I guess this qualifies as non-clamoring.

  65. I can tell you one thing. Dylan Baker (who played an excellent Robert McNamara) will not be the lead villain in a huge Spider-Man movie.

  66. He would make a nice accessory for the Sinister Six though.

  67. I dunno, man… Alfred Molina?

  68. “I would utterly agree that within the rules established by the movie, the wacky dance/strut stuff made perfect sense.

    But it wasn’t what people were expecting, and very likely not what they wanted.

    I still don’t know why I laughed. It may have been the sheer inappropriateness of it in the movie, or that it was just funny, or that I have a familiarity with Raimi enough that it didn’t seem that odd in one of his movies.”

    I am also a huge Raimi fan, and loved that he went there… didn’t bother me too much at all. I was laughing there with ya.
    What bothered me more than anything was the lazy storytelling. This movie took shortcuts that the other two did not. The news cast to introduce setting and the stakes was god awful and made me cringe more than his dance sequence. It was like, okay… we need to wrap this up, but in thirty seconds.
    That was my least favorite thing above all.
    With that said… still liked it overall.

  69. Hi everyone, new guy here. I just wanted throw in my two cents about this movie. I thought it was a good movie (it kept me entertained), but just not a good Spiderman movie. I tend to agree with a lot of what people said that feel the same way. A few things that bugged me in the movie that I did not notice many people talking were:

    Spiderman had his mask off way to much. I thought one of the funniest parts of the movie was when Spiderman says something like

  70. I was more bothered that Harry was able to ambush Peter when he was on the mo-ped. I don’t recall any spider-sense occurring in the movie.

  71. No witty banter, which is one of my favorite parts of reading Spiderman comics. Just reading the funny/corny things he says always makes me laugh. I really missed it in this movie.

    He hasn’t been funny in any of the movies.

  72. “Spoilers Ahoy, Lads! Spoilers Ahoy!”

    I am SO not reading this thread. For ONCE a movie opened in Tokyo the same day as the U.S. I haven’t had time to see it, maybe end of this week, but until then, I am SO not reading this thread. Or listening to the special podcast. I’ll listen to the podcast after I’ve seen the movie (If I can remain strong…)

    This will be the first movie I’ve seen in a theatre in maybe over a year.

    Even the “recent comments” box has spoilers… I avert my gaze…. Even that nice Dave Graham can’t go three words without…

    “Spoilers Ahoy, Lads! Spoilers Ahoy!”

  73. He hasn’t been funny in any of the movies.

    He never did it much, but he did something in both movies. Like in the first when he webbed JJ’s mouth shut and said something like “Mommy and Daddy are talking”. It was not much, but I felt like it was an attempt to hit on his smart remarks. Something else happened in the second movie that was like this. I can’t remember what though (shows how well they did it >.>), but at least they tried. I don’t disagree with you at all though, it was not enough, he has not been funny, and I missed it in all the movies, I just singled out SM3 because that was the only movie I was writing about, but I could have worded it better.

  74. You want a movie for a five year old? Fine. You got one. Sell more toys, over-promote, over-spend, and have no substance. Congratulations Spider-man 3 – recordholder – proof that even diehard comicbook fans have just plain given up on the quest for quality. Group this in with what garbage Fantastic Four is going to be (and has been) and you’ve got an A+ for Marvel this year.

    Maybe people genuinely liked it because they thought it was good, and that’s perfectly okay. You have your opinions about SM3 and also for FF2, which you haven’t even seen. Don’t play the movie snob, it cancels out the other valid points you made in your review.

  75. Horatio, you’re using bulletin board tags instead of HTML tags. Use “

  76. Poop! My cross-genre posting skills need work. Thanks!

  77. I’m not sure if this has been mentioned before on this post (because there’s just so much reading…), BUT I was wondering if anyone else thought it was weird that Spider-Man didn’t have a spider sense. I mean, they touched on it in the first movie, but then in the second and third movies he consistently gets his ass beat by surprise attacks.

    His fight with Venom was very much this way. He just kept getting jumped by Venom from left and right when he should have been able to avoid a few of the attacks with his tinglies.

    Is that nit-picky? You bet your ass…but at the same time, it’s a tenent of his powers and is mentioned a ton in the comics. It’s like if they didn’t put his web shooters in the movie or something.

    Yet another thing that makes me like this 3rd movie less and less. Damn you 3rd movie for making me think of such things!

  78. (re-tapes glasses, adjusts pocket protector)

    Well, technically, Peter Parker’s spider-sense not being activated by the syyymbiote is in fact canon. It was once a part of him, so he does not sense it as a danger when it is near him, see Web of Spider-Man #19, with the pushing and the hurting, .

  79. He just kept getting jumped by Venom from left and right when he should have been able to avoid a few of the attacks with his tinglies.

    Venom is actually undetectable by spider-sense. It has something to do with the symbiote having been a part of Spider-Man and giving Brock Spider-Man’s powers. The suit either manages to bypass or cancel out the spider-sense. I noticed this too and thought it was a nice touch that Venom was able to attack so effectively.

  80. Damn! I was beat to the ultra-nerd comment by a mere 2 minutes! Why did I waste time with italics!

  81. Ah…ok, I look dumb! 🙂 But that’s ok. I’m married, so I’m used to that…

    In my defense, I’ve always found the Venom character to be kind of a snore, so the only real info I know about him I gleaned from conversations and the Saturday morning cartoon from when I was a kid.

    In general, though, I still think it seemed like he got suprised a lot more in all the movies than he should have with his spider-sense.

    By the way, did everyone see this…

    Interesting indeed…

  82. I really loved this movie. It had all the things that i love in a superhero book and that is good characters,good drama,great action,and an interesting plot. The bad Peter parts were a bit too long but the slower ending was necessary in my opinion. I like how MJ wasnt just a perfect person type character but a person with flaws. Sandman was very well done and his story made sense unlike the previous doc ock villian. Venom needed more screentime and Gwen was not really needed but overall it was a very entertaining film.

  83. Not sure if someone already commented on this (as I didn’t leaf through ALL of the thread), but I feel like I saw the studio’s time contrainted cut. Most of the character development was so cursory, it seemed like there were just missing parts. I feel like if the movie had been 3 hours long, it would have been much better. (All EMO-Peter and song & dance numbers aside, which I liked for what they were, but came as such a huge gear change after the 1st hour of the film.)

  84. I can tell you that one I didn’t need was for it to be longer.

  85. Get ready, Pirates three is 169 minutes long! And I thought Pirates two was mind-numbingly long…

  86. It’s like Hollywood hates you, personally.

  87. I heard that the second Pirate movie wasn’t very good. So I didn’t go. In that way, it was just the right length.

    The third one is looking to clock in at about the same running time.

  88. I met my wife at a showing of that first Pirates movie, so now the Pirates movies are romantically our “thing.” The fact that I thought the first one was pretty dumb, that the second one was appalling*, and that I dread the inevitable opening weekend screening of the third is my deepest, darkest marriage secret.

    *have a movie’s box office totals ever actually made you angry?

  89. Pirates 2 was 150 minutes. Three is 168 minutes. By comparison Spider-Man 3 was 140 minutes and Grindhouse was 189 minutes. Get ready for some squirmy impatient kids!

  90. *have a movie’s box office totals ever actually made you angry?

    There are so many of these that I can’t remember a single one. It’s more the opposite. Hot Fuzz, for example, should have made a ton of money, and I’m upset that it didn’t.

  91. I was hoping that 28 Weeks Later would do better. I don’t know why they thought to release it between Spider-Man and Shrek. Too bad. It’s a good movie.

  92. 28 Weeks Later came out? Damn, I missed that. It was good? Cool.

  93. The reviews for 28 Days Later have been surprisingly positive. Look on Rotten Tomatoes. Roeper gave it thumbs up and it got a B+ from EW.

  94. I saw 28 last night, I didn’t like it that much, mostly for the same reasons I didn’t like the first one. It felt like a two hour music video with alot of style and not much substance

  95. 28 Weeks Later was surprisingly good! I felt I was a bit predisposed to like it since I really liked 28 Days Later but I came out of Weeks more excited than I was after seeing Spiderman 3. If nothing else, see it for the creative use of a helicopter! There were a few things about it that were off, like the father always showing up despite always seemingly being in the middle of a massive death scene and he did seem a bit smarter than the rest. Maybe the genetic angle they were playing on had something to do with that. It was definitely bloodier and faster paced than Days. When we entered the theater, I saw two old women whom we sat behind just to get their reactions because we were like WTF are they doing here? Well, about 30 minutes into it, after a head explosion, they both stood up in unison and walked out. Obviously they had no idea what the movie was about and I am still laughing about that.
    Spiderman 3 – I think they could have totally cut Gwen Stacy out of it and it would have still been the same movie. I just didn’t get why she was included when Betty Brant could have more logically filled her place at the jazz club. Overall, I liked it but it’s my least favorite of the three movies.

  96. *28 Weeks Later Spoiler Alert*

    Maybe the genetic angle they were playing on had something to do with that.

    That doesn’t really make sense because the gene that supposedly made the kid immune was being passed through the mother so the father wouldn’t have had anything to do with it. If you want to consider the genetics it would have to be an X-linked recessive gene. The mother would have had to have two x genes (XX) with a chromosome on each gene that made her immune to infection. Males are XY with the Y coming from the father and the X from the mother so if the son had his mother’s ‘X’ gene it makes sense that he was also immune since the Y gene is much smaller than the X and doesn’t really add any genetic material. The daughter would have one X gene from her mom and one X gene from her dad. Since the Dad wasn’t immune like his son, he must have had the dominant condition allowing him to become infected. This means that the daughter would also display the dominant condition of being prone to the infection.

    Hope that wasn’t too complicated but I’m glad sense could be made of it, definitely made the movie more enjoyable for me.

    As for the father constantly showing up, I kinda like that. Very few movies actually have an individual zombie as a character. One that shows up over and over that you recognize. I thought it was a cool trick. I don’t know why he seemed smarter than the rest though, could just be the image of his kids triggering some kind of lingering memory.

  97. Wow, excellent rebuttal! But why would the father be affected by lingering memories when it seemed no one else whom was infected was? That’s really my only nitpick with 28 Weeks Later. He’s one lucky infected to stay around as long as he did considering he seemed to be in the middle of most of the action. But I keep forgetting it’s just a movie and shit like that tends to happen. Oh, and are they really zombies or just people infected with Rage? It’s probably a pretty thin line either way.

  98. The only reason I can think that the father would be affected with lingering memories is that he was the only person infected with uninfected relatives running around, at least as far as we saw in the movie. In the first movie no one comes into contact with an infected person they’re related/emotionally attached to, and if they do they’re just killed immediately. And in 28 weeks later there were no other principle characters so any other similar instances weren’t shown in the movie.

    They’re never called zombies, it’s always “infected”. They also don’t die in the process of becoming infected, whereas in most zombie media the person dies then returns as a zombie, it’s not a straight transition. Also the infected can run, they can be killed like regular people and they can die of starvation. Those all make me say that the aren’t zombies but the movie itself is still a zombie movie because of the themes and style are all those of a classic zombie movie.