Smallville – S08E10 – Bride

Tonight’s episode – Bride

When they announced before the start of this season that not only was Doomsday going to be a part of this show, but a regular cast member I was convinced that it would be a Smallville-ized version of the Kryptonian killing machine. Maybe he would just be a big strong guy? I thought they would simplify him for this new and different world like they did with Brainiac.

Apparently not. Judging from the preview for this week’s episode (and the screen cap above) they are going full-on and all-out with Doomsday. I’m not afraid to tell you that I’m shocked and pleasantly surprised at their gumption.

Of course this probably means they’ve shot their effects budget for the season and the rest of the way it’s going to be Clark sitting at his desk at The Daily Planet drinking coffee and reading the newspaper.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc,


  1. The image of Doomsday reminds me of a Goosebumps knock-off series from the late 90s (which was actually pretty good) called Strange Matter.  I’m sure I’m the only one who remembers it.  The covers were all CG illustrations of monsters with glowing red eyes.  I hadn’t thought about those books for years until I saw the promo for this week’s show.  

  2. I may be on my own here, but does anyone else think Doomsday’s origin in this show is more interesting than the comics? I love the whole Son of Zod/Science Experiment/Clark’s Sorta Step-Brother/Tragic figure thing. Sam Witwer’s performance has been solid and sad to watch as this loyal and likable guy slowly realizes he’s an alien monster.

     And I’m still blown away that we’re getting a season this good without Millar, Gough or Rosenbaum. 

  3. I have really enjoyed this season, the freedom from Lex has been a breath of fresh air. I prefer the idea of Lex coming later in the Lore

  4. @jonnjonz – You’re not on your own, for sure.  I don’t think Smallville is written all that well from week to week, but I think they have some really compelling ideas.  The Doomsday origin is really pretty interesting.  And without Lex in the ensemble, they needed something like this to keep it interesting.  

  5. Okay, I just finished last week’s episode (minues the very end which the DVR cut off) and I’m all ready to go for tonight!

  6. @jonjonz – I agree.  The death of Superman does next to nothing for me emotionally.  It always just felt like an event with no soul.  As kitschy as this series is, it has heart.  If Clark ‘dies’ tonight (Doomsday = dead Superman, right?) then I’m gonna feel more then I did from reading the original story. 

  7. The very end was Brainiac (as Venom) infecting the entire Fortress of Solitude, turning it black, wasn’t it? 

  8. Ooooh, really?  It cut off when Clark and Jor-El were talking about Doomsday.

  9. Yes, @jonnjonz I concur with the tragic figure thingamabob idea. Works a whole lot better.

  10. Yeah, the black goo from Chloe’s noggin seeped into the crystals, turning the whole structure black.  There was some dialogue between Joe-El and the conquering Brainiac.  

  11. Yup, that was the end.  My station cut that part out too, so I recorded another showing at a later date to get those last 30 seconds. 

    Side Rant – In this day and age why can’t you program a DVR to record a specific program and not just a time period?  Each show must have it’s own digital identifier, right?  Would it really be that hard to do?  – Side Rant over. 

  12. Here we go!

  13. They’re going Cloverfield with this episode.  

  14. I don’t remember Lois looking this hot since the strppper episode!

  15. @PaulMontgomery Yeah, all "let’s review what the camera recorded"

  16. Wedding in the ex-crush’s barn?  Awwwwkwarrrrrd.  

  17. Who are all of these random people at the wedding?

  18. Who’s holding the camera? It is Lex?

  19. Wait… they ARE really dong CLOVERFIELD..? I thought Paul was kidding…

  20. I love this show, but if this whole episode is like Cloverfield, I’m gonna be pissed.

  21. @RipperSix – It’s Pete.

  22. Actually really impressed with the cold open.  

  23. I think we just saw scenes from tonight’s episode. Don’t we usually get that at the end of the previous week’s episode?

  24. @Paul – Yeah, that was really strong.  Well constructed.

  25. Last week was Eternal Sunshine of the Smallville Mind, this week Cloverfield. You’d think if they were going to rip-off/pay homage to something, they’d choose stuff that was a little more timely

  26. Ozzie in a World of Warcraft commercial? Come on Ozzy, you can do better than that.

  27. Hey all – never had a chance to do the live blogging while watching before.  Glad to be here.

     Conor – glad you got to see last week’s episode and hope I didn’t spoil anything for you in my voicemail. 

    "Chad from Milwaukee" 

  28. @cable77 – You didn’t.  Your e-mail reached me in time.  Thanks!

  29. Welcome @cable77 "Chad"!!

  30. Are tehy seriously doing Cloverfield??

  31. Lois… most annoying wedding planner choice in all of SMALLVILLE?

  32. The dialogue is unusually good tonight.  I usually cringe when Lois attempts a joke.  This isn’t bad.  

  33. Would have been pretty funny if they actually had the CLOVERFIELD actor as the camerman.

  34. @cable77 – No, it was just the open.

  35. haha… 2nd that cable77.

  36. I’m getting the feeling this WHOLE episode is just set-up. No real confrontation/battle until next week, I’m betting.

  37. Jimmy Olson knows too much about the ways of love!  

  38. Gotta love those anvils… "Lois and Clark would be good together"

  39. @Ripper – thanks for the welcome.

    Seriously—there’s a camerman in the room. 

  40. Wow, maybe they are doing CLOVERFIELD.  Also, this is all bad luck, Jimmy.

  41. @RipperSix. There is no next week… Legion is the next episode on January 15th

  42. (Next episode is LEGION!)

  43. I’m giving the show a few more episodes before I just give up.

  44. When Doomsday kidnaps Chloe later on, Jimmy will have no one to blame but himself.  But what are the odds of that happening?

  45. And they call THIS foreshadowing?

  46. So what do we think Chloe really remembers?  DId she just "forget" the Clark part?  Does she still know about Oliie and the Justice League?  Does she know she’s a meteor freak?

  47. "I’m gonna go get my bow tie."  Haha

  48. Chole is Hottt!! lol when did that happen?

  49. What’s to give up on DebrisStorm? Smallville’s been the best it’s been since season 3.

  50. The technical thing was she forgot everything having to do with Krypton.  

  51. I know that Lois is not a girly-girl but she would still be in full-on outfit/hair prep mode right now.

  52. Whoa!?  Lex is alive?  🙂

  53. Lex is ALIVE!!

  54. Y’know, I remember when they did this EXACT same thing on Felicity some years back.

  55. According to my HD signal, Ollie has pinkeye.  

  56. wait I missed last week too Chole doesn’t remember anything involving krypton??

  57. nvm thank you clark


  59. "more dangerous now than he ever was" — just wait until he’s president.

  60. @newtype1089 – Brainiac corrupted Chloe’s brain, overwriting her memories with his Kryptonian programming.  Clark had Jor-El restore it, minus all knowledge/memories of Krypton and his powers.

  61. Lex will be stronger than you can ever imagine once you strike him down.  It’s how the force works.  

  62. @newtype1089 Yes, they did a "Brand New Day" and all her memories of Kal El were shunted into the Phantom Zone.

  63. I’m guessing something will come up later where they "had" Lex if Clark had chosen to leave and not give away Chloe. 

  64. thank you thank you conor

  65. So, allow me to go into fanboy wish mode for a second….  Let’s say Doomsday DOES kill Clark.  The perfect next episode is a story with time travellers!  Bring in the Legion, a few weeks before, take Clark to the future, let them do their legionny-type stuff and then Clark can return in time to defeat the monster!  yay! 

    Yeah yeah, I know.. it doesn’t work, but I’ve simply been scratching my head trying to figure out how they’re going to do the Death of Superman Smallville Version. 

  66. If I were Clark I would have asked Jor-El to "get rid of all the dirty thoughts about me too.  Can you please make her not be so hung up on me, Dad?"  

  67. I’ve been watching the series from the start. The past few seasons have been very hit or miss. This season is a big miss. Personally, I’m glad Lana is gone. She was starting to get on my last nerve.

  68. @Crippler – interesting theory. 

    Do we know for sure the Legion episode isn’t until 1/15? 

  69. @Crippler Whaddya mean it doesn’t work? Look at "Perfect Strangers" and how many episodes did that run?

  70. @Crippler – I think that Clark’s fight with Doomsday will be impetus for him to finally go public as Superman and next season will be a Superman: Year One kind of thing. I really think we’re actually heading there this season. *fingers crossed*

  71. "Also, Jor-El.  Can you make her cluck like a chicken whenever I clap?  Just a simple rewiring."  

  72. I’m just hoping this is the last season.

  73. You better used to having buddies obsessed with vengeance, Clark.

  74. Are they still playing the "Ollie drinking a lot" angle?

  75. I think the CW is picking it up for another season.  I read this week that it is VERY likely.  

  76. DebrisStorm – its not. The actors are all signed for a ninth season from what I hear.

  77. @DebrisStorm Well, you’re in for a treat tonight!

  78. I imagine that Lois is in the wedding party which means she should be in hair and make-up right now!!!

    (I’m sorry, I’ve been to a lot of weddings)

  79. Awww… Lois thinks that Clark is her superstud

  80. "how did you know he was the one?"    It was the bowtie.

    "superstud?"  Come on.  Anvils galore. 

  81. That’s something STOLEN!

  82. Ooh! Love bug? Black widow? I smell a Spidey guest spot!

  83. Hey!  That’s Clark’s stuff!!!

  84. How ’bout I kill you as we walk down the aisle, Clark?

  85. Was that just a meteor rock or was that the Lana necklace which is now "white."

  86. @ RipperSix & All – Could we have a Perfect Strangers liveblog some night?  I know the biddeebobka song by heart. 

    Stupid Smallville question time – Is all of Chloe’s family dead?  I hate wedding episodes where family members dont’ show up.  (I’m looking at YOU Star Trek Nemesis!)  Her dad is dead..i think.. but her mom is alive.  She’s crazy, but come on.  She should be there.  .. and what about Martha?  Would she seriously not show up at this wedding?  .. and, um long lost Pete! 

  87. These are relatively subtle anvils for this series.  

  88. Where’s Chloe’s dad? Did he die at some point and I forgot??

  89. I like the references.  I refuse to call them "anvils".

  90. I wonder if they will show a "bald guy" running from Ollie.

  91. The arrow turns people into mannequins?!! 

  92. Oh give me a break.  Lana as the BLACK WIDOW???

  93. No store mannequin is safe from The Green Arrow.

  94. They’re references that are as subtle as anvils… I think they’re appropriately named.

  95. They’re only anvils to us.  My wife only catches when I elbow her and go…. "Did you get that?"

  96. @conor – Ok, that makes more sense.  

  97. @Crippler Yes, but only if you recite the whole thing right now. Go.

  98. For the record, I like the references too.  It’s part of the genre.  

  99. @Doctor2Geeks – You can call them that if you like, I’m not going to.  And like Crippler said, they only stick out to comic book readers.

  100. When you’re rolling out dee dough, make sure you roll it slow.  If you roll dee dough too quick, biddee bobka make you sick.

  101. @conor – fair enough

  102. So… Lana.

  103. I own Perfect Strangers season 1 on dvd and my podcast usually ended with its theme song.  Don’t tempt me.  

  104. @Crippler – and if you do the DANCE OF JOY.

    How many episodes is Lana contracted for?  Anyone know? 

  105. @Crippler Very appropriate for the 100th post tonight. You rock.

  106. Megagigs?

  107. I like badass Lana.

  108. Anyone else get turned on when Lana talked all computer-ese about RAMS and GIGS?

  109. @Paul – It’s part of the comic genre, but generally, in the fairly slim portfolio that is comic book tv, or even movies.  Most exist all by themselves with no reference to an outside universe.   

  110. @cable77 I might have been if she hadn’t said "megagigs".

  111. "By the way, Lana…don’t mention Krypton or Clark’s powers or anything like that to Chloe."

  112. My new wristband and bumper sticker: "WWCD: What Would Clark Do?"

  113. A secret stash of Perfect Strangers fans has been discovered!  GLEEE!!!!  @ Paul – consider yourself tempted!! 

  114. Very subtle, Clark.

  115. Lois has a HORRIBLE poker face



  116. Okay, that made me laugh out loud.

    Because I am 12.

  117. awww… they love each other. These guys have amazing chemestry this season.

  118. "straight and slip it in"   THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID.

  119. Doomsday needs a bath…

  120. Davis is DEXTER?

  121. Ew, squishy bags of people.

  122. "It’s fake blood.  We were shooting a student film."  How hard is that?  C’mon.  

  123. HE’S HULKING OUT!!!

  124. One more squishy bag o’ man-flesh coming right up!

  125. Don’t make Davis angry.

  126. When he said "I couldn’t control it." he did a Jon Stewart face.  


  128. She is? What about Pete, huh?

  129. Is this a wedding or a cocktail party?  What’s with the music?

    Where’s Pete to shout "REMY ZERO!" when we need him?

  130. "…I’ve been carrying around this weight."

    Clark:  "Well, Chloe, I didn’t want to say anything, but your hips do look a little bigger…."

    DOOMSDAY crashes in.

    and Scene. 

  131. Smooth! 

    Clark finally shows a spark of life!

  132. Tonight’s entertainment will be provided by Jimmy’s cousin, a 4th grader who has just learned to play the recorder.  

  133. Awkward…



  136. "Okay, if I let you slip me the tongue, you HAVE to stop calling me Smallville."

  137. Lana should have worn white and walked in during the ceremony, stealing all attention from Chloe.  That’s would have been hilarious.  

  138. @Paul – And very Lana-like

  139. See, it’s not Lana I have a problem with, it’s Clark constant mooning over here.  Get over it, man!

  140. Quick Lois. Kick her ass before she does what she did to Chloe!

  141. I wondered there for a minute if Lana would see Clark and Lois and then not show herself a la Angel showing up to Sunnydale in that one Thanksgiving episode and leaving town before Buffy knew he was there.

  142. What are the odds on Lana getting knocked out again for old times sake?

  143. "Dad.  While you’re robbing Chloe of her memories, would you mind removing Lana from mine?"

  144. I hope Lana is only in for a show or two. I don’t think I could stand ANOTHER Lana, Clark triangle.

  145. I think if Lana turned up dead, Suspect #1 would be Chloe, and now Suspect #2 would be Lois.

  146. @Conor – I agree…he needs to get over it. 

  147. Kristin Kreuk is signed on for 5 episodes. This one and four more after the winter break.

  148. Hey, it’s not a wedding until a drunken hook-up with an ex.

  149. Patsy Kline?  Too old a reference for their age group on the show?

  150. Back off Ollie, she’s Clark’s woman!

  151. It’d be neat if Doomsday killed Jimmy and then several pretender Jimmies came out of the woodwork.  

  152. @cable77 – You must have never watched GILMORE GIRLS, DAWSON’S CREEK or any other show on this network.  😉

  153. @Paul – The Reign of the Jimmymen!

  154. "I tried to ignore it.  Moments you can’t.  Maybe I read it all wrong."

    "I’m in love with Lana." 

  155. LMAO Paul

  156. It’d be very mature of the show to not have Lois and Ollie hook up.  Let’s see what happens.  

  157. Lana IS evil!! I KNEW IT!!

  158. Lana looks much better with straight hair.

  159. "I did’t plan on coming until a few hours ago.  Luckiy, Oliver Queen’s private jet copilot is a hairstylist."

  160. How ironic is it that Lana is the adventurous world traveler and Clark is the do-nothing homebody?

  161. @Conor – True — the references do tend to sneak in there.

    Okay – so is LEX texting her?  Is she protecting Clark by staying close to Lex and throwing him off Clark’s trail?  Obviously Lex doesn’t know that Ollie is the "Archer."   


  162. Turns out, in the Smallville Universe, Clark never actually becomes Superman. His alter ego is The Blur!

  163. Well, that’s sort of a nature versus nurture thing, Lana.  

  164. Yes it’s over, now… LET. IT. GO!

  165. Okay, this episode sucks.

  166. @Doctor2Geeks – That’s because they can’t, in any logical way, make Clark be Superman on this show.  Unless he wears a costume with a mask.

  167. Maybe this will be good closure for the Lana/Clark relationship.

  168. I would hope that Doomsday takes out Lana, but hearing that she’s signed for five episodes puts that to rest.

  169. I’m 24.  Patsy Cline isn’t out of my lexicon.  

  170. The barn is in Jurassic Park

  171. Run! GODZILLA!!!

  172. The punch is shaking…make it stop!!!  Drink the PUNCH QUICK EVERYONE!


  174. the camera man just bit it.

  175. Niiiiice call back with the Kryptonite.

  176. Well, damn.

  177. Please take Chloe to a windmill.  Please take Chloe to a windmill.  

  178. So, the thing took Chloe. And Clark is NOT fast enough to catch up?

  179. A very smart way to save on the F/X budget.  Excellent.

  180. Are they going to fix this in the last 5 mins?

  181. @RipperSix – Doomsday is Kryptonian too, he’s as fast as Clark is I presume.

  182. Man in suit. The budget is saved. 

  183. He probably doesn’t like to run as often though because of rock chafing (erosion).  

  184. @Conor – did they DD was Kryptonian? I thought he was a science experiment from Krypton or something like that.

    I agree — smart way to save on the budget and still kept it creepy enough. 

  185. Lana in the hospital, Clark coming to visit…. just like old times.

  186. @PaulMontgomery – You’re never going to forget about the chafing, are you?

  187. HAR HAR

  188. @cable77 – He’s Zod’s son.

  189. "The only thing that will save Jimmy is if we find Chloe."

  190. @Conor – oh that’s right…forgot about that.  I’m confusing the 3 different origins out there for DD.

  191. Wait.  Chloe can still heal people, right?  She just doesn’t remember that she can.  She can save Jimmy!


  193. Its the patented Smallville ending montage to crappy pop music of the week. Will we get a ‘Music this episode was by..’ at the end? Who is Warners trying to shill tonight?

  194. It’s The Phantom of the Fortress.

  195. @Conor – good call on the healing.

    Whoa — what’s with black eyed Chloe?

  196. OMG I TOTALLY FORGOT THIS EPISODE WAS ON TODAY!!!! I NOW JUST TURNED IT ON! wtf is up with the gay music??

  197. Dude!  Whaaaaat?!!!

  198. Kryptonian Battlesuit! Do it!

  199. WTF?!  Was that a "new" Braniac?

  200. So we got a super brief glimpse of the Legion in there, but no mention of them because, really, who knows who they are?

  201. man who was that in the preview with the metal helmet?

  202. Yeah – who was the metal helmet guy?

  203. It was Bane.  

  204. man i missed the whole episode…. thats what i get for playing madden online

  205. I think it was the Legion villain, Persuader. 

  206. Okay – thanks for the chat tonight.  Time to go watch Izzy have sex with a ghost.

  207. Very strong episode.  The streak continues.

  208. im in classs right now how was it??

  209. @PaulMontgomery But, his eyes! No glowing! We got shafted.

  210. The PersuaderGood call, BehrClemons.

  211. Yes, but WHICH the Persuader?  Hmmmm???

  212. "I love catching people in the act.  That’s why I’m always whipping open doors."  Hahaha, oh Dwight.  

  213. the first one


  214. Hi, I’m from tijuana mexico, so that means west coast, just wanted to know if this was a good enough episode to start watching since i have not seen much since the 4th season but i just stumble upon this post and I’m ready to get back into it just don’t wanna spend an hour for 2 seconds of DOOMSDAY, how much is he on?

  215. @grottesco – He’s in it for a few minutes.  Maybe five?  It’s hard to say.

  216. thanks, bummer but I guess we will see more of him since he can’t be kill, maybe he will just retire like bruce wayne. I take my chance and watch it hoping that the wedding thing doesn’t bore me to hell.

  217. And The Office made me cry again…

  218. Steve Martin as an eccentric millionaire on 30 Rock?  Best night of TV ever!!!

  219. SMALLVILLE, please.  🙂

  220. The liveblog party has to keep on rocking!  


  221. Talk about best night of TV ever Kiefer Sutherland is on Charly Rose tonight…lol

  222. One wife phone call and crying baby interruption later….      Episode completed!  Wow!  I love this season.  What else can you say? 

    Question – Why the seemingly odd throwaway reference to Star city?  Is there a DC character who lives there?  Where is Dr. Midnite from?  Is there any other possible Dr. character that you might need to explain being in another city?  I’m asking because it seemed awfully important to get Jimmy out of Smallville. 

  223. @Crippler – Star City is where Oliver Queen is originally from.

  224. "Star City was briefly mentioned by Lex Luthor in the Smallville sixth season episode "Reunion". In "Freak", Tobias is sent to Star City because Oliver Queen said he would be given a cornea transplant. A computer generated panorama of Star City can also be seen in the first episode in the online Smallville spinoff short "The Oliver Queen Chronicles"."

  225. Thanks Conor.  It still just seems like an odd reference.  There’s never been much of a reason to go anywhere else with a name besides Smallville or Metropolis.  We’ve also never had anything on the show to tie Queen to the city besides those couple of mentions you’ve pointed out.  Maybe the reason is a really simple one – get Lois and Jimmy off screen while the heroics occur in the same ole stompin grounds.   

  226. I knew it Lana is really Winnie Cooper.

  227. This was fantastic. Best episode I remember in a while…

  228. Does anyone know the name of the ending song of this episode?

  229. That was supposed to be Lex at the end, right?  Or a new body for Brainiac perhaps?  But I’m pretty sure showing a bald guy from behind was meant to imply Lex.  Definitely a big WTF moment for me.

  230. So I’m in Pittsburgh, so the show was not on in favor of the Steelers/ Bengals game, like last week in NYC.  I did get to watch on youtube and I can’t wait to watch this on HD when they air it on Saturday!  This was pretty awesome!

    And I think that last shot HAS to be Lex! 

  231. My only complaint of watching it in HD is that CW logo. It’s always on their chins, and they need to drop it back in opacity.

  232.  it’s the original persuader, the new one is a girl. did anyone catch the costume nods with the legion? saturn girl was wearing a white shirt with a red jacket. cosmic boy wore a purple jacket with grey circles, and lightning lad wore a blue jacket with lightning bolts on it.  side note: why does every superhero in smallville wear a jacket? "hey, look that guy’s wearing a jacket! get him, he must have powers!" i mean, how has almost nobody figured out that the blur is clark. " the blur is red and blue, clark wears red and blue all the time! oh, wait, the blur is that guy who swung across the street and didn’t use any of the blur’s speed powers! sorry i suspected you, clark."         

  233. Blue and red are pretty commmon colors.

  234. @PaulMontgomery

    Yeah so I have also never thought anyone else had heard of Strange Matter either. They were far superior to the Goosebump books in my opinion. I have been trying to find them on Amazon or Ebay for a while now, but I usually only can find them in used bookstores.

  235. Can I just say that Erica Durance is knocking it out of the park, week by week, as Lois.

    Outstanding episode!

  236. Hey all, i agree with Superchuck, ermm, is that suppose to be lex at the end of the 10th episode? because it dosent look like him, but who else is there thats bald?

  237. So I’m still waiting to figure out how they’re going to explain the Ashmore twins both being on Smallville. I’m thinking Clark takes Jimmy out to a club to get over Chloe who is now w/ Doomsday. They run into Jimmy’s cousin who looks like him and steals Clarks’ powers again during a storm in an alley fight.

  238. I don’t watch Smallville at all, but I checked out this post to see the pic of Doomsday. Isn’t Chloe dead? Just curious how that happened…