Smallville – S07E18 – Apocalypse

Tonight’s episode: Apocalypse

It seems as if tonight’s episode is going to be one large bone being thrown at the comic book reading fans. At least that’s how it looks from the trailer which is chock full of iconic Superman stuff — President Luthor, glasses-wearing Clark Kent at the Daily Planet, and Clark holding Lois in his arms.

Last week’s episode was… fun but ultimately didn’t add anything to the general proceedings. That seems to be the way things go with Smallville. A great episode followed by monotony. Maybe that bodes well for tonight!

What else bodes well for tonight? Well, I’m not going to be around for this one while it’s airing so it’s up to you guys, once again, to carry on the commentary. And the last time that happened Lex killed his father, so maybe I’m a jinx.


  1. The guide says that "Jor’el shows what life would be like…", so maybe it won’t be the cliche "go back in time, wreck things, and have to fix them," but the cliche "ghost of christmas present teaches Clark his importance."

  2. Quatum Leap reference ……nice.

  3. "Oh boy."

  4. classic Jimmy.

  5. OK. So.. um… the president is like.. 30 years old? 

  6. Started watching tonights episoded, but I’m going back to watch the Penguins/Rangers game.

    So far I like everything about this episode.  I can’t wait to see President Lex!!

  7. Its the friggin sheriff chick!?!?!

  8. Crap!  Forgot the time!  Missed Smallville!

  9. Just flipped back on and that was the coolest 10 minutes of Smallville I’ve seen in well, since 2 episodes ago!   Clark shot by Lex with K bullets.  Clark back on Krypton fighting Brainiac!  AWESOME!

  10. Well, for anyone that hasn’t heard, Michael Rosenbaum is officially leaving Smallville at the end of this season. 

    And, in Season 8 villain news, the new producers have announced that Clark will face…


  11. I’m watching this episode and now I want to go back and catch up… I love episodes like this!

  12. Oh are they writing her out of this show? Heck la!

  13. Michael Rosenbaum will not be a regular during “Smallville’s” eighth season, according to a press release jointly issued Thursday by the actor and the show’s executive producers.

    Rosenbaum’s character, Lex Luthor, will be replaced by two new villains. From Friday morning’s Hollywood Reporter:

    One of the new villains is Doomsday, who’s notable for killing Superman in the DC Comics Superman universe. Another is a female villain producers describe as "intelligent, brilliantly manipulative, and dangerously sinister" whose "attraction with Clark may prove to be as deadly as kryptonite for him."


    The actual press release indicates she "will be familiar to many fans."

    Rosenbaum may be back as a guest star next season.

    The 7th season finale airs May 15 on The CW.

  14. So how in the world are they gonna pull off doomsday? and who is this woman? Silver Banshee?

  15. Okay, watching now.

    Someone please start writing Clark with a bit more spine.  Please.  The self-loathing/self-doubt is becoming too much.

    It’s a Wonderful Life, Clark. 

    This other Clark Kent is a lot less hunkier, but more believably age appropriate.

    Jonathan!  Sad face.

    Bowtie!  Awesome.

    Man, this show really has screwed itself by not being able to have Perry White become a regular character.

    I hope Lana is dead on New Earth.

    Damn, she’s not.  Just living in France.  Ah, well.

    It’s nice to see some romantic sparks between Clark and Lois.  That is something that has been really unexplored so far.

    So without Clark in her life, Lois is a hotshot reporter at the Daily Planet already?  Hurm.

    Linda Danvers.  Excellent.

    White suit, black gloved President Luthor!  Double excellent!

    Clark is just *slightly* underdressed at this club.

    Oh man, blurry Clark looked just like Superman!  That rescue was awesome.

    Oh, Clark – you being selfish about your inner turmoil means nuclear winter for the world.  Nice one.

    How convienent that the President is having a press conference in Smallville!

    Yes!  Glasses!

    Yes!  Pushing the glasses up the bridge of his nose!

    What’s more likely – America elects a bald president, or one who wears all white suits?

    Aw, Reeves Dam.  Nice shout out to George.

    That is a particularly nasty kind of bullet.

    Heat vision, man!  Heat vision!  Melt Lex!


    Clark’s going to Krypton… well, we knew that was coming.

    Oh, god, enough with the Lana!  There are bigger things at stake here!

    It would have been cooler had Terrence Stamp been the one to impale Brainiac.

    So now Jor-El and Lara didn’t send Clark to Earth but Kal-El and Kara did?  Odd, that.

    Nice to see the iconic Krypton explosion/ship escape.

    Is it wrong that I think I prefer New Earth over the old one?

    Haha – Lois totally has a crush on Clark.  That punch was sooo grade school.

    To kill Brainiac is to become Brainiac, maybe? 

  16. @GungaDin – By "her" do you mean Lana?  Kristen Kreuk has said that she is going to be in a limited number of shows next season.

  17. How in the world can they wrap up Lex in 2 episodes and explain him not being there next season when it would appear that this year’s season finale will revolve around Lex discovering the Fortress of Solitude??

  18. I reckon it will be Lady Maxima?

    I know she hasn’t been in the comics for a long time, but it kinda fits the description?

  19. This was a fun ep, lots of nice moments between Clark & Lois. THE GLASSES RULED! I agree with Superyan though in that I don’t see how they can tie up Lex in so few episodes.

    @Conor- With you dude, New Earth was more fun.

    Most of all, I was really impressed with Tom Welling’s direction. The episodes he’s directed before were kinda smaller, character-based one-and-dones, but this had some really cool, dynamic stuff in it. Good job, Tom! 

  20. Now that is a fun little episode, but if that is the last of brainiac interaction we have this season it felt a bit underwhelming.

    Also that was terribly convenient to have Martha and Jonathan on a ‘cruise’.  And no Lana or Lionel.  Really if you’re going to do an alternate reality you can’t skimp on the details! 

    The best thing however about these ‘alternate’ reality episodes is the chance to get more Lois/Clark interaction, that was nicely done.

    The only thing I really didn’t like was the last scene with Lex.  Do we really need to go over the whole Clark can’t tell Lex his secret angle again?

  21. @adrian – What else are they supposed to do with actors who have left the show?