Speculating on a Second Thor Film

Although the film has only been in American theaters for a few days, it’s already proven itself to be a winner with fans and audiences. With a $66 million opening weekend, it outpaced the openings for X-Men, Fantastic Four and both Hulk movies and is paving the way for the upcoming Captain America: First Avenger, 2012’s The Avengers, and a sequel of his own. Although Marvel Studios haven’t officially announced a Thor 2, if you factor in the box office receipts so far, critical buzz and informal talk in interviews by the movie’s cast, work is already underway on a second trip to Asgard. But what would a second Thor film look like?

The end-credits scene between Nick Fury and Dr. Selvig talking over a Cosmic Cube hint at a future, but most of the speculation in this regards points to it being a factor in Captain America and/or 2012’s The Avengers rather than setting up a 2nd Thor film. Other open-ended questions presented in Thor such as the broken Rainbow Bridge should also be answered in Joss Whedons’ Avengers flick in 2012, at least when it comes to Thor sharing the screen with Iron Man and Captain America.

Given the interconnective-ness of Marvel’s properties from comics to movies to games and animation, looking to other recent titles provides some potential clues. The tie-in video game Thor: God of Thunder, incidentally written by Matt Fraction, hoists comic book foes Surtur and Ulik as key adversaries for Thor and the Warriors Three.

Putting Surtur in as a future foe in Thor 2 would be interesting – the fire demon of Muspelheim has a long history with both Odin and Thor, with Surtur constantly going after the Earth realm. Imagine Surtur in a live-action movie – it’s like Balrog from Lord of the Rings mixed with Tim Curry’s devil from Legend.


In comics, both Brian Michael Bendis and Matt Fraction have utilized the Asgardian Goddess of Death Hela recently in both Thor and Avengers and could be an interesting factor to keep in mind. Hela has killed Thor in comics on two occasions Although we know how comic book deaths go, Hela has killed Thor on two separate occasions – making her more than a match for Thor himself.

If they wanted to go with a more street-level Thor movie, they could show Thor taking to the streets of New York with Jane Foster and put at odds with the Absorbing Man and possibly the Wrecking Crew.

With all these possibilities, I still don’t see a place in Thor movie continuity for the biggest foe Thor’s ever faced – Ego the Living Planet. I don’t think even the Shakespearean-trained Kenneth Brannagh could figure that one out for the big screen.


  1. I was left at the end wanting more Thor. I thought it was very good and a sequel is in order.

  2. Personally, I would love to see Thor pitted against Hercules in a sequel film. So much of THOR was built around the concept of the title character as a pentent man; he was humbled, brought down to our level and reminded that his true glory is in service of something greater than self.

    Hercules to a large extent in mythology and, especially, in the Marvel Universe is the antithesis to that. He is unrepentant. He is a creature of pleasure, though there is a nobility present it is one tempered in his own vices. I think it would prove an interesting contrast when held in stark relief, and serve up several awesome set pieces.


  3. Enchantress vs Jane Foster.

  4. Hammering away at Nat Port.

  5. I would like to see a film that is entirely set in the 9 realms. Thor, sif and the warriors three could search for loki or an important artifact. we could see all kinds of different creatures from the different worlds.

  6. i had no idea that Eog was a Thor villain. Damn i really have to check out those old Kirby issues. there’s some cosmic craziness in those, isn’t there?!?

  7. The Enchantress and Executioner seem like absolute NO BRAINERS to me. Plus, you could throw a little Zemo in there to factor in later on for some kind of Cap tie in (possibly as a set up for Avengers 2). And give me Chris Rock as Paste Pot Pete!!!!

  8. I want a secind film to have Ragnarok, and a third to be Thor 2007 relaunchesque. But Ragnarok would ensure that Balder shows up….to, um, die….

  9. See, to me there are only two kinds of supervillain rogues galleries: There’s the Batman and Spider-Man type where there is a clear nemesis, but also a lot of equally interesting characters capable of carrying a story. Then there’s the Superman and Thor type, who only really have one interesting villain, and eveybody else is just filler.

    I think that, like Magnto in the X-Men films, Loki will continue to have a strong prescence in future Thor instalments. There may be “distractions” for Thor to fight, but it will always be Loki as the central antagonist.

  10. All I want is Beta Ray Bill in the end credits scene of Thor 2.  That would be swell. 

  11. @redlibertyx  – YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM

  12. I’d go to see it

  13. I want Thor to fix the windshield and flat tire for a babysitter and kids out for a night in Chicago.

    It’s a story that’s never been told. 

  14. After Thor comes back in The Avengers I’d love to see a two-parter with Thor 2 & 3, ala Pirates of the Caribbean that condenses Simonson’s Ragnarok storyline starting with the introduction of Beta Ray Bill, his fight against the demons chasing his space fleet, and culminating with Thor, Odin, and Loki joining forces to defeat Surtur.  Giant Anthony Hopkins grappling with a colossal fire giant just sounds awesome to me. 

  15. @JamesSeals  “Personally, I would love to see Thor pitted against Hercules in a sequel”

    That would be a blast as well, though I don’t know if it’d be enough to support an entire film.

  16. oooooh, the video game was written by Fraction? And has Surtur? Does anyone know if it’s any good? Because this sounds promising.

  17. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @patio  I was really rooting for it, but the game has received entirely negative reviews, from what I can tell. 

  18. @PaulMontgomery  as is the story with 99.9999% of movie based video games.

  19. The thing I loved most about Thor was his story arch and how you got to see him change over the coarse of the film. So if they’re gonna make a sequel its gotta be based on what Thor personally needs to do, like integrate into Earth society or finding the balance between being an Asgardian God and a protector of Earth, then throw a villain into it that either makes it harder or clearer for him to realize what he’s gotta do. Maybe he ends up severing all ties with Asgard in order to keep Earth safe, or something like that. But at the same time it can’t be a throw-away villain, but someone who Thor might have had previous dealings with.

  20. Easily the first 14 or so issues of Simonson’s run split into two movies. DOOOOM!!!!

  21. I think they’re alot of different ways you can go depending on whether the second film is a sequel or prequel to the avengers movie.

    If its a prequel the easy choice would be enchantress and executioner. The other route you can go is adventure story thru the 9 realms to get Thor to Earth with maybe Hela as villian.

    The sequel would be a Ragnarok story with Frost Giants or Hela as the villians. My prefer choice the fun Route with thor vs Hercules. Logically this seems unlikely!

  22. @PaulMontgomery & Josh, right you are about the video games, however the Nintendo DS has faired a little better. It’s supposed to be quite a cool side scrolling platformer. 

  23. @Josh – for a while it seemed like the videogame industry had shed it’s liscening tie-in curse. There have been a number of decent comic-book games and movie games. Too bad it sounds like this isn’t one of them.

  24. The way the movie set up of Asgard as a kind of aliens/other-dimensional beings, the Beta-Ray Bill storyline or the Fraction/Ferry run could work. But that would take the focus away from Earth and it seems more like a third act or a storyline for a second round of films (maybe Thor 4). For a sequel, I’d like to see  a romping adventure through the 9 realms, and definitiely Hela, Fafnir, and Baldur the Brave.

    Hmmmmm, Avengers Prime wouldn’t be a bad template for a Thor/Cap/Iron Man movie.

  25. People always speculate that the really wacky aspects of comics should be adapted into the movies. Like “bring man-bat into the Nolan batman franchise!”. So long as they want these movies to cater to millions of people, and not the (at best) 250,000-300,000 that read comics, and the smaller number of people that know of/appreciate the more obscure references/characters therein), it won’t happen.

  26. part of the problem with Video Games based on movies is that the production time is cut in half or even more because they are waiting on the movie production….just a rush job to meet a deadline….they never get to play with a full deck, so the end product always suffers. 

  27. I think it’s a total pity that we will see all the answers to these questions in the Avengers film. Thor has definately earnt his own sequel and we’ll get a rushed version of events in The Avengers film, unless it’s like 3-4 hours long.

    If we do get a sequel after The Avnegers film, it would be hard to speculate what the story will be because a lot will have happened after the first Thor. I hope this reads like it makes sense haha.

  28. has the absorbing man ever attempted to absorb Mjolner?

  29. Nevermind. Wiki had my answer, it also gave ma new perspective on how powerful Crusher Creel can be.  I always liked him as a villain but DAMN, absorbing the power of Asgard itself, thats pretty boss.

  30. Natalie Portman isn’t in the Avengers movie, is she? Besides the obvious stuff with Loki, it felt to me that the big hanging thread left open at the end of Thor was the Thor/Jane forced separation. I could be wrong, but I don’t think she is slated to appear in the film. So that would leave that reunion, if it were to happen, to take place in a potential Thor 2.