‘Spider-Man 3’ Teaser Trailer (Updated)


Who knows how long this will be up, so click it while you can — the teaser trailer for Spider-Man 3!

It’s a recording off of a film screen, but you can see/get the gist of it and it looks really good. Thanks to Kyle for sending in the tip! Thanks to Ian for the updated link!

If we weren’t convinced before, it looks like the main thrust of this one will be Venom/the black suit. I am a little worried with Sandman, Venom and the Green Goblin, but hopefully Raimi is balancing the action and the villains and keeping the focus on Peter, which I’m sure will be the case given the track record. Is it 2007 yet? After Superman tonight, I’m pretty much done with 2006.


  1. It’s down already.

    Ah well. It does say that it’ll be posted at 2:30 EST at the Apple Movie Trailers page. I guess I’ll wait till then.

  2. weird, I’m stil getting it to load…such is the internet I guess

  3. This is the message I’m getting:

    sorry…too many people crashed my site.
    thanks anyways for checking it out
    go to apple.com/trailers at 2:30ET today for the Spider-Man 3 trailer
    you’ll like it.
    trust me.
    no really, trust me.
    it’s really good.

  4. yeah – I’m getting the same.

    Well, Stay tuned true believers – we’ll post the direct link to the trailer this afternoon!

  5. For those that can’t wait another 20 minutes or so for the official release, this morning’s bootleg is now up on youtube.com


  6. Whoo! Saw this earlier this morning…looks like it was taken down offa that link, though guys.

    Anyway, 6 minutes till the HD debut of the trailer..

    (Can’t wait to speculate! I gotta lotta theories about this trailer alone!)

  7. So there is no other way to see this thing until it is uploaded officially?

  8. “After Superman tonight, I’m pretty much done with 2006.”

    What about the DVD release of X3?

  9. HOLY SHIT! That was awesome! I can’t wait!

    I liked the homage to the church bells.

  10. http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c279/SBrooks2006/HarryGG2.jpg

    ….I think I prefer the Power Ranger suit….

  11. Oh my but that looks tasty.

  12. Oh, my that was good. Very good.

    So it seems that Bad Peter romances Gwen?

  13. Hmmm… No Venom pics. Can’t say that’s unexpected. Sandman does look good. I love Thomas Hayden Church. I think he’ll do a good job.

    Maybe this movie will be a big setup for the next one with Venom? I mean, I doubt it in a big way, but who knows. I hope they do another one.

  14. Tobey Maguire is getting old (for the role – he’s 31 today), so I’d be shocked if there was a fourth movie…

    Plus, who knows how long Sam Raimi wants to be tethered to Spider-Man?

    I’d love to see a fourth by these guys, but I doubt I will.

  15. Yea, I think they were all under contract for 3 and then they’re done. Marvel might let the franchise go so they can produce the movies under their own studio and relaunch them in a decade or so.

    I hope not. It’s a quality franchise, but I would imagine that that’s probably what will happen. I don’t think they could pass the torch to anyone at this point without an X3 type letdown.

  16. is that what i think it is?


    oh boy

    oh boy

    oh boy

    again… again

  17. Yeah, that was goose-bump good. Awesome.

  18. This has to be the first huge comic book movie in a while that can just be story, and they don’t have to worry about set up for the main character at all. This bodes very well. How much do I love Sam Raimi? So very much.

  19. Pretty great. I agree with what Josh says. No need to waste/spend an hour setting stuff up.

    I’m hoping the Sandman is just an action bit. None of the modern era of superhero films address the fact that they can have a fight with a supervillain that doesn’t have to have lasting consequences throughout the movie. How many comics open up with an action scene aginst someone like the Stiltman and then the real villain shows up later.

    All this looks better than great but I hope they don’t try to do too much.

  20. Well, I think they may be trying to do too much. There’s a fourth villain that hasn’t been seen yet. I want to say it’s Black Cat, but we’ll see.

    Even with all of the things that are going to be in the movie, I’m really not worried. I loved the last two movies. I see no reason to think why I wouldn’t love this one.

    I’m thinking that they’re redoing the Venom origin quite a bit. They may even have him coming from Peter himself, if the tags in the trailer were any indication.

  21. just a head’s up, the trailer is now on apple’s website and the quality is a lot better. http://www.apple.com/trailers/sony_pictures/spider-man_3/large.html

  22. oops nevermind i see that was the same link.

  23. okay, so here’s a clueless question. What should i pick up to catch up with the whole venom story?

    Geez it’s like not reading comics for 20 years leaves me out of the loop or something. (end self-directed sarcasm)

  24. it looks like its out of print, but maybe you can find it on eBay or at a local book store or comic book store:

    Spider-Man Vs. Venom Vol. 1 TPB

    Although I’m sure the rest of the iFanboys can explain the story if need be…

  25. I didn’t realize they’d even filmed enough of this movie for a trailer! That was a nice surprise.

    I still have no idea how a single two-hour movie can deal with Venom semi-plausibly and still have room for Sandman and Harrygoblin, but Sam Raimi’s track record puts my mind at ease.

  26. Wow, that looks amazing. To bad we have to wait so long to see it.

  27. No kidding – “May” is the kick in the gut at the end.

  28. They might as well have ended it with…

    “Statistically, there is a 1 in 150 chance that you will be dead before this film come out”

  29. it will probably be longer than 2 hours. Most like this are now, X3 excepted.

    I think nick said it in that, not everyone needs a story, really. Why can’t we open with him fighting Sandman, and then have that lead to the larger story, without explaining anything other than Sandman was a bad guy who spider-man beat up one day? He can be like the 3rd T-Rex! Just there for something to make the monkey more upset.

  30. Personally I would have liked to see more backstory to the third t-rex. What was his motivation? Maybe it could have cut back to his wife T-Rex dying, and then when he was visiting her grave, kong walked past surrounded by lady monkeys and guffawing loudly.

  31. I think the fact that it’s Thomas Hayden Church and not some no-name schlub means that we’re definitely going to get us some Sandman backstory.

  32. As long as Sam Rami is directing, everything will be all right.

    Also, after watching many hours of That 70’s Show, don’t ask, I have come to the conclusion that Topher Grace would have been a better Spider-Man. Of course I have been wrong before.

  33. I actually think that Tobey Maguire came off a little too whiny, even for Peter Parker. He did a good job otherwise though, so I don’t mind too much.

  34. I actually think that Tobey Maguire came off a little too whiny, even for Peter Parker.

    This was always my little beef with the films. I was like “where’s the bad jokes?” He had a few in the first, maybe in the second, can’t recall. But Marvel has always said one of the best parts of his character was no matter what was happening he could tell a joke. Maybe in the movies that take away from the non-comic audiance and what not. But part of me always wanted to just see him crack real wise.

    Don’t get me wrong, love the movie and pumped for part 3.

  35. Wow. I think Tobey Macguire rules in that role. It wasn’t until I saw X3 last month that I realized how important comic timing is in a serious type movie. X3 missed the mark almost every time. Superman Returns nailed it every time.
    So does Tobey Macguire.

  36. I’m about to sound a lot older than I actually am, but Spider-Man wasn’t really a wisecrackin’ wisenheimer until relatively recently. Like you, I originally saw the movie and said, “Where’s jokey Peter?” but a while later I started reading the original Stan Lee run of Amazing and discovered to my surprise that Spidey was a bit of a self-pitying whiner for quite a few years. “What’s up with Spider-Eeyore?” said I. Turns out jokey Peter and black-costumed Peter came along around the same time, apparently.

  37. Just got back from Superman where they should this trailer, and let me say, I have never seen an audiance turn on a trailer so fast. When the trailer started the crowd went nuts, cheering and yelling and everything you’d expect. But when the words at the end popped up “May”, oh how the tables turned, the boos lasted almost a whole minute. It was quite a site.

  38. ohh, that’s a great trailer!
    it gives you just enough to get you excited, but not too much..though, it’s still pretty much a year away, which has me down. hope i don’t die before then.
    i’d hoped they would have learned from the reaction to the first green goblin suit though.
    a maniacal extreme sports snow-boarder isn’t all that threatening.
    oh well, i’m still stoked!

  39. Uh oh…

    ‘Spider-Man’ Cast Called Back for Reshoots

    Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst and James Franco are being called back to the set of Spider-Man 3 for re-shoots, after test audiences complained the movie was lacking in “action.” Franco, who plays Spider-man’s alter-ego Peter Parker’s troubled friend Harry Osborn in the superhero movies, has just finished filming comedy drama Camille with Sienna Miller. He tells MTV, “The next thing I’m shooting? Re-shoots on Spider-Man… Probably next month. Director Sam Raimi wants more action.” The sequel also features Topher Grace, Bryce Dallas Howard and Oscar nominee Thomas Haden Church in new roles.