Smallville – S07E19 – Quest

Tonight’s episode – Quest

Last week was pretty awesome, wasn’t it?

It’s amazing how a simple pair of glasses can send my fanboy heart all a-flutter.

Well, we’re winding down Lex Luthor’s story and now it is rumored that we will be winding down Chloe Sullivan’s as well. TV Guide is reporting that it is starting to look like Allison Mack won’t be returning to the show next year as Chloe. Reportedly it’s over money issues.   If this is the case it will be really too bad and another body blow to a show that has sustained way too many already with the loss of show creators and executive producers Al Gough and Miles Millar, it’s best actor in Michael Rosenbaum, and reducing Kristen Kreuk’s Lana Lang to only a handful of episodes next season.

(Although many fans are probably happy about that last point.)

Nothing is final yet and as it pointed out in the article, if you lose Chloe all you’re left with is Clark & Lois and at that point the concept of the show is dead, so it’s always possible that a deal will still be made. But if a deal isn’t made? Well, then it might be time to either kill the show outright or announce that next season is the final season, fast forward the show a few years and have Clark graduated from college, joining the Daily Planet and preparing to become Superman. Anything else, in mind, is just going to be a muddled mess.

As for tonight, more with the Veritas organization, which, I’ll be honest, hasn’t been all that thrilling.

I look forward to your thoughts, ideas, theories, and live blogging.


  1. what does this have to do with Grant morrison?

  2. I’m actually here for this one!

  3. Doc Cottle!

  4. wow he needs better guards.


  5. Well, fuck – that was brutal.

  6. Welcome Conor!!

  7. Ya know for the next season i heard the villian might be doomsday.

  8. you know who michael rosenbaum looks like?

    yeah, grant morrison! there’s your connection for the grant morrison spotlight!

  9. I’m sad to hear that Allison Mack may be leaving too… 🙁

  10. @Julian – Yeah, they announced last week that next season would feature Doomsday and a female villain from the comics.

  11. I feel like that wound is going to scar.

  12. That’s a full service bank that will send an assassin after your lost treasures.

  13. Double O Jimmy!!!!

  14. not unless they get lex cheesecake!

  15. how did he get THAT picture???

  16. With a point and shoot, too!  You’d think that Jimmy would have a better camera.

  17. I’m liking the ominous music…

  18. Lex is risking a serious infection.  I hope he’s aware of that!

  19. Lex is risking a serious infection.  I hope he’s aware of that!

  20. Does anyone think that Lex is going to figure out that Clark is the Traveler?

  21. @Superyan – Yes, I do.

  22. @Superyan – Yes, I do.

  23. Hmmm… how do they end his arc though?  I just can’t see how the show goes on next year without Lex.

  24. and now they got religious.

  25. To Canada!

  26. Yeah, Clark, I’m pretty sure you don’t need to check the GPS now that you’re practically standing on the church steps.

    This is turning into THE DAVINCI CODE! 

  27. If Tom Hanks come out…….

  28. Edward Teague?  Is he an uncle?

  29. Much like the Spider Totem, I’m not sure I’m liking this traveler storyline.

  30. They should have really ended this show, this season.

  31. Oh, that’s his dad!  I thought he was dead. 

     I don’t like this worshipping him though.

  32. fuck me. more clues.

  33. Bad form monk man!

  34. so lex is the devil?

  35. Shit that things in a million pieces now!

    You know who could fix it?   SYLAR!

  36. I think the infection is hitting lex

  37. X-files ref, take a drink.

  38. Hey, um… where is Kara????

  39. Whatever website Jimmy used to decode the cave painting… that’s a helpful website.

  40. wow too religious

  41. where’s the sacrificial goat?

  42. This is fucked up!

  43. Lots of.. um, fairly gruesome chest carving in a show airing in what used to be called "family hour".

  44. that was unexpected

  45. I think Lex found the entrance to the Batcave.

  46. Ref to Warrior Angel


  47. Obligatory sword fight! YES!

  48. Aw, man – that old dude’s masterpiece!

  49. "How’d you do that?"

    "I didn’t."

    "Okay i believe you."

    "Well, I have no reason to lie to the man who just tried to stab me with a sword." 

  50. Muir Island?

  51. We’re going back to Smallville!!!!!

  52. That is some very soft plaster– er, I mean stone above his fireplace.

  53. wow

  54. Lex just found a giant magic 8-ball.  I was waiting for the thing to say "ask again later."

  55. time for the Office then Lost

  56. wow that was cool!

  57. Looks like Lex is going to figure it out, huh? Hmm….

    I can’t wait til next week!  Though sadly, it is Rosenbaum’s last. 🙁

  58. Awfully convenient that Lex happened to find the one piece that connected everything together.

    Having a guy named Teague was a nice touch.  Didn’t like this episode as much as the last few so I don’t have high hopes for the finale but hopefully they prove me wrong and end the season with a bang.

  59. I wasn’t crazy about this one either, but it had its moments.  I’m thinking I would give it a 3.5 out of 5.  Not as cool as last week, but moved the story forward for the seventh season finale.

    I’m not too worried about the finale, I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed with a Smallville season finale.  It’s just hard to believe its time again.  It feels like just yesterday that we saw Bizarro flying out of the dam.

  60. I’d like this show to just end already. I’ve enjoyed it up until season 5 or so. Now, the way it’s being aired doesn’t make sense with some plots resolved one week and not the next. Like someone else mentioned where’s Kara been since coming back. I don’t think they jumped the shark, but Clark punched it into orbit.