‘Smallville’: Someone Dies… TONIGHT!

We’ve been talking about Smallville a lot this season, and tonite is the big 100th episode where a major character will be dying! We’ve discussed our theories, but in less than 20 minutes, it will be on — so talk about it here!

I can’t remember a time, aside from the first episode, that I was this excited for an episode of Smallville, so I hope it’s good.
Who will it be?

  • Jonathan Kent?
  • Martha Kent?
  • Chloe?
  • Lois Lane?
  • Lex?
  • Lionel Luthor?
  • Will Pete (Sam Jones 3) come back and then bite it?
  • *GASP* Will they kill Clark?
  • Or is it who the even money is on, Lana?

I cannot wait!


  1. Well? People who were busy watching Earl and/or CSI want to know (kind of)!

  2. I was right. Twice.

  3. Just so no one complains – FULL-ON SPOILERS FROM HERE ON OUT.


  5. i can say with honor i was right, in the long run. I didnt call the Lana thing, but Father kents departure i was on teh money. So what is sad and vulnerable martha to do? Sex up with Lionel thata what.

  6. I was very pleased with the episode, and i must say clarks proposal was most amazing. However i think i might have liked it if it were LAna who had died. And thats a lot coming from me who is an official Kristen Kruek fan, but what can you do? Sex up Lois thats what

  7. ah leave it to teagan.

    it was a great episode, I was a little miffed half way that they duped us and I’m really sad to see Bo Duke go…but hopefully they keep the momentum through the rest of the season.

  8. I thought it was a well done episode. I was sad halfway through when Lana died.

    Then when he restarted teh day I was sure that Chloe would get it until they showed Jonathan in the barn and then I knew. Now I’m sad because I miss Jonathan. He was a great TV dad. I should have known, they would have never have allowed him to win the Senate seat, that would have completely changed the show.

    I DREAD the Clark/Lana/Lex love triangle. DREAD.

  9. Well, I hope that Clark and Lana start moving away from each other, but now Clark is keeping Lana from Lex.

    I did call the Jonathan thing too, but I wasn’t sure of it until they were putting him into the ground.

    Should be interesting to see how the dynamic between Clark and his Mom plays out, as well as Lionel and Martha.

  10. Dang. That actually caught me off guard. It was so expected, that it was unexpected. But Lana’s death really, actually left me shocked. There was just something about it, even though she was one of my two choices to bite the bullet.

    I really like how they wrote the episode, with all those different slight shifts due to Clark’s time travelling (Such as Johnathon driving to the barn).

    But man….I think I see Clark suffering from the ‘Peter Parker’ Syndrome from here on out.

    But yes I, like Connor, dread that love triangle. But it’d actually fir with the continued ‘Teen Drama’ of the series.

    Well, Smallville is forever changed now. We’ll just see where they go from here.

  11. “That actually caught me off guard. It was so expected, that it was unexpected.”

    This is a perfect way to describe what happened. I felt the same way.

    “But Lana’s death really, actually left me shocked. There was just something about it, even though she was one of my two choices to bite the bullet.”

    It certainly was bloody. And Tom Welling really acquited himself well in the scene. I think that’s why I was so sad even though I was expecting it. His reaction was very moving without being over the top. I suspect he’s a better actor than he’s allowed to be on Smallville.

    The time shift stuff was good, and the “McFly” line was funny.

  12. Wow. John’s without a paycheck. That’s kind of sad. But then again, this show is based on a comic book world. Now, come on, how long do characters stay dead in in comic book world?

  13. Well, Yeah. But generally the non-superhero characters are never ressurected (Save Aunt May, but let’s not get into that).

    And this is for mainstream television. With all the hype, I seriously doubt Jonathon will come back. It’d be too much of a cop out

  14. He won’t be back.

    He better not.

    If he does, I’ll probably stop watching.

  15. Shall we take bets on where, when and if he’ll be back?

  16. I’m betting not.

    At least he won’t be back to life. Maybe as a ghost or a flashback or something. But he won’t be resurrected.

  17. If he makes an apearance in a future epesode it will more than likely be in a flashback.

  18. I knew it was Pa Kent when he drove by Lana and looked at her standing next to Lex. Still . . . I kind of wish it was Lana who bit the bullet. Poor Martha! Now she and Clark have to take on Lionel without Jonathan.
    I’m just so happy it wasn’t Chloe. But how are they ever going to get Clark into Lois? I’m looking forward to the rest of the season and we all have to keep our fingers crossed that the show moves to the CW when the WB goes kaput.


    According to The WB, Thursday’s 100th episode of Smallville drew 6.3 million total viewers and set network time period records in ratings.

    Records were set in adults 18-34 (3.3 rating/10 share), persons 13-34 (3.2/10), men 18-34 (3.7/13) and men 12-34 (3.6/12). Its ratings in adults 18-49 (2.8/8) and men 18-49 (3.2/9) as well as in total viewers (6.3 million) were the second-highest in network time period history.

    “Reckoning,” in which Jonathan Kent died, placed No. 1 in its time period among adults 18-34 (3.3/10), persons 12-34 (3.2/10), men 18-34 (3.7/13), men 12-34 (3.6/12), men 18-49 (3.2/9), teens (2.8/9) and male teens (3.3/11).

    Compared to the parallel week last season, Smallville achieved triple-digit gains over the parallel Thursday last season in every key demo, including 313 perecent in adults 18-34 (3.3/10), 300 percent in persons 12-34 (3.2/10), 211 percent in adults 18-49 (2.8/8), 3250 percent in teens (2.8/9) and 127 percent in total viewers.

  20. My girlfriend actually taped the episode for me and when I got home, the tape broke in the VCR. so shit.

  21. How will Smallville work out on the CW, the new merged channel. I hope it is in the same timespot

  22. I think that everything with The CW is up in the air, but Smallville is a near certainty to return as its ratings are way up this year from last year, which is amazing considering the timeslot it was moved to.

    Personally, I think that if whomever is in charge of programming doesn’t air Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars back-to-back then there is truly no hope for humanity.

  23. Well I just hope that they don’t screw it up.