Sook is out at ‘X-Factor’

We don’t normally list the comings and goings of writers and artists here at iFanboy because that can get really tedious.

Unless it is important or involves a book we really, really like.

We really, really like X-Factor and Peter David has announced that Ryan Sook has left the book.

This sucks. Ryan’s art was perfect, tonally, for this book. He was one of the big draws for me. I hope that whomever gets picked as the permanent replacement is along the same stylistic lines.


  1. The trend of artists inability to do monthly comics is growing.

  2. Agreed.

    It seems to be the consequence of more sophisticated art.

  3. Once again, the trend towards trade paperbacks and all-inclusive volumes finds strength.

    For example, if an artist I really like can’t do monthly issues, that’s fine. Just release it in trades, and relax the schedule a bit. There’s a good chance you can still find an audience today.

    Good art is good art. Even if it’s not every 4 weeks.

  4. Still, I’d like books to come out when they say they are going to, not after a lot od delays. I don’t know, this one is hard. Have my book on time or have it look crappy. I’ll get back to you after a ponder a bit.

  5. thunderbird makes a good point. If you’re going to sign on to a monthly book then you better be able to keep up with the schedule. If not, and I would imagine that most comic book artists are aware of their drawing speed, then don’t sign up for a monthly book.

    I’m not saying that’s what happened here, because even Peter David is speculating, I’m just speaking in generalities.

  6. I think if you look at the art in a regular book now, as opposed to the quality of the art 20-30 years ago, there’s a huge difference in quality, hence artists being slower. Still, today artists can be helped a great deal by digital technology.

    But yes, of you make the committment, you should deliver. But then, Terry Moore, for example, made the committment to do 1 Strangers in Paradise issue every 2 months. I can live with that too.

  7. Yeah, but Josh, Terry Moore I ASSUME does everything himself (Don’t take my word on it, I don’t read strangers in paradise). The Big Leaugers have Inkers and Colorists and such to help them, so doing the basic pencils shouldn’t be too complicated for a bi-weekly or bi-monthly comic (Hence why there’s mainly a 1 month gap between most comics.) And the current X-factor art wasn’t exactly detailed, ala Crisis or Jim Lee’s art, so it really is puzzling that he left the book.

  8. The other factor to keep in mind is that it’s possible some artists don’t make enough money from one title to live, so they accept other work, doing art for various projects not in comics, or they could even have a day job to pay for their families or whatever. We don’t really know. But there could be all sorts of ramifications. Some people are just slow. I think the other thing that happens more frequently now is that artists often do both pencils and inks, for either artistic or economic reasons.