Smallville – S08E11 – Legion

Tonight’s episode: Legion

That’s a pretty badass preview and it comes courtesy of the Smallville writing debut of Geoff Johns!

And in classic Geoff Johns fashion, he’s brought the Legion of Super-Heroes with him! How will the transition from page to screen go for Johns? We’ll soon find out. I’m not afraid to tell you that I’m more than a little nervous!

During the hiatus we learned that rumors of Smallville‘s demise were premature. There was a lot of talk about how Tom Welling (who was not under contract for another season) was ready to hang up his red plaid shirts and move on. And really, who could blame him? The CW could blame, him, apparently. Smallville has seen a creative, and more importantly, a ratings resurgence this season and since The CW doesn’t have very much else to hang its hat on they drove the proverbial Brinks truck up to Welling’s front door and now word is he’s going to be back for season nine.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. im very excited for this. i LOVE LoSH so this is a very exciting episode for me

  2. I got back into Smallvile because of what you guys said on the 2008 wrap up show. I "obtained" the first half of season 10 and was really impressed by it.

  3. I’m something of a completists, and I’m kind of ready for this series to be complete.

  4. @OttoBot: Looks like you’ve got another season and a half… at least.

  5. I heard that the season finale could act as a Series Finale.

  6. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    We!  Are!  LEGION!!!!!

  7. @Julian: That was when it looked like Tom Welling was going to leave the show.  Things have apparently changed recently.

  8. I know they always said that they’d never have him fly but I wonder if the’re gonna change that? Probably saving it for when they end the show. Now that’d be an ending.


    According to CW president Ostroff, "We’re starting to talk about [the possibility of season nine]. Obviously we’re prepared either way. If the show doesn’t go on, we have a series finale that the writers have been thinking about, but I think we’d all love to see the show come back creatively again. We’ve got a new team of writers who are running the show, and they’ve done a great job with the series this year. We’ve gotten great feedback from the fans. It’s interesting because they’ve used more female characters this year, which I think helped it blend in with the theme of the network, so we’d love to see it back."

    Predicted Response to Smallville Cancellation: 7.2 on the fan Richter scale

    Chances of Renewal: Good, assuming Tom Welling is up for it—the show continues to have admirable ratings and has creatively thrived despite the exit of Kristin Kreuk and Michael Rosenbaum.

  10. one more minute


  11. And here we go.

  12. I hope it comes back. I have precious few TV shows that I watch that are good without being soul-crushingly bleak

  13. Sometimes, a scene like that means it’s been a really GOOD wedding.

  14. yup she’s in Street Fighter

  15. The Flight Ring!


  16. Thsat was totally a Geoff Johns moment.

  17. man the ring looks awesome

  18. apparently black lightning is white LOL

  19. "Hey Kal – where’s your cape?"  Oh, man this is going to be great.

  20. haha great quote from lightning lad. oh and i want that ring

  21. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I’m a legionnaire
    Camel in disrepair
    hoping for a frigidaire
    to come passing byyyyyyyyy
    I am on reprieve
    lacking my joie de vivre
    missing my gay paris
    in this desert dryyyyyyyy

  22. Lol

  23. I know very little about the Legion… so Legion experts are going to have to cite references and such. 

  24. Thank you for reminding me through Twitter cuz I completely forgot.

    Came in time for Lightning Lad’s line before commercial. Good start!

  25. oof that wound. is that the persuader? he was from teen titans? and why is saturn girl talking shes supposed to be a telepath

  26. @conor i can help with that

  27. "The Levitz Museum".  Nice. 

  28. Oh wow that was great. 

    Continuity error – When last we saw Lana she was having her leg stitched up.  Now she’s running around!  My wife says this has ruined the whole episode already…  (she’s just pestering me because she knows how excited I am for the Geoff Johns action)

  29. talk about your spoilers.

  30. haha thats funny @crippler i love geoff johns let him take over the smallville series

  31. looks like a baterang in a rock

  32. rofl agreed. and chloe ur not perfect your like deadish. strength?? im confused

  33. never mind shes brainiac

  34. @rayclark: Chloe has been infected by Brainiac for a while now.

  35. @conor wow really? its been too long since i watched the eps before this one. sorry lol

  36. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Even in television Geoff Johns is able to make sense of the wonky continuity that came before him.   

  37. oo i just got shivers when she said doomsday

  38. @PaulMontgomery: It’s amazing!

  39. haha lightning lad "kal i flunked history and even i know"

  40. @PaulMontgomery agreed he can stay on smallville any time!!!!

  41. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Umm..can we greenlight a Geoff Johns Legion series for the CW NOW? 

  42. @PaulMontgomery i completely agree man

  43. @PaulMontgomery: I would watch that.  I would definitely watch that.

  44. @conor i completely agree

  45. This episode should end with the appearance of just like hundreds of Legionaires.

  46. i dont want geoff to have his on show. then geoff will leave us like brian K vaughn!

  47. Poor Clark… so very envious of flight. 

  48. so can anyone clarify who the persuader is? teen titans or LoSH villain? my friend and i are having a dispute about that. and why isnt saturn girl talking through her head?

  49. "We in the Legion always walk in formation!"

  50. ah clark you need to learn how to fly like NOW please

  51. clark kent just completely brought me up to speed with chloe thanks clark!!

  52. Hahaha – NO ONE has ever heard of Chloe Sullivan!

  53. Of EFFING RIGHT… there is no Chloe Sullivan in the comics… and this is the first time in the whole series they addressed it! 

  54. OMG geoff johns just explained y chloe isnt in continuity!


  55. he is saying what i have been thinking

  56. Wow, this is the closest they’ve ever come to talking about Superman.  Other than that one time early in the series when Clark saw that psychic.

  57. geoff johns needs to ret-con ALL of TV

  58. @rayclark: Persuader is, originally, a Legion villain.

  59. @conor oh yea i remember that hmmm……what does that signal? and end of the series?

  60. @conor thanks i win the bet you just won me 20 dollars!!

  61. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I love what they’re doing here.  I love it. 

  62. @PaulMontgomery i completely agree this makes me love smallville even more.

    we need a vote who wants Geoff Johns on here??

  63. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Chloe makes a great villain. 

  64. Cosmic Boy’s hair is very close to making him look like one of the stars of SPAMALOT.

  65. rofl agreed and is it me or does lightning lad look like one of the weasly boys from harry potter?

  66. Halfway through and this is… *woof* … REALLY good.

  67. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    He totally looks like a Weasley. 

  68. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I…refuse to "raise the woof" for Hotel for Dogs. 

  69. chloe/brainiac looks like bettlejuice. just throwing that out there.

  70. phew this is an awesom episode. good work geoff johns!!

    can lightning lad fly on a broomstick?

  71. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    If they released this episode on blu-ray by itself and with Geoff Johns commentary and maybe a featurette, I’d buy it. 

  72. wow the legion has to kill themselves? thought that was against the legion code?

  73. Something tells me that Kal-El is going to show these Legion upstarts what for!

  74. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    The Clark you know is boring!

  75. go geoff!

  76. wow i like that brainiac logo!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. This feels like a season finale.  How can the rest of the season live up to the highpoint we’re sitting at now? 

  78. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I like the choice to make Chloe’s Brainiac powers overtly erotic. 

  79. @Cripple agreed this would make an AWESOME season finale!!

  80. It’s funny how all the women on this show are interchangable hacker sidekicks for Clark.

  81. Oh oh.. looks like Brainiac has mastered the anti-life equation! 

  82. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Guys, seriously.  It’s a screensaver.  Just jostle the mouse. 

  83. @conor agreed i think that a Legion of Super-Heroes spinoff is a GREAT idea!!!!

  84. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Don’t agree with Conor that my idea is cool!  Cut out the middle-man!  😉

  85. @PaulMontgomery ok ok i agree thats a sweet screensaver or was there something else you wanted me to agree to?

  86. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:


  87. loneliness + alienation + fear + despair + self-worth ÷ mockery ÷ condemnation ÷ misunderstanding x guilt x shame x failure x judgment n=y where y=hope and n=folly, love=lies, life=death, self=dark side

  88. @paul sorry man this episode is just making my head spin

  89. @conor ANTI LIFE EQUATION!!!

  90. HANG HER!

  91. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Ooooooh!  I love that! 

  92. thank you Mr. Johns

  93. These guys are pretty pissy with their idol.

  94. and here we go clark. teamwork good idea and lets save chloe the person no ones heard of….hmmm

  95. they do NOT like clark that much…

  96. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Just when us nerds push our glasses up the bridges of our noses and groan that the Legion doesn’t kill…..

    We just got JOHN’D!

  97. @rayclark: It’s not hard with this Clark.

  98. He just extracted the nanites like John Coffey in THE GREEN MILE.

  99. @conor yea i can see why

    uh doomsdays waken up

  100. well she is dumb lol at least shes back to regular chloe

  101. "get ready for a techno exorcism!"

    because ur geoff johns i’ll let that go. lol 

  102. it had me until saturn girl miraculously decided to check again and found her

  103. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    That’s totally what Brainiac would look like if he were in ball form.  And you know it. 

  104. lol techno exorcism. thats awesome. so i want these guys to stay here forever. and star city? is starman helping him out or dr mid-nite? lol

  105. Chloe – .. I feel a whole lot dumber.  ….  And like 10 pounds lighter!  Did I just pass a bowling ball?

  106. @rayclark: Star City is where Green Arrow is from.

  107. come on clark you know what choice that is

  108. It’s nice to see that the grand tradition of no one ever knocking in Smallville continues.

  109. @conor thanks man there are just too many cities in the DC universe.

    maybe sometime you can let me know what city contains what superhero? because im not sure where anyones from cept for supes and bats *no sarcasm intended*

  110. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    "What’s this shit about chloe forgetting about Clark’s origins?"

    "We thought it would a convenient way to–"

    "Yeah.  No."  




    "Yeah.  Oh."


  111. haha you dont read i told you that

  112. @rayclark: This episode might help.

  113. awww thats cute clark now you made lightning lads day for lightning lass

  114. @conor thanks man it will i should make a chart or something that helps me.


  115. HOLY SHIT!


  117. clark why do you always pansy out and not do anything cool??

  118. You know what… hair aside, this guy playing Cosmic Boy kinda looks like Geoff Johns.



  120. he got some bling.

  121. @rayclark: Clarkis very concerned with the show’s budget.

  122. lana get off this show…PLEASE

  123. @conor is that why he never does anything awesome??

    ps i want that ring

  124. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Clark is the biggest pessimist in the world.  He can turn any cool news into a massive burden. 

  125. clark got that out of a fortune cookie i swear. and oh oh oh DOOMSDAY IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. ….  I can’t believe he got the ring. 

  127. Geoff Johns!

  128. now that wasnt twelve days


  129. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Dude busted out the Agro Crag!

  130. HOLY CRAP!!!! DOOMSDAY!!!!

    ps next weeks episode looks good but why is lana still here!!

  131. Night Guys time for the Office.

  132. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:


  133. SO good!!

  134. ok this episdoe WAS AMAZING. best line for me was "garth, your acting like a sub." i got a good laugh from that.


  136. there were tons of Legion references in this episode but they didn’t stick out and flowed with the dialogue really well.  I would totally watch Legion series by this team.

  137. This episode made me actually consider checking out a Legion comic.

  138. I love how Geoff Johns added that tidbit about the baseball which is something he wrote in teh comics recently.

    Oh, and did anyone else get goosebumps when they said "LONG LIVE THE LEGION"

  139. Ah, Geoff Johns…how do you do it? How do you walk into a show that’s been on for over 7 years, for a one shot writing gig, and totally upstage every single writer who’s ever worked on the show? 

  140. This was definitely the best episode of Smallville this season by far. Forget television, and i know im certainly not the first to suggest this, but Geoff Johns NEEDS to write the next Superman film

  141. wait? what?! Lana and Lex are back?!!?!

  142. More creators in this business should be like Geoff Johns, super nice at all the conventions, always has time for people and puts out the best work, and doesn’t get caught up in his press like certain people, cough, Jim Lee, cough. 

    And in the Legion books Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl had a long running thing, but I can’t this Saturn Girl ever giving this Lightning Lad a shot.  No way. 

  143. @LukeB: Lana’s been back for a few episodes.

  144. @conor: I really gotta start watching this again…. maybe I’ll wait till it’s all released on DVD, i don’t think the latest episodes are playing here atm.

  145. Wow! That episode gave me goose bumps………..

  146. @LukeB – Try the, or a site like I get all my TV through streaming video sites like that.

  147. That was a GREAT episode!!! But it appears that Cosmic Boy doesn’t know how to shave or in the 31 century the Schick company is out of business. 🙂 

  148. the legion of substitute heroes and brainiac 5 references made me shriek with happiness! 

  149. This episode was everything I hoped it would be!  Bring back Geoff to write the series finale!!!

  150. @BrianBaer: Thanks man, I’ll try them, but I’m in New Zealand and most of those sites have IP Blocks on them to stop international people getting on, and I really don’t feel like trying to find an IP Blocker or Changer program, feels like cheating 😛 But who knows 🙂

  151. If they made an official Legion ring, like they did with the Phantom rings..  I’d totally buy it.

  152. Personally, I really don’t enjoy Smallville at all.  However, I really enjoyed this episode (watched it on a whim because of Johns)…which is a testament to Johns’ writing. 

  153. Wow! Best – Episode – Ever! This season has been on fire, and this took it to the next level.

    Chloe – shit scary! Clark – Welling has owned this a while now, and this week was no different.

     The writing was obviously outstanding, Johns really cannot do any wrong at the moment. Seriously impressive. But real kudos should go to Glen Winter, as the direction in this episode he was outstanding, realling bringing Johns’ script to life.

    This whole show is catching a second wind, let’s hope for a kick-ass season 9 to send us out.

  154. "lightning lad take your marvel foot out of your dc mouth!" awesome.

    oh wait he didn’t say that….

  155. I just watched this last night and I just had to thrown in a "that was incredibly awesome holy crap whoa"


    I can’t believe how fantastic it was…Johns’ hit it out of the park–I had forgotten the Legion was showing up so when I reazlied what was happening I literally screamed out loud like a little girl.