Smallville – S09E21 – Salvation

Tonight's episode – Salvation 


Season finale time, kiddos! Art imitates art as we see a Kryptonian war on television at the same time as the comics. Is it time to kneel before Zod in the comfort of your own home? I think so. 


  1. Lois looks like Palin..scary

  2. Ma Kent showing off her sewing skills.

  3. ohh snap red and blue

  4. and there’s the Jonah Hex promo…let’s all imagine the sound of that bomb shall we.

  5. The Fortress has got an open door policy I’m assuming?

  6. a kryptonite ring who have been better.

     ohh great the dumb Karate Kid movie.  Seriously, he is in China, he is learing Kung Fu

  7. Hawkman is going to make something bleed!

  8. The goddamn thunderstorms in DC are screwing up my reception. Or so I think…

  9. I’m wondering if that wasn’t Granny Goodness knitting.

  10. @ryn2o01, you thought so too?

  11. @boomergirl, Yeah that’s who first came to mind with all the talk about the apocalypse and everything.

     How long till September?

  12. They had to end it with Clark falling to his death with the Blue Kryptonite dagger in his stomach….damnnit gotta wait for season 10 premiere

  13. At least the kandorians know the truth and now they can punish Zod for what he did on their own world

  14. So who was in the tunnels with Ollie

  15. And where was super girl this whole time. U telling me that she don’t watch tv and didn’t see any of the zod symbols.

  16. If it was Granny Goodness that was knitting, who’s to say the Female Furies weren’t far behind and in the tunnels with Ollie?

  17. OMG THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!  What a cliffhanger of an ending!  Definitely one of the best season finale’s the show has done!  That opening dream sequence was just one big Supes-geekgasm!  Ma Kent give s her boy the suit!  Soo cooool!  The blue kryptonite was a nice device!  The JSA/JLA conference call was fun!  I can’t believe we gotta wait all summer to find out what happens next.  We saw the Christ-like imagery pose at the end as well..  Now for the hints.

    I’m also thinking that the old lady knitting in the hospital was Granny Goodness.  Which would then mean that Green Arrow got attacked by……


    Bring on Season 10!!!  3 wishes: 1. Show us Clark in full Superman suit!  2. Get Michael Rosenbaum back for at least the last episode to play Lex!   3. Get the other Michael, Michael McKean back, but as a series regular as Perry White!


  18. OMG Can’t wait to see what happens next on the  Season 10 of Smallville.

  19. All I know is that Martian Manhunter is going to catch him in the first five seconds of the next season, Clark won’t have powers for the first episode, and then he’ll somehow get them back.  BUT.  It was still awesome.

  20. I really liked this.  Thought that it was really good, and I attribute a lot of that to Beeman’s directing.  I could have done without the explicit Christ pose, but it has been done and overdone so many times that I really do not care.  We have some really good things to go on next season, and I cannot wait.

    @kaydawg25-Pretty hard for Kara to see the TV when she is not on Earth. (she’s in space)


  21. He might just pull out the dagger and throw it away while falling, and by the time he hits the ground he’ll be invulnerable again so he’ll survive the fall. I also thought the knitter was Granny Goodness, I really hope they bring in the New Gods and Apokolips next season.

  22. I liked this season finale. It was certainly better than last season’s. The Clark/Zod fight was pretty good if you could get over the slow-mo groans every time someone got hit. I loved the flash foward in the beginning; it gave us just enough without giving us too much.

    I’m actually impressed with Clark’s plan to get rid of Zod. He didn’t kill him, and he exposed the type of person Zod actually is in the process. So, even though Zod is still out there, his own people are looking for him. 

    I have to admit, I wanted more than just the faces of the JLA/JSA on the screen but considering the time restraints and the budget, I can’t imagine they would have the time and money to have those big epic battle scenes I had in my head. But, the shots around the world of the Kandorians marking landmarks were impressive.

    And, of course, the mystery of who came to see Tess and what attacked Green Arrow. All signs are pointing to Granny Goodness and the Parademons. Someone else had a theory on the DC message boards that the woman knitting was a badly burned Amanda Waller and OMAC’s attacked Green Arrow. I don’t know if I buy that a skinny white woman was Waller, but the OMAC idea was great, because that would be an interesting way to bring Tess back. 


  23. Woohoo!  Awesome.  I think this is my favourite season since… ah, I don’t remember.  It was great though.  Granny Goodness for SURE.  Unbelievable that they’re going to do that story. 

  24. I agree, Granny Goodness in the hospital, with sometjing like parademons grabbing GA.

  25. This episode was great!

  26. Loved this episode. When I saw Clark punch Zod out of the park, I literally went, "Oh shit!" I liked the slow motion but they probably could have gone without the slow motion sound. Loved that fight scene, pretty gritty, makes me wonder if they’re going to return to the more light hearted version of Smallville next season or if they’re going to keep the grit. Agreed I think Beeman’s direction was strong on this ep. Can’t wait for next season.

  27. The idea of Granny Goodness as the lady knitting is probably not likely. Given the current Kirby situation I doubt any New Gods appearances.

    I am betting that Lex Luthor is coming back for the Finale. 

    Maybe with General Lane in tow???????????

  28. Two things CaptainSweatpants.  1) There was a direct reference by Waller earlier this season to the coming Apocalypse.  A lot of people clued in on it being related to Darkseid.  2) The fact that we saw Lex (via picture, but still) is proof to me that he’ll be back next season. 

  29. I think this is when we’ll see Clark fly under his own control. Jor-El telling him he couldn’t fly because of a mental block. Getting a big blue kryptonite spike stuck in you and falling off of a building might be enough to break that block. Jor-El also said he was "too attached" to things on Earth and needed to let go of them before he could fly. Clark was ready to be transported off the planet with the Kandorians if need be to save Earth and has said all his goodbyes.


    My guess is he flies during the season opener after pulling out the blue kryptonite.