SNEAK PEEK: Haunt #19 from Joe Casey & Nathan Fox

Haunt #19Whenever a publisher makes a change on an ongoing title, especially when it involves the creative team, we often hear terms like “A Bold New Direction!” bandied about. Most of the time, it is isn’t really a a bold new direction, just a slight adjustment or slight change from what we’ve come to know.  But when Image Comics announced earlier this year that Haunt, the book created by Robert Kirkman and Todd McFarlane, with Kirkman writing and art by Greg Capullo, Ryan Ottley and McFarlane would be changing creative teams, it really was in a bold new direction.

Picking up the series would be Joe Case and Nathan Fox and when it was announced, it was enough to get our attention thanks to our long lasting admiration of Mr. Casey’s work and the artistic talents of Nathan Fox.  Personally, I’m drawn to artists whose work  doesn’t look like everyone elses, and Nathan Fox is certainly that type of artist, so in the back of my mind I’ve been patiently waiting for this bold new direction for Haunt to come out to see what Casey and Fox could do. It looks as if we’re one step closer.

Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson posted on his blog about his excitement for this new direction on Haunt, specifically marveling at the art of Nathan Fox. We only got a glimpse of one page (below), but for me, it’s enough to have me letting my LCS know to hold a copy for me, because I can’t wait to see what the rest of the book looks like. Stephenson makes an interesting point in his post:

Obviously, not everyone was introduced to comics when I was, but reading Haunt #19, for me, even as the guy publishing the book, is like picking up my first Frank Miller Daredevil, or the first issue of Walt Simonson’s Thor. It’s a complete about-face, in the absolute best way possible.

And it’s this concept of an “about-face” in comics that has me intrigued.  He has a point, that through the years the injection of creativity but the right creator at the right time on a book has the potential to become the stuff of legend.  Is Haunt the next Miller Daredevil or Simonson Thor? Who knows? But that’s the fun of it. It may not be a number one issue, but it’s a new beginning and with art like this, I’m intrigued.

Haunt #19 - Page 4

Haunt #19 - Page 4



  1. Jesus, this book is still coming out? I though they cancelled it at issue 5

    • Despite people’s prejudices I’ve always found it to be a great book. Also I think this may be the book I’ve been reading monthly the longest, which considering the numbering is kind of sad but this has always been one of my favorites. I’m incredibly excited for this new creative team too, although I’ll miss Greg Capullo on it.

  2. I can’t wait for this.

  3. Sad to see Capullo go, but have been anxiously awaiting the first issue from the new creative team since they were first announced.

    From the sounds (and looks) of it, this will remain one of my top books.

  4. I saw the first trade at my LCS and thought it to be an Anti-Venom/Venom rip-off, convince me otherwise?

    • Well, to be fair, this came out before the Flash Thompson Venom series began. I actually thought that the current Venom story was almost a rip off of Haunt, but they’re two different beasts (literally) entirely.