Smallville – S09E07 – Kandor

Tonight’s episode – Kandor

Julian Sands shows up tonight to play Jor-El even though he has been voiced this entire time by Terrance Stamp. Ah, well, Julian Sands ‘ain’t no slouch.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. Remember when Clark had the flashbacks of Jor-El’s time on Earth when he was younger, and a young Jor-El was supposed to look just like Clark?

    I wonder whether they’ll reference that time on this episode, or whether they are just forgetting that episode 😛

  2. Zod is not a happy man.

  3. He‘s had feelings for Lois since the 1930s? I thought it was since midway last season!

  4. Actually going to be able to watch this one live (almost)  DVR awaits! 

  5. @Cheezdog I guess that answers your question.

  6. As someone who completely forgot/missed the Clark-Flashback episode, Jor El’s "rite of passage" comment blew my mind. Yeahbuhwhat?

  7. Will this tie back into Doomsday from last year?  Could be!  Wasn’t Doomsday Zod’s son in the Smallville U?

  8. hey are we going to get to see Ursula clone, since their is a zod clone

  9. do u guys think that the zod clone will be the vessel for the real zod (aka like lex was)…that way he would get super powers….and yes, I think Doomsday results from an attempt to clone zod’s son…this season is really starting to heat up! I was getting tired of all that whiney Oli shit! This also makes it so that Kara can find the real Kandor like she set off to do last season (unless Laura Vandervoot ditches smallville for V). Who woulda thought nine years ago I’d be this excited about smallville still!

  10. That episode had so many cool references back to both Superman/Smallvile lore. I’m loving this season so much!

    Can’t wait till the JSA episode. That’s gonna be awesome!

  11. I’m really surprised at how much they seem to be leaning on current Superman comics for their ideas.  Just look at Zod’s uniform!  It’s an exact match from what we see in New Krypton. 

  12. Wow! This episode was great! I’m going to have to watch this again……… 

  13. Wwatched it today. It was quite good, but I worry that they are tying themselves in knots with all this Kryptonian mythology. I was also bothered the whole time for the reasons Cheezdog mentioned.

  14. I spent years wanting a Smallville mythos.  All I ever got were glimpses.. sometimes contradictory ones.  I’m quite willing to give them as much rope as they need before deciding they’ve hung themselves. 

  15. I really dig what there doing with Green Arrow.  Him not being with Lois now training a Speedy.  Very awesome

  16. I hope we’ll see more speedy soon.

  17. Me too.

  18. i missed last part of this episode and thought no biggie I’ll just jump online and watch it but for some reason only has last weeks episode on there.  I guess the networks still don’t get puting shows online.

  19. @Jediaxle: They don’t because they don’t make any money from putting shows online.

  20. good episode nice setup a lot questions delt with

    ps cant wait for the wonder twins next week 

  21. So Smallville actually gained viewers this last Friday. Which is just weird.

  22. This was the first Smallville I’ve caught this season.  I was completely sucked in by all the story and flashbacks (and good casting of Zod) that I’m looking into buying all the back episodes online.  Not a normal move for me.  But damn that was compelling.

  23. I really liked this episode.  My question of the difference between Major and General Zod was answered and I was really thrilled with Jor-El.

  24. @conor I know, I just like blaming the network for my stupidity of accidently deleting the episode half way through.  They should forsee my mistake and help me out:-)

  25. Great episode again.  Lots of show mythology goin on.  I need to re-watch!

  26. If that is true, it is awesome.  I would prefer CCH Pounder, but Grier is still good for the role