First Look: The Sandman in ‘Spider-Man 3’

On the official Spider-Man 3 website, we get a first look at Thomas Hayden Church in character as Flint Marko.

I gotta say, he does look pretty good — look at the shirt!


  1. I thought that was supposed to be a secret?

    So I guess FOreman is Venom? I can actually still buy it. If you think about it, a guy Grace’s size is sort of even with Peter Parker, so it makes the race more understandable. McFarlane probably drew Brock too big anyway.

  2. Venom or Chameleon. I’m betting on Chameleon since the movies seem to be all about the classic 60s villains.

  3. Foreman. Foreman rules

  4. He does rule. I can’t believe they are continuing THAT 70s SHOW without him.

    Well, I can… but I can’t.