Somebody get that man a drink… Steve Dillon to Draw ‘Wolverine: Origins’

iFanboy favorite Steve Dillion has been announced as the artist on a new ongoing Wolverine: Origins series.

We love this guy! Click to check out more art from the upcoming book as well as the official Marvel Press Release!
Is there anything better than a road wary Steve Dillon cranking out endless Punisher sketches at a comic book convention? I think not.

I may actually pick up this series now.

Check out a page from the book:
Check out Joe Quesada’s cover:

Here is the Marvel Press Release:


Hot on the heels of Marvel Comics’ announcement of their newest ongoing series, WOLVERINE: ORIGINS, the industry giant unveils the creative team who’ll tackle the new adventures of the feisty Canadian mutant.

Writer Daniel Way and artist Steve Dillon, known for BULLSEYE: GREATEST HITS, PUNISHER VS BULLSEYE, and SUPREME POWER: NIGHTHAWK, will reunite for WOLVERINE: ORIGINS #1…and beyond.

WOLVERINE: ORIGINS, premiering this April, will detail Logan/Wolverine’s quest to set his past into order and fulfill a list of personal priorities. In the aftermath of HOUSE OF M, he knows his origins completely but wants to explore that history and perhaps relive some of it. The new series promises revenge, validation, passion, and not a little globe-trotting.

Daniel Way, one of Marvel’s Ten Terrific writers, had a strong reaction when first offered the book. “When it was decided that I would be allowed to continue my story of Logan’s past and future in a brand-new series, free from any entanglements with the various upcoming crossovers, I…well, as geeky as it sounds, I was honored. This is one of Marvel’s top two characters, so getting the green light to go ahead meant a great deal to me. I’m confident, however, that I’ll nail this one-I’ve been laying out the story for over a year now, cross-checking facts, keeping an eye on continuity, networking with other writers…in short, I’ve done my homework. To tell you the truth, I feel like the cat that ate the canary because only I and three other people on the planet know where this is all going…but only I know how it’s going to get there.”

“Logan never surrenders,” says Way of the difference between writing Wolverine and any other character. “Even if winning the battle means losing the war. Wars come and go…Logan is forever.”

When asked if there’s a danger of Wolverine becoming overexposed with another starring vehicle like WOLVERINE: ORIGINS, Way is both bemused and confident. “He does seem to just ‘pop up’ everywhere, doesn’t he? Actually, that’s one of the big things we’ll be exploring in ORIGINS…why is Logan always in the right (or, sometimes, wrong) place at the right time? But again, we’ll be going forward and back…at the same time. We’re going to be exploring Logan’s past-and explaining it-while, at the same time, pushing him forward on his quest for revenge…but revenge against whom? Short answer: Everyone. No one is innocent.”

And for those who wonder how the busiest X-Man alive can keep up the pace, we have a juicy tidbit for you. Beginning this June, Wolverine will not be a part of the other two X-teams. Look for more info on this (and other X-changes) in the coming months!

Artist Steve Dillon, veteran of many popular British comic such as 2000 AD and DR. WHO, will be know to American fans for such projects as HELLBLAZER and PREACHER and on the shores of Marvel Comics with ULTIMATE X-MEN and the aforementioned Bullseye, Punisher, and Supreme Power: Nighthawk books.

Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada will be tackling the covers for WOLVERINE: ORIGINS and is understandably excited about the writer-artist combo assembled for this newest ramble down the paths of merry mutantdom. “A fantastic new book deserves a fantastic creative team. Daniel and Steve have proven themselves time and time again, both separately and together. Putting them on ORIGINS is a no-brainer. Steering the Good Ship Marvel doesn’t leave me as much time to draw as I’d like but when it was a done-deal for Daniel and Steve to take on Wolvy’s new book, I just hadda do the covers! Nuff said!”

Stay tuned for even more late-breaking news of WOLVERINE: ORIGINS.


  1. Damn, I have to say I would have never asked to see a Steve Dillon Wolverine, I dunno why – but it looks awesome!

  2. Me, I’d love to see Joe Q draw again. I loved that guy’s work.

    Dillon = haggard.

  3. What you didn’t pick up Daredevil Father?

  4. I don’t buy special issues. I don’t trust them. If I hear something is good after the fact I might, but I also very rarely buy anything because of the artist alone.

  5. What was DAREDEVIL: FATHER? That was the Quesada mini?

  6. Yeah, Daredevil:Father was the mini series that heralded Quesada’s return to the character. He wrote and drew it – released 1 issue and then god only knows how long it was before the 2nd issue came out. Even I stopped buying it after issue #1 in protest, and that’s saying alot.

    Also – you said above that you wished he’d draw again – so I told you what he drew, then you said you don’t buy for the artist alone…

    uhm, what more do you want?

  7. I looked at it yesterday at the shop. It didn’t look that good.

    I don’t know if it was the inker or that weird color style marvel does sometimes, but it didn’t look like the Kevin Smith Daredevil stuff did. Palmiotti was the inker on that.

  8. I never said Daredevil:Father was any good…just that he did it.

    I thought it was awful. Story was awful and it looked awful.

  9. He probably couldn’t put as much time into the art as he normally would, considering he has films to mak– I mean, a company to run.

    Too much multi-tasking at Marvel.

  10. It’s kind of ridiculous. There’s a latino gang on the loose, and they beat the shit out of Daredevil. They’re all like, “Hey, man, THIS IS LOCO.”

  11. Loco, indeed.