Smallville – S10E02 – Shield

Tonight's episode – Shield

Things started off strong for Smallville in season 10, both creatively and ratingswise. That's good news. Let's keep this good feeling going!

Deadshot is an… interesting choice of villain.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc., but since it's Friday night it will probably most likely be post-show analysis.



  2. she’s annoyingly chipper!

  3. Carter Hall!

  4. Booze!

  5. Suicide Squad is back and there’s Deadshot.. whoa!

  6. That was some serious Super-reflexes…

  7. Interesting take on Deadshot. I’m not sure if I like it at this point.


  8. That’s one UGLY website.

  9. I AM  liking the guitar playing when ever he’s on screen

  10. jeeze, Carter.

  11. and there we have the squad logo

  12. that was Plastique that "marked" Hawkman

  13. WHOA!!!

  14. There we go.  I love Hawkman and leather jackets


    As an aside, Superboy, that’s how you can dress casually. YAY KARA NEXT WEEK! 

  16. the way it seemed in the preview, it looks like darkseid is going to be the villain for the series finale. 

  17. I like the red and blue outfit at the end of the episode, but I have to wonder why didn’t he just put on the suit his mom "made" for him..he has it. but I guess they want to save the cape for the series final…I understand it, its just if he already had the actual suit wouldnt he just wear that?

     and lois finally said the magic word and no it wasn’t shazam….it’s SUPERMAN! lol

  18. i guess it is a nive transition between the black "blur" costume and the eventual Superman costume, but jeez it looked a bit gar-ish…yet very Smallville (pro or con, you decide).


    Disapointed that Deadshot didn’t use his eye target in his final attack on Cat. 


    End of Season climax = JLA+JSA+SS vs Apokolypse New Gods, with a final SUPERMAN vs Darkseid showdown.

    Sounds pretty cool to me.


    Has there been any news on Cyborg, Flash or Martian Manhunter returning?

  19. i hate my dvr and wpix! it cut off the promo for next week!

  20. oh I just remembered that clark doesnt have the superman suit anymore, I remember that his dad took it and locked it in the fortress,lol. so that explains the leather jacket. he doesnt know where the cape is….how could I forget

  21. Yeah I am very impressed with this season so far…BUT Chloe’s dead off-screen? Really? Also is that purple haired chick Shaiyera? If so why is she on the Suicide Squad if she knows that she is reincarnated? I actually really liked the new "Superboy" costume @ the end of the episode, but it really adds so much more teasing to Clark donning the Superman suit & cape! God CW with the teases! It’s getting so overwhelming! Also SUPERGIRL!!!! FINALLY!!!!

  22. Dude…Chloe isn’t dead. She FAKED her death off screen. They say it in the movie.

  23. *episode.

  24. Also, the chick on Suicide Squad is Plastique from last season

  25. Cat Grant kept mentioning "Godfrey" so I’m thinking she’s mixed up with the Apocolyptians or New Gods. Godfrey is obviously Glorious Godfrey.

  26. Really enjoying this season so far … although the ubermensch reference was a bit overstated for me … and it is a bit difficult watching Michael Shanks play Carter Hall, archeologist without seeing Daniel Jackson, archeologist … loving the new costume while hating having to wait until next week to see Clark Kent really fly … not really hating, but GOSH!!! I suppose that cliffhanger was predictable.

  27. Damn I missed the live blogging. I was skyping with my bro who is in Cuba.

  28. I’m hoping that last scene in "Shield" means we are done seeing the black trenchcoat Blur.

  29. Lamest thing Smallville ever did–killing Jimmy Olsen only to then introduce his little brother Jimmy…2nd lamest may have happened last night with a new (1000x more annoying) Cat Grant being introduced, "oh, no relation to the lady on TV!" 

    Great episode though…Michael Shanks made the whole night for me!

  30. Great episode.  This season is 2 for 2 for me!

  31. Good episode. I enjoyed Green Arrow taking out Cat’s bag full of self-defense weapons.

    It seems like they’re taking elements from the LEGENDS story with Glorious Godfrey undercover on Earth as a muck-raking pundit who turns the populace against the heroes.

  32. @conor: I haven’t read any Legends but your constant praise makes me want to buy the HC or the TPB.

  33. @JesTr: It’s out of print – I had to buy a used one on Amazon. I’d only recommend it if you like that late 80s era of comics. It’s totally of the time a la CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS.

  34. @JesTr: In case you (and others) needed another reason to seek LEGENDS out, it also featured the first appearance of not only the Suicide Squad but also Amanda Waller. And you get a tiny bit of Jason Todd action back when he was nothing more than a clone of Dick Grayson. … Well, he wasn’t LITERALLY a clone, but you know what I mean.

    But, yes, it is an ’80s comic through-and-through. John Byrne did a darn good job penciling it though.

  35. Legends also led directly into Giffen and Maguire’s Justice League, which was just pure fun.