‘The Spectacular Spider-Man’ – S02E04 – Shear Strength

Last week Peter got a little big in his britches in attempting to woo just about every cute girl in site. Now Gwen’s pissed at him. Nice going, Parker.

Here’s a preview:

Here’s how they describe it:

It’s New Year’s Eve, and all is not right with world. The Master Planner and his henchmen are literally planning to take over the world! A highly motivated Spider-Man takes the fight to the Planner’s secret lair. But once he gets there, can he survive?


  1. I’m gonna watch this

  2. "Most times, New Year’s Eve is disappointing. But at least I’ve never been punched in the face by a super villain"

    Why then Connor old chap, you clearly need to start attending better New Year’s parties! 


  3. Wow they’re doing this reference? Awesome

  4. Is Peter Parker actually based off Archie?

  5. this episode was SHEAR fun. see what i did there…oh so lame. but fun episode.

  6. This truly is an excellent show. I just wish they had more of it and soon….

  7. Where can I get the Doc’s "Evil Genius" coffee mug?

  8. I think the thing that sets this series apart from all the other spidey shows we’ve seen thus far is the fact that it’s actually funny and witty aswell. All the other spiderman shows have been quite boring in my opinion.

  9. I now remember why this rubbed me the wrong way. The show gets way better towards the end of the season. It’s the character designs. In fact th whole visual theme is weird. Most of the villians either look out of place or just look plain wrong, like Hammerhead.

     Otherwise, its a fun show.