Someone get this kid a red suit and a collapsable billy club

Matt Wiggins alerted us to a teenage boy in Sacramento, CA who may, in fact, be Daredevil.

Do yourself a favor and check it out — it’s freaky and amazing.

I’m still amazed by that kid.

We had the whole “would you rather be blind or deaf” discussion around the iFanboy offices a few weeks ago and the idea of going blind is, for me, too awful to dwell on. I shudder just thinking about it.

Clearly, that kid is more of a man than I am.


  1. holy shit that kid’s amazing. It would be so easy to give up when you’re in his position but he’s actually done something really special with it instead.

    Just my 2 cents, being blind is way worse than being deaf. Just imagine a world where you can see Christina Aguilera without having to hear her. I’m in.

  2. 1) The best part of that video was the kid’s mom’s name. And not to slight him, but I’ve seen examples of that before.

    2) You should probably weigh not being able to see (your comics, the sunset, etc.) against not being able to communicate easily with damn near everyone on the planet.

  3. Aquanetta!

  4. Aaahhh … finally. Some appreciation for the thing I’ve been snickering about all day. God bless you, Aquanetta. How well you always kept my pencil drawings from smudging.

  5. This blew my goram mind!

    And, it was totally ironic in light of Dude’s recent post:

    “So when does Daredevil’s blindness become an actual hindrance? as far as I can tell he can see as well if not better than any other hero. Am I to believe that he heard her turn her head and look his way from a rooftop? Maybe her turning her head sent wind his way like a butterfly’s wing causes a tornado in china or whatever?

    That had to be fixed, right? Just freakin’ amazing.

    Right up there with the autistic basketball player who nailed, like, 4 three-pointers.

  6. Right up there with the autistic basketball player who nailed, like, 4 three-pointers.

    Yeah and he didn’t even try to eat the ball.

    Awww, sorry in advance