‘Spider-Man 3’ Teaser Shot Reveals…

I didn’t want to ruin it for anybody, but if you click on the “Continue Reading & Comment” button, you’re gonna see something from the movie, and if you know anything about Spider-Man, you can guess where the film is planning to take you.

I’ll see you inside.

So, that’s the black suit, and I’m pretty sure that Venom is involved. And Sony says it’s not a black and white mistake. So it appears that the symbiote storyline will be the thrust of the third film. I wonder if the film will open with The Beyonder?

Furthermore, I will voice my thoughts that Venom is not crappy, and in fact, done correctly, he can be pretty creepy. At least Eddie Brock is. I can remember those issues where he’d show up at Peter’s house and be all nice to Aunt May. That was good comics!


  1. I’m in. I love it.

  2. Well, that’s just pretty frickin sweet! I wonder how they’ll do it? Maybe like in Ultimate Spidey? Maybe something Doc Connors works on?

  3. I’m with Harry Knowles, they shouldn’t have just done a black and white version of the red and blue costume, but the all black with the BIG white spider version from the comics. I hope they still do that.

  4. So it appears that the symbiote storyline will be the thrust of the third film. I wonder if the film will open with The Beyonder?
    Secret War was an 8 issue mini-series, involving every single ‘major’ Marvel hero, AND it was a crazy space travel thing. That would put off many of the casual spider-man fans who don’t read comics, but rather have just gone to see the movies. I believe that they will go the route of the 1990’s Spider-Man cartoon: John Jameson goesup into space, finds a weird substance on the moon, and brings it back to Earth. We already have John in place, and we know he was slated for another mission sometime or another.

    I’m with Harry Knowles, they shouldn’t have just done a black and white version of the red and blue costume, but the all black with the BIG white spider version from the comics.
    And I too, am also with you guys. I think that it still would have been FINE if they would have at least taken off the webs. The weird pentagon pattern on his tights is cool, and would have been cool all black. And if they don’t have the white spider-symbol, there will be hell to pay.

    This picture does not GENERALLY reveal that it’s the black costume! It could just be a theme or a setting of the film. It’s a dark cloudy background, Spider-man is looking rather depressed…it could just be a poster meant to instill a sense of what you’re about to get: A rather dark, symbiote based storyline. There have been multiple instances where I’ve seen stuff like this, where the original colors of a character are layered under a filter of a darker or lighter color. It’s all meant to set the mood, and to entice fans with the hopes of a symbiote costume (Which we all know plays a major part in the film…my only concern is how they are going to time the whole thing, from spider-man getting it, to losing it (With Doc Connors probably playing the role of Reed Richards now), and to Eddie Brock getting thrown out on his ass, suicide ready, and finding it.

  5. Comments on the post on AICN at:http://www.aintitcoolnews.com/display.cgi?id=22569 (Spoilers be warned!) indicate that the poster is indeed the black costume, and that the symbiote oozes up and over Peter over his current costume, making it black.

    While that is a much more “real world” explanation, I still don’t like it – I want the jet black/white spider and the white squares on top of his hands…but is that really surprising that I’d want it to be pure to the book? 😉

  6. It’s a black costume not an effect. From the article:


  7. I got the same e-mail from Sony that these guys must have gotten. It indeed says that that’s the costume color and not an effect.

    We’ll see.

    It’s a great fracking poster, though.

  8. tell me that “frak” hasn’t invaded your speech….

    You’ll have to slow down on the Battlestar Galactica son.

  9. Is it “frak”? Not “frack”?

    I use it all the time in my everyday speech.

  10. Around the time that I watched Farscape on the Sci-fi Channel “Frell” would show up in my everyday lexicon.

    Oh…and cool Spider-man poster. Let me see if I have this straight. The “blackness” infects the regular red and blue costume and turns it dark? Does that mean that it is different from the ooze-like costume/entity that sticks itself to Peter and Eddie Brock in the comics?

  11. maybe it absorbs the old costume, and just patterened itself after it.

    That would make sense.

    What doesn’t make sense is where he got the damn thing from in the first place. Did they explain that in the movie? I mean, that would take a pretty penny to produce. He couldn’t have made it himself. Did he do all the plastic web molding in his room? Jeez.

  12. did you even read my post above?
    according the post on AICN:
    “the symbiote oozes up and over Peter over his current costume, making it black.”

  13. I read it. I was being more specific. What I’m suggesting is that the old suit has to go somewhere physically, so the question is, is the symbiote just an overlay on the old suit, or does it replace the suit, and absorb it.

    Probably too minute a detail to concern myself with.

  14. I think it absorbs into the suit…although the question then is, why doesn’t he just take it off and put on one of the other suits he must have?

  15. It has a pull on his psyche I thought. if the symbiote doesn’t want to let go, it doesn’t.

    That’s when you use a sonic weapon.

  16. Josh, you are correct. Ron, he can’t take it off, because the symbiote literally attaches itself to Peter….he could put anything on, but the Symbiote has a mind of it’s own and lives on him. Remember, it could convert to any clothing it wanted to? It’s not like a stain, it can’t just be taken off….without a sonic weapon

    Although, now that they say it pours over the new costume, it does actually make a little more sense…I guess it’s just one of those things that we’ll dislike eventually, then become indifferent on (Just like the Iron Spider….)

    But, no back-hand shooters….damn organic webbing…

  17. After Spidey 2, I was chatting with my friend, Lolly, who I’ve converted to comics. She’s the one who called years ago that it was going to be Jameson’s kid that brings back the symbiote. *grins* I couldn’t argue with her. It would so work for that world.

    And I like the suit. It’ll work great to help with the transition between actor to computer animation.

  18. I hope in the 4th one they have Rhino, if for no onther reason then to just see how that costume turns out, and the internet reaction, I mean his costume is shit anyway so would anyone complain? anyone?

  19. I think, for me, 3 movies will be enough. I can’t imagine they should push it too much after that. I can’t imagine the people involved will want that to become their careers. Who knows though?

  20. Some kickass fan art:


    And I agree about the only three films thing. Most series cannot seem to sustain more than three films in terms of quality and overarcing storytelling.

    There are exceptions, of course, like Star Trek II-VI.

  21. or James Bond 8-12.

    I kid.

    That spidey image is very sweet. Oh well.

  22. James Bond isn’t a continuous story!

  23. I think the black/white version of the movie costume makes sense. The problem with the Venom look in the comics/cartoons is that it is pretty much just shiney. I can’t imagine that it would look good in that form on film. So, for me, the Venom suit just oozing up over the regular costume seems to make sense. I guess it won’t mean any super-quick symbiote costume changes for Peter though.

  24. I liked Erik Larsen’s teeth EVERYWHERE style venom, and I liked Humberto Ramos’ bubble-gum sticky wierd blob venom.
    I fear neither of these will be on the big screen.

  25. I was just thinking about this, and I really want to see this movie. I’m fiercely curious.

    Anyone remember that one page where either Peter or May opens the door to May’s house and Eddie Brock is leaning up on the rail, and says something like “Can Peter come out and play?” And he’s just so creepy. I remember thinking how scary an idea it was that he knew all Peter’s secrets.

  26. Venom circa McFarlane was terrifying.