‘Spider-Man 3’ Featurette

This promotional piece gives a slightly more in-depth look at Spider-Man 3 than we’ve gotten from the trailers.

I love Topher Grace. Casting him as Eddie Brock is brilliant.


  1. If this works, and thats a big “if”, it’s gonna fucking rule!

  2. Tohper rules. The dude is definately funny (See: That 70’s Show), and in the few chick flicks I’ve seen him in, he was great.

    I think he’s gonna do just fine. I’ve heard quite a few people question the casting, but after the flick comes out, I think they’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  3. Man, if you ever wanted to see a classic supervillain, they pretty much did Sandman right.

    I’m also a fan of Topher Grace. He’s good.

  4. In Good Company and That 70s Show were cool.

    I liked the featurette. I’m excited

  5. I love the almost Godzilla-style “ROAR!” they give Sandman, in the trailer at least, when he’s coming out of the side of a building trying to smash Spider-Man.

  6. I’m loving it! One can never be disappointed with Spider Man. 😉

  7. Hey, Topher Grace, gives good face. The trailer looks good, in that they seem like they’re going in a direction where they don’t try and pack too much into one movie, and so will have enough room to deal the character development (soap, I love it). Sandman: enough supervillain coolness without overwhelming, so Peter’s story/struggle can take center stage — at this point I’m willing to bet it’s good, if not very good…

  8. This movie looks like an ice cold can of major bad ass. I’m not too worried about them paking too much into it. I think for this one, they’ll have Sandman be the major villain and then Venom and the Paintball Goblin come in toward the end to set up the fourth movie. Because, you know that’s just going to happen.

  9. I loved the first two movie. And Topher Grace is my favorite. I was kinda wondering how it would work because Topher isn’t bulky… at all. But I think it’ll be cool to see him and Toby bantering back and forth.

    Can’t wait.