Smallville – S08E05 – Committed

Tonight’s episode – Committed

Looks’ like we’re got us a serial killer in Metropolis. That should be a nice change of pace. Hopefully there’s some legit danger in that. It would be good to see the show go a bit darker now and then.

Whether or not any of that comes to pass, Smallville is on a roll with the last three episodes proving to be really a lot of fun.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. wow chloe and jimmy dead. just like that…

  2. personally, Im always behind a Whitesnake sing-a-long 

  3. NICE ollie is back!

  4. that could be one terse dinner date

  5. ANOTHER Whitesnake reference!  We’d better HEAR some Whitesnake at some point this season.

  6. hahah The Wholesome Olsen! 

  7. So, SAW 6 – Smallville style?

  8. "omg chloe..we’re in SAW!"

  9. this is pretty awesome so far

  10. Will this be the reason Chloe and Jimmy don’t get married?  It’s all going to come out now.  Do you still love Clark?  …  ZZzzzzap! 

  11. oh this guy isnt a bad guy… hes just trying to help ppl and their relationships. thats good

  12. If he doesn’t believe he was cheating, then he was telling the truth.

  13. if the clark and lois thing works , maybe this is how they get together when they both find out they looove each other.

  14. @chelsea– I second that this episode has been a lot of fun.

  15. the actors really do have a good chemistry 

  16. I was thinking is there anything on Jimmy’s parents? 

  17. LOL ollie hes hilarious

  18. ouch , that’s gotta hurt


  19. Hahah The interplay between Clark and Lois has been fantastic this season.

    AHA!  And the plot thickens with the entrance of Mr. Queen.

  20. good call on the Do you Love Clark guess!

  21. Someone’s got a secret.

  22. this got creepy fast

  23. they should let him look through walls this season.  or fly.  Fly would be good.

  24. So, who is this guy?

  25. wow what a coincidence. he just happens to be wearing a kryptonite bracelet

  26. Gob Bluth voice: 

    COME ON!

    Man, it’s been a while since there was a freak of the week episode.  I guess this just became one.  Kryptonite wristband?  Lame. 

  27. they’re huge this year I read

  28. Kirkman reference!

  29. haha he said walking dead

  30. yeah, lois tell the truth

  31. and there it is

  32. "so how’d you two finally hook up?"


  33. Oh, come on!

  34. I wanted Clark to answer.

  35. She’s got to put two and two together now right?  I mean he’s fully healed already

  36. That was HILARIOUS.  My wife thought Clark almost shat his pantaloons while he waited to hear Lois’ answer.  He was convinced he was getting zapped. 

    I think I’d be happy to watch a whole season of just Lois and Clark.

  37. awkward

  38. man these people are flip about being kidnapped all the time huh

  39. wtf oh jimmy. who are you?!

  40. …jimmy?

  41. So… Chloe can do the mad haxxorz on anything she wants to know… except she never bothered looking into Jimmy-boy’s ‘rents? 

    Oh.. who’s that sleeping Lex’s bed..?  It’s Ollie time! 

  42. dude..what is up with these people..Hey super sorry i totally lied about my identity with us about to get married an stuff

  43. They are so great together. I love the chemistry.

  44. i enjoyed that episode quite a bit. 🙂

  45. yay for lois and clark. looks like the train is finally moving



  46. yay finally, the lois and clark train is finally taken off!



  47. that was cool!  one of the better episodes of the show really, this seasons been great so far.  

  48. Agreed Chelsea.  I liked that episode a lot.  Great ending. 

  49. Is the site extra slow tonight, or is that just my connection?

  50. Well, onto an Office Episode which has been AWESOME so far.  Dwight wears red underwear!  Highlight so far. 

  51. PENALTY!! False start on Clark Kent. 10 yards. im behind watching it on dvr. but that little false start when she said yes, waas kinda off.

  52. I would scratch Tess’ itch anytime. 🙂

  53. I liked this episode alot!  Lois & Clark in the Daily Planet, getting in to trouble, hints at love, its all great in my book.  Tom and Erica have really good chemistry together.  This season has been quite entertaining!  Next week… Doomsday!!!!  I CAN’T WAIT!

  54. Blimey! Another really strong episode! Maybe it’s just Smallville-conditioning, but after the last couple of weeks I was really expecting a nothing/filler episode. Me = proved happily wrong.

    I wasn’t sure about an 8th season, but on the evidence so far I’m having a blast with this. Making Ollie a regular is the best move they could have made.

    Also, and I’m serious, am I the only person who sometimes forgets Lana was in this show? Nothing against the actress, but that’s how little I miss her character. The Clark/Lois chemistry is much better.

  55. Finally got to watch this and – WOW!  Another great episode.  This one was filled with so much great character stuff between the three main couples – Clark/Lois, Chloe/Jimmy, Ollie/Mercy – nad I loved every minunte of it, most especially the Clark/Lois stuff.

    One thing I’ve noticed is that there is usually one moment in every episode where you say to yourself, "Waitaminute… that’s no way that… but, how…" and for this one it was when Clark used his heat vision right in front of Lois (who was staring intently at him at the time).  I just kinda had to let that one go.  There is always one moment you kinda have to let go in every show.

  56. I got pooped out on Smallville during the third season many years back. I missed out I guess. I just have such limited time to watch TV or DVDs. My a human being not a human watching, LOL.

  57. Conor, I think that Clark shoots his eyes off in front of people a few times a season. Didn’t he do it last year to stop a bullet on a movie set, with a huge crowd around? I think we are just supposed to believe that the bursts of heat vision travel so fast that their source cannot be identified by the naked eye.