Smallville – S09E09 – Pandora

Tonight’s episode – Pandora

I think that Lois’ visions of the future might be my least favorite thing about this season, but I am willing to have my mind changed tonight.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. I’m not sure it is really accurate to call them "visions", as they are really memories from her unintended trip to the future. I find them the most intriguing aspect of the season… on some level, they’ve helped sustain my interest this season as Callum Blue’s portrayal of Zod has thus far been utterly banal.

  2. I’m still a little upset about Gleek being the GD phone.  You’re pushing me to the edge, Smallville

  3. Kidnapped again… I wonder when Lois has time to do any actual reporting?

  4. Wait. Tess Mercer is bitching about how nerdy guy doesn’t have boundaries? Didn’t they just kidnap a woman to steal her memories?

  5. At the end of the day, it’s always the Legion of Super Heroes’ fault.

  6. This is like that episode of SEINFELD with the Kenny Rogers Roasters sign, but on a global scale.

  7. I want one of those Legion rings soooooooooo bad!


  8. I had a lot of audio drops on SMALLVILLE last week. Looks like it continues this week.

  9. SUPERMAN #75 homage. Like it.

  10. They couldn’t have come up with a new name beyond The Blur? 

  11. Don’t worry. When Geoff Johns gets around to writing a super duper badass Legion story, one of the tie-in comics will have plastic legion flight rings.

  12. @Paul: Yeah, it’s getting a bit ridculous at this point. But at least The Blur is better than The Red/Blue Blur.

  13. Same here with the audio.  And it’s only Smallville, never Gossip Girl or 90210.  I mean, I assume it wouldn’t.  

  14. I don’t want a PLASTIC one!   

  15. @pushover125: Yeah, it doesnt happen to 90210 or MELROSE PL– what? Who said that?

  16. @Paul … i kind of want a plastic one.

  17. Tess is The One…

  18. Between Zod and the V, there is really no reason to trust aliens who come baring gifts.

  19. Tess is a really dull villain. Especially in comparison to Lex. 

  20. Man they really are using that Kent farm all over the place this year.

  21. Damn. That’s fucked up.

  22. Now that he has no powers, Clark is free to stop shaving.

  23. @conor: I just assumed that was one of his powers.  You know, elseworlds and what not.


  24. It just goes to show that the Justice League is no match for the combined might of a Kryptonian army. I guess General Lane was right…

  25. If they need to keep costs down to bring this show back for a 10th season, they could easily cut Allison Mack’s salary.

    Just a thought.

  26. Man, everyone’s rods and cones must be messed up in the future.

  27. How much do you think it costs to make quasi-Nazi banners? I mean they sure do have a lot of them.

  28. I am constantly impressed with what this show can do with about five sets.

  29. All Hail the Mighty Mighty Dutch Angle.

  30. It’s like Happy Days. 

  31. Mercy is a collaborator.

  32. Wow! Some of that was brutal!

  33. AND AWESOME. See? That’s why you can’t cut Chloe’s salary.

  34. Chloe: "Actually, I shot her. It was me."  

  35. Haha.

  36. At least we know they have soap and toothpaste in this bleak future. Also, when and why did Clark shave?

  37. "Did you…make out with Zod?"

  38. The Bang Before the Battle.

  39. Well, I guess it takes worldwide domination by Kryptonians for Clark and Lois to get it on…

  40. The swarm of Kandorians was pretty awesome.

  41. They should’ve played "Mr. Blue Sky." Montage of Zod crashing through walls. 


  43. Hey, how long’s Felix been in Metropolis. (Missed a few episodes)

  44. @Paul: It’s been a while. I think he’s been around since last season.

  45. Missed *many* episodes. 

  46. That’s okay, THE CW — I didn’t need to hear that Clark/Lois conversation.

  47. Whoa cowboy, thats another show

  48. Isn’t Professor Hamilton a bad guy now? Like in the comics? I don’t read enough Superman.

  49. Oh well that’s intriguing.

  50. ohshitohshitohshitohshitohshitohshitohshitohshitohshitohshitohshitohshit


  52. There were a lot more JSAers in there than just Dr. Fate, Hawkman, and Stargirl.

  53. In the words of Checy Chase: THIS IS CRAZY!

  54. CUT TO:


    OLD MEN are gathered in the ruins of a post apocalyptic auction house. They are wearing VISORS. They hold ping pong paddles with strange symbols on them. 

    An ALIEN with blue skin and three elbows on each arm steps out of the shadows. Two of his countrymen carry a large painting with a sheet over it. They remove the sheet, revealing a totally badass JSA oil painting from the Smallville preview that was just on TV.  


    First item up for bid. This totally badass JSA oil painting from the Smallville preview that on TV 60 of your earth years ago.


    8 million credits! 

  55. did i see sandman in that preview


  56. @redhood22: Yes, you did.

  57. Well, the episode was pretty good again.  I’m just happy to have a strong central plot and a story that’s moving forward.  This show was stuck in neutral for a looong time. 

    I still think we should have a Chloe deathpool.  I say 2nd to last episode, killed by Lex in a brief return by Michael Rosenbaum.

  58. I saw a green lantern. An Alan Scott Green Lantern.

  59. do you guy think they decied to add more jsa members since they turned it into a movie. i,m still hoping for wildcat and that they do a good wesly dodds.

  60. That was another good episode of Smallville and that trailer has me pumped.  Too bad we have to wait until end of January.  Wonder who will be playing Green Lantern?

  61. CW… WB… RELEASE THE SMALLVILLE ABSOLUTE JUSTICE movie in theaters for a weekend!

  62. I’m sorry but the season is just awesome! The last two episodes have more like watching a movie than a TV show, I’m almost shocked at how good this season is. I enjoyed this episode way more than any of the X-Meh films.

    I cant tell you how excited I am for the JSA episodes……SANDMAN!!!…This is just awesome!

    A JSA TV show after Smallville ends would be SO good.

  63. that " green arrow alone against the kryptonians " moment was awesome.

  64. I never want to hear that someone used a virus every again.