Smallville – S08E22 – Doomsday

Tonight’s episode – Doomsday

I’m back from London! Will I be coherent enough from jetlag, and caught up on last week’s Smallville in time for tonight’s season finale? Stay tuned, true believers!

Tonight the Justice League returns to help Clark take on Doomsday!  I never thought I would be typing the previous sentence for a live action TV show!

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. cannot wait

  2. I’m pumped


  3. Couldn’t have come back with a little more advanced warning, Cosmic Boy? Really?

  4. that would be awesome if they showed doomsday in the future battling the legion ……probably not going to happen

  5. How do you feel about phone booths? Ha!

  6. What is that rustling in the copy room? It’s crackhead Jimmy.

  7. So, Oliver’s bright plan is to have a team of people who’ve all died in comics at least once (Black Canary’s sort of a cheat, what with there being two of them) go get Doomsday? Brilliant. 

  8. Yeah..girl fight!


  9. If Smallville ends next season, I am down for a Green Arrow show.

  10. i’d go with an Ollie solo series

  11. Oh sweet, that was the first Doomsday shot in light and the makeup looks awesome.

  12. I’m gunning for a JL series, rotating cast with Ollie and Dinah in the lead slots. Bring in J’Onn regularly, maybe a little Kyle Rayner/Guy Gardner (probably can’t do Hal because of movie-related politics). Leather-clad superheroics on a regular basis, I’d watch the hell out of that. 

  13. Genuine question: Are they not allowed to say Superman? 

  14. OK, is it just me or was that Jimmy scene pitch-perfect?

  15. It’s not just you..this is one of the first episodes that is starting to feel like a good comic book.

  16. Oh my gosh! Jimmy is The Crow.

  17. please tell me that was the fight… cause i was expecting a lot more.

  18. @mustanges89 I’m hoping that this is just an interlude and that there’ll be some more hitting.

    What can I say? I’m a simple creature… 

  19. oh my fucking god jimmy got gored

  20. JIMMY!!!!!

  21. that’s a lotta stabbin’

  22. Ugh Davis is a douche.  He is acting like Hayden Christiansen.  The apprentice is now the master of whining.

  23. so much for "getting back in line with DC mythology"

  24. time to use the legion flight ring

  25. @TheRealRyan highly agree lol

  26. What the hell? Kill Chloe not Jimmy. Blech.  Great season is leading to nothing.

  27. Little Jimmy?!?!?!?! GENIUS!

  28. you got to be kidding me that, that was the doomsday fight

  29. So what sort of time travel/ Jor-El nonsense is going to be used?

  30. I can’t remember what happened with Zod.  Was he banished or was he trapped somewhere?

  31. Jimmy will come back to put right what is wrong because he is The Crow.

  32. i thoguth cosmic boy gave him a ring in the begining of the episode …..guesss i was  not paying attention

  33. Parademons in Tess’s closet?  Darkseid?  Or was that some Zod thing?

  34. darkseid

  35. so is lois in the future because of the ring? 

  36. zod

  37. o yea thats what happen to the ring  lol………yea shes peobably with the legion

  38. zod or darkseid ???

  39. sooo who was that at the end, didnt really watch the rest of the season, so just wondering

  40. They need to tie up Zod but Darkseid kicks so much ass.  I think I would dig that more than Smallville Bruce Wayne.

  41. I have no idea and I have been. 

  42. so this season finale was kinda eh… geoff johns should have wrote it

  43. Geoff Johns doesn’t want to

  44. I’m not saying he has to, I’m just saying it would have been better if he wrote. I know he doesn’t want to.

    Next season, Hopefully Lois does something to trigger back Jimmy or Doomsday, where ever she was sent to. Or unless… if that was Zod, it would be cool if he revives Davis as Doomsday again and we get a great throwdown. 

  45. No, they actually did a work around with Jimmy.  The little brother with the bowtie is gonna be the Jimmy Olsen from the comics.  This takes care of the fact that Jimmy shouldn’t know Clark is Superman, he didn’t marry Chloe, plus he’s younger than Clark and Lois.  My guess is he’ll go by Jimmy to honor his big bro.  Plus, I bet Lois comes back from the future with her mind wiped to think Clark always wore glasses or something.

  46. did chloe lose her ability to heal people??? if not, she could have healed Jimmy??

  47. A few things puzzled me but I was poking around at the Smallville wiki and read that Chloe hasn’t been seen using her healing ability since Brainiac possessed her. In "Odyssey" she tried to heal Clark but couldn’t and did not even offer to heal Ollie in "Toxic" so she must have lost that ability.

    And in the episode "Committed" Jimmy revealed that the story of his past he had told Chloe was a lie. So perhaps when he reinvented himself Henry James started going by James/Jimmy. He might still be known to his family as Henry which could be how his younger brother James Bartholomew also goes by Jimmy Olsen.

  48. Something is puzzling me. In that last scene with Chloe and Clark, she says "Dinah, Bart and Oliver all disappeared. Maybe it’s up to us to bring them back." Did I miss something? Dinah and Oliver were both at Jimmy’s funeral. Suddenly they’re gone? Did I miss a scene somewhere or is this just bad writing?

  49. @IroncladMerc Just bad writing.

    Good lord that finale was terrible. They build up Doomsday for an entire season and then when the big fight occurs it lasts all of thirty seconds. It feels like they cut a number of big scenes from the episode. Urgh. 

  50. @Jake: I haven’t seen the episode yet, but I see this complaint a lot with shows, especially ones like this and HEROES, complaints about the length of big fights. These aren’t big summer blockbusters, these are television shows with tight budget control. You aren’t going to have a big, ten minute fight with Doomsday – it’s not realistic for television.

  51. Yeah, totally understand that. You’ll see what I mean when you catch the episode. Just a wtf moment occured for me when I realised that was the end of the fight.

  52. I can see where Jake’s coming from, though I totally get what Conor’s saying. It normally doesn’t bother me, as you can’t expect an "Incredible Hulk" 20-min long fight in a TV show. But I agree with Jake in that, it wasn’t the length of the fight, it was how it ended. I didn’t actually know the fight was over until it cut to the ‘next day’ scene.

    However, I think the point of the finale was the Jimmy/Davis fight, which was actually a lot more interesting, and had a lot more emotional reasonance (for me, anyway).

    Overall, I thought this was a great season. Lagged a bit in the second 3rd (re: all eps that Lana was back), but all things considered it was a breath of fresh air. All the new characters were well done and it took some brave and interesting turns. The best part, for me, was the Lois and Clark moments. I wasn’t expecting Welling and Durance to have chemistry that good, but it was a welcome surprise and I hope we get more of that.

    I was against an 8th season, but I’d say they proved me wrong.

  53. Doomsday?  More like DoomsMinute…

    Hey, that’s all for me!  Good night!  Try the veal!

     But seriously, I was encouraged by the direction of the series for the majority of the season (the Lana episodes were a serious backslide), but I agree with most of the other comments…the finale should have had a lot more to do with the fight between Doomsie and Clark.  Even with the budget constraints, they could have implied a lot of the battle off-panel with rumblings in the distance in the city, crumbling buildings, news reports of a cataclysmic battle between unknown combatants, etc.  Clark should have emerged totally smashed up, clothes in tatters (goodbye, Crows jacket!), face bloodied and bruised, slowly healing. 

     I also don’t buy Clark totally turning his back on humanity, just because of a couple of bad apples.  He’s been on Earth for 20+ years, but isn’t aware of humanity’s dark side?  Especially the way he’s turning his back on Chloe after she’s lost the love of her life…wha? Huh?  The only explanation (and I’m not fully versed in Smallville-lore, so I might be mistaken) is that maybe Doomsday was emitting residual traces of the Black Kryptonite radiation, causing Clark’s Kryptonian traits to rise to the top, effecting his emotions and his thinking.  Otherwise, it’s totally out of character.

     I’m not writing off the series, but S9 (let it be the last season, please) needs to have a lot more Clark/Lois interaction, a commitment to follow-through on character change, and a real direction for the series that every episode advances upon. Or something.