Smallville – S09E08 – Idol

Tonight’s episode – Idol

Well, of all the super hero guest stars, these two would be pretty far down my wish list. But I was an avid Super Friends viewer when I was a kid, so I’ll take it.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. Whoa. whoa, whoa, what?

  2. Dream sequenece? Future story? Actual Clark/Lois sex?

  3. Ah, dream sequence.

  4. Not really a gripe, but definitely curious to know why y’all never preview or review Supernatural? Granted, it doesn’t derive from a superhero comic. But in some ways, I would argue, is a better series than Smallville, with the tension that has been developed between Sam and Dean over the last few seasons.

    I also dig how Supernatural doesn’t take itself too seriously the way Smallville does at times. During last night’s episode, for example, Sam and Dean answered a distress call only to find that they had been duped into being guests at the inaugural Supernatural conference, in which everyone was running around wearing Sam and Dean costumes and chasing ghosts in order to win a $50 gift card at a local restaurant. The ghosts turned out to be real and very deadly. The real Sam and Dean had to save the day.

    Anyway… Supernatural is worth a look I think. 

  5. @cahubble09: Two reasons: It’s not comic book/super hero related and no one onthe staff has ever expressed any interest in that show.

  6. worst present ever!

  7. What are the people of Metropolis going to do when the Blur starts calling himself Superman? "Wait, weren’t you the Blur? Is this some kind of ‘I’m not Gordon anymore; call me Sting’ type scenario?"

  8. I wish they could recast Parry White (even though Michael McKean was AWESOME as Perry) so that they could bring that dynamic to the Daily Planet scenes.

  9. Hahaha — I love that Lois’ caller ID says "The Blur".

  10. I was talking to Ron and Josh’s brother at lunch today about how there is absolutely no point in Chloe being on this show any more.

  11. haha scarecrow call back

  12. Completely agree about Perry White.  He should have been a regular character on this show long ago.

  13. Wow, (Fake) The Blur is very social media conscious! Good for (Fake) The Blur is forward thinking!

  14. @Crippler: I know. It totally sucks that they cast themselves into a hole with that one.

  15. form of an ice puddle. way to make those powers some what cool.

  16. Yup, also agree about Chloe.  They should have killed her off and left Jimmy alive.  She’s sort of useless, unless you want to make it the Justice League show.  Then she can do the Watchtower thing fulltime.  Otherwise, she’s useless.

  17. Yay, Zan and Jayna!

  18. @Conor – What season did Perry White appear in?  Season 3?  2?  Long enough ago that they could probably recast him.  They’ve been ballsy enough to do lots of other things.  Hell, give me back Carrie Fisher!

  19. @Crippler: Season 3. They totally need to recast him.

  20. I thought McKean was going to come back for an episode this season or something like that.

    Anyway, I just can’t wait for the Wonder Twins to say their catch phrase. That will be amazing. 

  21. @redlibertyx: It needs to be more than just a guest appearance. Perry White is supposed to be the grizzled, long-time Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Planet. Suck a thing would imply years on the job.

  22. wow, that bejewled phone just made my day

  23. Somehow I missed Gleek on the cell phone before. But that is awesome.

  24. just "Powers Activate"? really?

  25. I know, I was dissapointed too.

  26. @drummerman1126: I’ll be surprised if they actually call themelves The Wonder Twins.

  27. Whoops.

    I bet Clark uses AT&T.

  28. holy crap, did that just happen? how will it be forgotten this time

  29. Wow. I actually didn’t see that coming. Nice.

  30. I love that they are still hanging on to the Kent Farm set.

  31. The color of her underwear? Jeez that’s personal.

  32. Whoa… underwear color updates? Just what kind of office flirtation is going on between these two??

    (The awesome kind)

  33. Maybe Lois is going to think that Clark is pretending to be The Blur and is not actually The Blur.

  34. Or not.

  35. oh no, lois has an idea

  36. Jesus. They’re cribbing from the Dark Knight now?

  37. so.. no more twins?

  38. @boomergirl: They are lurking. The lady bug was Jayna, I’m sure.

  39. Whoa.

  40. @conor, thanks for the reassurence

  41. Grab your hand? She’s ten feet away!

  42. @conor, way to call it!

  43. Whoa, she knows!

  44. Unless the Wonder Twins pretend to be The Blur, thus saving lark’s secret in a classic bit of super hero backwatching.

  45. There we go.

  46. And much like the regular Wonder Twins those two are WAY too close.

  47. @redlibertyx; Yep.

  48. Lois fell for the oldest super hero trick in the book.

  49. Superman merchandising!

  50. Meanwhile, back in the Hall of Justice…

  51. yes, the glasses

  52. The glasses! Awesome!


  54. glasses are awesome!

  55. Clark must be quite the kisser.

  56. damn, that must have been one hell of a kiss.

  57. Missed this to watch the University of Kentucky Wildcats Basketball game.  I’m glad I have a DVR.

  58. this whole liveblogging thing is so much better with conor and everyone. thanks

  59. would it be too much to ask that the DA be named harvey dent?


  60. @captamerica101: Why would the district attorney of Metropolis be named Harvey Dent?

  61. So Conor….you guys seem to have some inside scoop….is it for sure about a 10th season yet!? I know they signed Tom for one more year!?

  62. Also….man I wish Lex would make some kind of surprise return!!! That would make my season!! It’s funny looking at the CW ad, and noticing that there’s only Clark and Chloe are the originals…kind of F’d up! And BRING BRUCE IN THE SHOW ALREADY!!!!! I know you liked that one!

  63. so wait is he gonna wear glasses from here on out?

  64. @RKB: I would doubt it, but we’ll see.

  65. @tyronesf: The network hasn’t decided yet. With the movie to Friday the ratings have been terrible so my guess would be there won’t be a 10th season, but it’s too soon to tell.

  66. The ratings may be pretty bad, but it outperforms any other CW show that has ever been in that timeslot. And a week ago the show had a 210K increase in viewers (I don’t know the ratings for yesterday yet). So it’s actually doing pretty well all things considered.

  67. @redlibertyx: You have to balance that against the cost. It is, far and away, The CW’s most expensive show to produce.

  68. Well sure, but it’s also the only show CW has that catapults them into 3rd place in any timeslot. So I dunno. There’s still an incentive for them to keep the show around. 

  69. I heard that the show is doing far better than expected.  As to the cost, we really need to factor in DVD revenue and ad revenue to get a comprehensive picture.  Other sites are saying that a 10th season is more likely than cancellation, and that the show runners are writing towards that assumption (but what else would they do?)

    but that is internet speculation, so take that with a grain of salt.

  70. Bring Smallville back for a 10th season!!! And 11th……… 

  71. When the season started it was a given that there was going to be a 10th season, but once the episodes actually started airing and the numbers came in, the network’s public statements changed to a wait and see attitude. At this point I think it’s a coin flip whether or not there’s a 10th season, especially if the second half numbers stay where they are in the first half.

  72. Well that would suck ass! Any clue on if there’s anymore surprise guest!?

  73. What a great episode.  Can’t believe they actually pulled off the Wonder Twins, complete with Gleek, calling them the Wonder Twins and a Hall of Justice drop. WOW  Nice to see the glasses but seem to remember they did that long time ago but the next episode he didn’t have them again so we’ll see.

    I was talking with someone about how amazed we are this show has lasted 9 years and it’s still good.

  74. I don’t think the bit at the start was a dream sequence. I think these are all hang overs from her disappearance into the future at the end of season 8.

    Overall this show is getting better this season and proves that for a Superman show to work you need Lois and Clark from and centre.

  75. So basically for the last three weeks (since the "Roulette" episode, which I didn’t realize was the JSA villain) the number of viewers has increased pretty steadily (Friday’s episode was up 70K in the ratings). I’m not saying it’s a trend or anything, but I mean it’s doing way better than I expected in the Friday time slot.