Smallville – S10E12 – Collateral

After a last minute one week delay – we're back!

When last we saw our Smallville super friends they were having a solemn funeral for Hawkman. And then they all passed out together. What happened to them? Well, it certainly looks like someone got probed.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc., but since it's Friday night it will probably most likely be post-show analysis.


  1. I am pumped for this one!

  2. Evil Chloe?

  3. Is Chloe pulling some sort of crazy inception-y thing where they’re all sharing the same dream?

  4. @redlibertyx  Sounds like you just about nailed it.

  5. Oliver realized there is no spoon.

  6. Matrix + Inception + Avatar + Smallville = this episode XD

  7. It’s like the Matrix meets Virtuosity.

  8. Ok now it’s gone all Matrix.

  9. Those are even the exact same moves that Neo pulled when Chloe was fighting Canary. 

  10. “Clark Kent’s heart is usually right.” — Except that time he wanted to date Lana Lang for eight goddamn seasons. Holy crap was it wrong then. 

  11. @redlibertyx  Ha ha ha ha ha! You win the internet.

  12. What’d the five fingers say to the face? ….. SLAP!!!!

  13. This episode is all kinds of crazy. And way too many ppl know who Clark is.

  14. Is going to learn to fly?

  15. @JesTr Why thank you.

    @WeaklyRoll They all know he’s the Blur. They’d NEVER know he was Superman. I mean those are totally different names!

  16. Lois & Clark fly by!  woo hoo

  17. @redlibertyx this is true. And the blur can’t fly but superman can, more proof they are different heroes.

  18. I enjoyed this.  Pretty much Smallville Inception, but more than anything, I’m just happy Chloe is back.  Heartwarming ending too.  And again with the teasing of Clark flying!  Love how the writers are so blatant about it.

  19. This was well worth the wait!
    Next week Martha & Lionel return!!!! 😀
    Only ten episodes left.. sniff sniff 🙁

  20. So… they got Aquaman and Stargirl out of the VR world, right?

  21. @conor: Yes but as they escaped AC lost a hand.

  22. Really liked this episode, great way to bring Chloe back. Only problem was that if felt a bit matrixey with Chloe’s avatar, but then again Smallvile has always had that cringe worthy factor so I guess we just have to sit back and enjoy the cheese.

  23. @conor I was wondering the same thing.

    Glad Chloe is back.

    Seems like we haven’t seen enough of darkseid yet.

  24. I liked the part that referenced Superman.

  25. So as the machine maps neural pathways maybe that’s how Clark finally figures out how to fly?

  26. I gotta say I’m pretty tired of Clark not being able to fly, especially when the weird energy waves coming off of him before and during flight look so cool and different from what we’re used to with Superman.