SMALLVILLE Season 10 Trailer from San Diego Comic-Con

Here's the trailer for season 10 of Smallville that was shown at the presentation at San Diego Comic-Con. Video quality is good, audio not so much.

Things of note: Superman! The costume! Pa Kent! Lionel Luthor! Hawkman! Supergirl! Smallville High!

They're going to be throwing everything plus the kitchen sink into this final season. I'm betting it's going to be a doozy for longtime fans.


  1. Looks like a great send off season jam packed full of stuff!

  2. CAN"T WAIT!!!!!

  3. This is some exciting footage for season ten. I’ve been on board since the middle of season one and for me this is my all-time favorite TV show, so to know that this is the last season is bitter sweet for me. Yeah, there has been some episodes that have been a little down, but they do a great job with character development and finding a theme for each season with huge season enders. Leaving the viewers wanting more. It will be fun to see how they wrap up the series.. Up, Up And Away!!!


  4. Wow, that looks awesome.

  5. Thanks Conor!!!

    Thats the best quality yet!  I cannot wait for this season!  It’s going to be epic!!!

  6. Yeah, looks pretty cool. The only problem I had with this trailer was I could not tell anything that was going on in the scenes with the people in tubes, like the one where the little boy says "That’s my brother."

  7. @ mcbaker – I’m thinking those are Lex clones.  The kid is a younger Lex.  The scary reveal looks like reject clones that didn’t work right.  Remember when he was building an army and when Lana made her own clone to fake her death?

  8. @Superyan Yeah, I figured that’s what it must be, but wasn’t too sure. Thanks for the reminder of the clone army (that just made me feel like I was writing about Episode II or something).

  9. In the middle of everything, I saw bats….  That’s a good sign

  10. Cat Grant?

  11. Glassford:  You think Batman will make an appearance?

  12. Wouldn’t it be neat if Batman inspires Clark… or they inspire each other.

  13. Sure hope they can bring Lex back, he was always my favorite character on the show.

  14. @Jediaxle: Hoping for the same but if Lex comes back even for 1 episode I’m sure they will keep a lid on it.

  15. Is Chloe going to take Dr. Fate’s mantle?

  16. @okamido oh God I hope not!

    Looks like it’s going to be a really cool season though, and I haven’t thought that since season 2 or 3, minus a few stellar episodes here and there. Still have to admit I’m glad we’re finally wrapping this up though. Though I wouldn’t be surprised to see "Wellllll…..we might do another season still!" 

  17. @Brian: They’re definitely not doing another season.

  18. So this is ending, Batman; Brave the Bold is cancelled after next season. All that’s left on TV from DC is Young Justice and Human Target right?

  19. I hope batman make an appearance on this upcoming season of Smallville. 

  20. Batman wont make a appearance. Regardless this should be a good send off

  21. I read somewhere that it’s Smallville’s version of Cadmus Labs and Lex Luthor’s clone saga.

    If Michael Rosenbaum come back, he’ll need to grow long red hair and a beard, learn an australian accent and have a dog-collar-wearing Supergirl by his side.

  22. I wouldn’t want to see Batman or Bruce Wayne in the final season.  Smallville is able to stand on its own w/o the Dark Knight.  Heck, we are getting the suit, flight, Booster Gold, Blue Beetle and Darkseid.  Plus you know that there is strong chance that Lex will come back.  We are gravy for the final season!

  23. i would not mind seeing Batman

  24. I think it would be just a bit off to have shown so much of the DC Universe in Smallville and not provide an answer to where Bruce Wayne fits in in the Smallvilleverse… If they had just presented Superman family characters throughout it would be fine never to go there (and the Legion counts as Superman family).  But to have Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter and the JSA and not to at some point address Bruce is leaving unanswered questions. 

    It could be interesting to see how a Smaillville Bruce Wayne/ Batman would look,  He could be significantly different from the other Batmen we’ve seen…

    Of course, they don’t have to go there. But the shot of a gargoyle at night and the cloud bursting out as a bunch of bats made me think they might…

  25. @Glassford (and others): It’s not so much choosing not to show/have Batman in the SMALLVILLE universe (the producers have wanted to have him in there for years) but Warner Bros. won’t allow it.

    I’d be very, very, very shocked if they reversed their position and allowed him to show up after taking such a hardline stance for so many years.

  26. Yeah, I’m thinking the smoke figure that busts into bats is a baddie, yet to be revealed. WB won’t allow Batman in the series, like Conor mentioned, which is why I think Green Arrow is depicted the way he is.

  27. I must admit…goosebumps.


  28. Ditto on Mike Romo’s comment.

    @Conor – Supernatural was only meant to go 5 seasons, season 6 comes out this fall.  If the ratings are through the roof we could always see a season 11.  I agree that it’s highly unlikely. 

  29. @jstump: Nah, they’re done. Everyone involved with the show is done with it after this season.