Somebody Call John Wesley Shipp’s Agent

Some random comic book movie news this week.

• David Goyer (The Blade Trilogy, Batman Begins) has announced that he intends his next film to be The Flash.

• In addition to the planned Wolverine spinoff, 20th Century Fox has a Magneto film in the planning stages.

It will be interesting to see if any of these films make it beyond the preproduction stage,

To me right now the Magento project seems the most interesting of the two. David Goyer can be hit or miss with me and I think a Flash project could be very tricky. Still, after watching The Flash guest star this season on Smallville, I am excited about the prospect of seeing the Scarlet Speedster on the big screen. Fox claims that Magneto will be more psychological and thoughtful… whether that ends up being the case remains to be seen. But if they do go that route it could be very interesting.


  1. The idea of a Flash movie scares me.
    I don’t know why, probably because I wouldn’t want it screwed up.


    Goyer, who has said he wants to use the Wally West version of the character, has talked to Blade: Trinity star Ryan Reynolds about playing the title role.

    “We’ve become good friends and I would like to work with him again,” Goyer said.


    I actually like Ryan Reynolds as Wally.


    Barry gets no respect!

    (Not to mention Jay)

  3. OMG
    this goes back like 10 years now to when he was on 15 on NICK

    Please please please don’t let him be wally

    Eric Stoltz!

  4. Eric Stolz is just a bit old at 43.

    Ryan Reynolds rules! He’s a perfect Wally.

  5. “Do you have any juuuice?”

  6. Wow – he’s 43? god now I Feel old.
    he could still be a great Wally.

    anyone but Ryan Reynolds – someone/anyone who wasn’t in a lame sitcom!

  7. i liked 2 guys a girl and a pizza place
    berg was funny
    i miss that show
    i catch it on “WE” sometimes or is it oxygen…


    i’ve seen the blade trailers and man he jacked up since then.

    i could see him as wally, he’s funny and has the super hero build…

  8. That’s two votes for Ryan Reynolds!

  9. Or three, if you count Cait’s quasi vote of confidence.

  10. Yeah, but I’M the Flash fan and I say thee nay!

    Since when does this become “movies that Ryan Reynolds should be in” as opposed to “Who should play Wally West”

    I’d like to hear who Geoff Johns or Mark Waid vote for

  11. “Movies that Ryan Reynolds should be in” = The Flash

    “Who should play Wally West” = Ryan Reynolds

  12. I’m all about Ryan Reynolds as The Flash. He had a really good bit part in some movie whose name I can’t remember right now. Either him, or the guy who played Napoleon Dynamite.

  13. Oh. And he dated Rachel Leigh Cook. That settles it. He’s the shit.

  14. et tu Dude’?

  15. 4-1, the pro-Ryan contingent takes it.

    Now… the Magneto movie, anyone?

  16. sorry Ron

    as for the Magneto movie… no.

  17. No? You don’t think it could be interesting?

  18. I’m sure it would be interesting, but I doubt the studios would sink too much cash/effort into it. I would only want it done if I thought it could be made with the love Singer has put into his franchise.

  19. Good point.

  20. always.