Smallville – S10E11 – Icarus

Slade Wilson just grabbed the wrong reporter!

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc., but since it's Friday night it will probably most likely be post-show analysis.


  1. each episode just gets better and better! mid-season finales always have to leave you wanting more.

  2. Great episode. As a fan of the show who hasn’t stopped watching since it started, I think Smallville is gonna’ finish strong next year.

  3. Hawkman needs his own show.

  4. great show but of course they leave you with an ending that makes you hate waiting till jan 28….great episode!

  5. Man, I caught up on all of Smallville this year, and this is the first episode I watched during its airtime, and now I have to wait more than a month for the next episode.  Great.  But honestly, this show has been amazing.  Great way to end it until January. 

    Also, is there any information on Bart, Cyborg, and Aquaman?  Aquaman was back two episodes ago, but none of those characters’ faces were shown at the end, only Black Canary.  It was obvious that the entire team was walking.  Can they not get the same actors to return?

  6. Probably didn’t bother for a thirty-second, line-less, walk-on. I assume Black Canary and her hideous make-up/mask will be a bigger part of the back half of the season. Maybe setting up her romance with Oliver?

  7. Am I the only one who thought this episode was a talky, melodramatic snore-fest?

  8. How awesome is Hawkman

  9. Am I the only one who got a Civil War flashback when that mob was beating up Oliver?

  10. Loved this. Bad ass Hawkman. Deathstroke with swords and everything. And an actual superherofuneral!

  11. Such great episode. I think Erica Durance has been doing a great job at playing Lois this whole season.

  12. @SpiderTitan  More of a LEGENDS vibe for me.

  13. @SpiderTitan  @MikeFarley  Yeah, it’s LEGENDS, which is what this storyline is *loosely* based on.

  14. Hawkman is awesome. I agree he needs a show. I thought it was a solid episode. Michael Hogan does well with the one eyed characters.

  15. Continues to be very enjoyable.  No idea what the thingamajig at the end was supposed to be.  Don’t really care, as long as the second half of the season is this much fun! 

    Oh, and while we’re mentioning missing characters.. what about Speedy? 

  16. This episode has continued what the last two episodes had started and that great Smallville tv. This show managed to do several things first we got the big question out of the way between lois and Clark. Second we get the heroes  realizing that there is something bigger at play and that its all a plan by Darkseid. Third , you get the Heroes making the choice to stand up and and that eachtime the Darkness raises its head a league will be there to stop it. Fourth a cool fight between Hawkman and Deathstroke leading to one of the coolest scenes in Smallvilles history a flaming Hawkman diving to save Lois, and Fifth, another cool Smallville Moment : A HEROES FUNERAL. This is Smallville at its best.

  17. Call me OCD if you want but there was an extra person at the funeral,
    you had Stargirl up front holding the helmet and the mace, then as pallbearers there was Lois and Black Canary followed by Clark and Ollie, and then Aquaman and an Unknown person at the back of the coffin with Impulse and Cyborg behind. Who was the unknown person? Does anyone have any ideas?  

  18. So they’re doing civil war, and was that bright flash at the end house of m too?

  19. @ Gnmasho – Zatanna

  20. @Matrix  They’re not doing Civil War, they’re doing Legends.

  21. I don’t know how I’ve avoided smallville spoilers the last week (Oh yes I do, THREE FINALS TO STUDY FOR GUUUUUUH), but I’m now watching this. I hope it’s good.