Smallville – S10E10 – Luthor

Batgirl scribe Bryan Q. MIller writes this week's episode in which we find out what would have happened if Lionel Luthor had found Kal-El's ship when it landed in Smallville. I'm guessing Clark will be more of a dick.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc., but since it's Friday night it will probably most likely be post-show analysis.


  1. Good “What if…” episode. The ending made me go “Wait…What?”

  2. Great ending!!!!

  3. that was fantastic!

  4. Ok, that was Smallville at its best.  It didn’t matter that the ending was easy to call (though I didn’t know about it previously from casting news).  It was just lots of fun.  Especially since that last line was delivered to US.  heheh 


    Don’t you wish there had been a good Lex fighting against Ultraman in the other universe? 

  5. care to spoil that ending for me? i missed the very ending…

  6. Clark has journied to a world without color.

  7. @MikeFarley  Earth-1950?

  8. Watching now, just realized this is Earth-3, right? Let’s hear it for the Multiverse!

  9. Fun episode and loved the ending. Such a good character and great actor.

  10. John Glover is always brilliant. I got chills at the end of the episode.

  11. It’s great to see Tom playing “Evil Clark” so effectively. He’s really grown as an actor over these ten years.

  12. Nothing says, ” sorry my doppelganger from a parallel earth tried to kill you ” , like flowers.

  13. Yes Lionel is back! This episode was really good so much better than the bland episodes they’ve been giving us these past few weeks. With this one it feels like they are back to form, really excited now!

  14. Yea Ultraman is the Earth-3 baddie. Pretty cool!

  15. Seems like they got over the whole Kid Miracleman / Superboy Prime scenario pretty fast no?

    I would be pretty freaked out, like for Lois “Is this the sort of nonsense that I am going to be married to?”

    Plus Earth One Clark TOTALLY salted Earth-3 Ollie’s game!  

  16. that scene were clark comes back to his earth with everyone standing over him and everything else in shambles was great!

  17. Fantastic episode! Tom Welling did a really convincing Ultraman. And yay for Lionel Luthor!

  18. The only thing I wished they did was show some of the fight between ultraman and watchtower because I cant see how green arrow, tess and lois could beat ultraman even with kryptonite. ultraman just wouldnt give them the time to go get there weapons. a nit pick but still it ouwld of been nice to see how that went down…..JOHN CLOVER!

  19. Best ending that this series has ever had. 
    Might be called a ‘filler’ episode, but it was a fun filler episode.

  20. This was an excellent episode. The ending was fantastic!

    @MikefromGotham  Lionel Luther from Earth-3 jumped to Earth-1 so now Lionel Luthor’s back. Whether or not that will impact the show at all remains to be seen, I think it’s more likely that it’s a one off thing that won’t be dealt with again. We’ll just know that Lionel is back in that world. We’ll see.

  21. Best episode yet in a fantastic season!  They’re really pulling out all the big guns for their final year.  John Glover makes everything better.

    Did anyone else get kind of distracted by wondering why elseworld Oliver has black hair?  🙂

  22. @bansidhewail  Because everything is much grittier there.

  23. That probably makes it into my top 10, maybe top 5 favorite Smallville episodes!  Welling did an awesome job as Ultraman/Clark Luthor!  Having Lionel back made me rememeber how great he was on the show.  That ending wassss…… incredibly entertaining!!  WOW!  The only way this near perfect episode could have been better was if Lex was in it.. ie. Michael Rosenbaum.

    GET HIM TO COME BACK!!!!!  Imagine the scene of the evil Clark Luthor killing a good Lex Luthor!?!?! 

    Please come back, Michael.. come back!!

  24. @ Conor Thanks, pretty cool episode, bummed I wasn’t dvr’ing it and missed the ending. THanks.

  25. @conor  Glover is apparently back for four episodes, so we’ll definitely see more of him.

  26. @Simps  Exciting!

  27. Wasn’t Rosenbaum supposed to return also? I’d swear I read that somewhere over the summer…

  28. What do you think Clark’s first reaction was, when he woke up as Ultra-Man in the bed with the two ladies? Was it….? Jackpot!…. Great episode, John Glover is such a good actor and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. This was just another reason why I’m going to cry for days when Smallville as a series is over. CLARK LUTHOR!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. @MikefromGotham – Rosenbaum has said he would not return ever since he left the show, he wants to move on. However, there was one recent interview where he sortof teased at coming back, but I think he has two problems.  One is shaving his head, the other is probably monetary.  The producers, including Welling have been working on him and taking him to dinner, but so far he has not agreed to anything that has been made public. I for one hope its just a ruse and we will at least see him in the series finale.

  30. @ Superyan hey thanks Supes. I would like to see him return also in the ending. Clark in the costume and Lex in Lex Tower looking down angrily over Metropolis.

  31. Luthor : this episode was handled very well , gret job by all with the alternate universe. I loved the Ultraman Clark, wellington always does evil Clark very well. Cant wait to see the next episode with DeathStroke and the League

  32. I was a ok ep good to see Lionel again.

  33. is it just me or does Season 10 seem to be about family, and in particular, the Luthor name?