Smallville – S07E17 – Sleeper

Tonight’s episode – Sleeper

So… last week was really good, huh? I mean, like, really, really good.

There’s no turning back now, Lex Luthor is evil to the core and now it’s time for Clark to step up and become the hero we all know he is. I feel like Clark has been almost a non-entity this season, it’s been mostly about Lex and his descent into full evil, and the supporting cast. Clark needs to start asserting himself as the central character in this story.

Tonight it looks like Brainiac and Kara return and the trailer is full of all kinds of teaser images and scenes from past episodes that I don’t know what to expect. It’s kinda misleading that way. But then, they usually are.

This show whips me around like a yo-yo. Sometimes it’s just so groan-inducing it’s just not even fun to watch and make fun of (“Hero”) and sometimes it’s so damned good it rivals anything else on TV (“Descent”). You never know what you’re going to get with this show, which is kind of exciting.

It looks like there are three more episodes after this one. That should mean that Lex killing his father last week is the turning point that will lead us into our final storyline for the season. Let’s hope it’s a good one.


  1. Bonk.

    Hope it’s good, and hope I’ll actually be able to watch it live tonight for once!

  2.  Last episode was fantastic. I’m glad I’m home to watch this one. I hope it’s good.

  3. Let’s do this!

  4. This song is the new go-to song for TV shows.  I’ve heard it in a bunch of promos.

  5. "Mercy" by Duffy

  6. Is there a black ski mask/taser/retinal scanner store?

  7. Who is it??? Is it James Bond??

  8. LoL.  Bond, Jimmy Bond.

  9. Olson, James Olson…

  10. Not James Bond – Jimmy Bond!

    By the way, what guy hasn’t put on a tux and done a little James Bond posing in his head?  Let’s see some hands!  I did it on prom night. 

  11. Sex in the City movie = proof there is a hell.

  12. @Conor, I’ve never worn a tux, but I know if I did, I’d do some posing.  And probably try my horrible Sean Connery impression too.

  13. @HBD – Nah, there’s nothing wrong with people liking that show.  It’s no worse than liking comics.  It’s just as much of a fantasy setting.

  14. *Raising hand*

  15. What a culinary clutz.

  16. mmmm pancakes

  17. Is there nothing Jimmy Olsen can’t do?  I mean, seriously?  Where’s the scene of him painting with both hands?

  18. When did Jimbo and Cloe move in together?

  19. Jimmy, man, she’s just not that into you.

  20. Chloe looks fantastic tonight!!

  21. @Conor, he does contain all the powers of the new gods in him…maybe one of them is a chef.

  22. shoot him


  23. damn not a sniper, but a stalker


  24. I kinda wish Lana would disappear like Richie Cunningham’s older brother.

  25. I’m glad they’ve started saying Brainiac instead of the Brain Interactive Construct!

  26. Could the "box"’s contents be magical?  Have they established whether magic exists in this universe or not?

  27. she is the super hacker huh?

  28. OF COURSE Chloe can hack into it!  She can hack into anything – and in mere seconds.

  29. fake ass gameboy

  30. Fake gaming system alert!  Hate it when they can’t spring the cash on at least a PSP.

  31. Jimmy thought he found a cougar, instead he found a fed.

  32. Whoa – self-conscious James Bond reference!  AWE-some.

  33. a " terrorist sleeper cell" ?

  34. @HBD – It’s not the buying the PSP so much as licsensing its likeness which is PRICEY.  Cheaper just to mock up a fake.  And this show is on a tight budget.

  35. James Bond starter kit.


  36. I just saw the Hancock commercial. Can not wait. It looks good.

  37. Hmm, never seen this movie before…Hancock…looks tres intriguing.

  38. I like how the spy kit has a single throwing knife in it.  That’ll be useful!

  39. his jimmy senses is tingling

  40. Sprint product placement!

  41. Jimmy and Clark should team up as the Doormat Twins.

  42. "Travel far, son." 


  43. EVERYONE in Smallville is on a terrorist watch list!

    No way they red flag a rich dude like Lex. 

  44. Everyone in Smallville can hack too.

  45. "No, can’t translate it."  "Oh wait, it says save Lana."

  46. This is like that movie with Dennis Quaid and Jesus.

  47. Frequency!  That’s the one.

  48. Ah the misunderstanding.

  49. wow that was quick

  50. So it’s the post awesome epsiode filler episode, I see.

  51. Half over already?  So far, not as good as last weeks.  Sad geek is sad.

  52. At least The Office is on tonight

  53. Meatloaf is win.  That’s all.

  54. God bless Meatloaf

  55. @Julian – and LOOOOOOOOST!!!!!

  56. He’s doing this because they couldn’t get Terrance Stamp back to voice dialogue, Clark..

  57. @HBD -I forgot about Lost! Sweet.

  58. 5 flat screens = terrorist.

  59. cause Jimmy is the jealous type

  60. Time to man up, Jimmy!

  61. This federal agent is… suspicious.

  62. ah a pop culture reference (he said Shakira)

  63. Guess who just realized that the cold opening was in the future and then we flashed back to a day before.

    <– Dis guy.

  64. hahahahahahahahah

  65. they can dance too.

  66. @HBD – Way to pay attention to the "14 hours earlier" title at the beginning!  😉

  67. I think I know who’s going to be on Dancing With The Stars next season!

  68. I love the inexplicable tango in a film or on a show.

  69. 1. Hacking into gov files……check

    2. dancing……check

    3. awkward look….yup check 

  70. I’m pretty sure that for about 30 seconds there Chloe was reassessing her anti-sex with Jimmy stance.

  71. @Conor – I can’t actually read.  🙁

  72. @HBD-You too….[Sniff]

  73. On a sightly different topic, when did KFC start selling only drumsticks and thighs?  Where does the rest of the chicken go?

  74. Anyone notice the Stride gum on the table?

  75. Hmmm!  New Robin Hood series on the BBC?  Must check it out!

  76. One more "Farmer wants a Wife" commercial so help me……

  77. Jimmy got a spy outfit too! and a Mask!

  78. and a taser!

  79. Apparently, you just bang on those keys hard and fast enough and you hack into anything.

  80. how is jimmy keeping his eyes on her face?

  81. Black hole sun, won’t ya come, and wash away the rain.

  82. Poison dart cuff links!

  83. THAT was cool!  Gadgets galore!

  84. Cufflink dart = awesome.

  85. a dart in the sleeve….wow

  86. Ain’t so pretty no more.

  87. that fake gameboy has some nice graphics

  88. At what point did Clark become a seldom seen supporting character on this show?

  89. Punchin’ out bitches like it ain’t no thang!

  90. That fed worked Chloe over pretty good.

  91. She heals fast.

  92. Ofcourse, the swelling is all gone now.

  93. she only has that one scratch above her eye?


  94. Be a man, Jimmy!

  95. cue the sad song

  96. go Jimmy go!!


  97. Time to man up again, Jimmy!

  98. @Conor – I think I know why Clark isn’t in this one.  Welling is directing next week’s episode Apocolypse and I think its going to be big.  Directing and starring in the next episode probably took alot of prep work and took him out of this.  Just a thought I had..

  99. Wow, I swear I thought this was the final scene and I moved the laptop to the side and see that there are still ten minutes.  Fascinating.

  100. @Superyan – Makes sense.  I just think about stuff that has happened this season and he rarely pops up in the most memorable scenes.

  101. Will Jimmy ever give Chloe up?

    Will Jimmy ever let Choe down?

    Will Jimmy ever run around and desert her?

    Will Jimmy ever make Chloe cry?

    Will Jimmy ever say goodbye?

    Will Jimmy ever tell Chloe a lie and hurt her? 

  102. @Conor – you are right. he has taken a back seat alot this season, but my guess is it was necessary this week.

  103. the box……


  105. @Superyan – Shouldn’t it be called "Apokalips"?  How cool would that be, might make losing Lex mre acceptable.

  106. Whoops.

  107. Da box!  Eet’s empty!  Fail!

  108. what the hell

  109. Hmmm…


    Lex, behind you! 

  110. holy crap go lex!

  111. What does it mean?

    It means Luca Brazi sleeps with the fishes. 

  112. The Knights of Veritas?

  113. "Lunch on Lex Luthor’s dime"…Who talks like that?

  114. He kills family Jimmy, you’re screwed!

  115. Lex’s overt evilness is delicious.

  116. it is crazy

  117. Hey, it’s Clark!

  118. Aaaaand SMALLVILLE adds timetravel and all of our heads explode.

  119. time travel? Marty get in the delorian!

  120. @Conor LMAO

  121. You were right on about Frequency, Conor.

  122. On Krypton 1989 everyone is wearing Batman t-shirts and are anxiously awaiting Tim Burton’s reimagining of Batman.

  123. wow

  124. So…um…weren’t we supposed to see Lex in Antartica?

  125. Oh wow, next one looks awesome!


  127. aaaand time for The Office

  128. Hmm… going to Krypton?   Not sure about that.  I *am* sure that next week’s show looks awesome!



    Next week = President Lex and Glasses Clark!! 

  130.  good night guys

  131. Well, this week = fail.  Hopefully next week = win.

  132. I’d say it was an average episode.  The Lex stuff moved the Veritas storyline forward a bit, but the rest was obvious filler.  Entertaining "Jimmy/Chloe spy" filler though, so I give this one 3.5 out of 5.

  133. So I literally catch the last five minutes of this episode… It makes me wanna freakin go and watch the entire season just to be justified in watching next week’s episode… Which I’m totally going to be doing….

  134. I too just caught the last five minutes and I want to say…


    I love the Back to the Future movies, I really do.  Some are better than others but just buttloads of fun.  However, did Marty’s photo of his disappearing family erase every writer’s notion of time travel?  Hey Clark, if Brainiac killed you as a baby, you’d already be gone!


    Bill and Ted are the only ones that got it right. 

  135. Cue head explosions.

    (And yes, BACK TO THE FUTURE did ruin it for everyone)

  136. Ok, I expected a fluffy one after last week, Smallville always follows its heavy shows with something light, but 90% of that was pointless. Fun and entertaining, yes, but ultimately pointless.

    Still, Jimmy as a spy was cool, and I love overly complicated plans that don’t make any sense when you actually think about them. AND a ridiculously choreographed Tango (way to keep a low profile, guys!).

    It was nice to see the season arc move forward in the collected 6 minutes of screen time Clark and Lex had. And who doesn’t love a shiny metal box that opens in a stupidly complex way?!

    All in all, fun was had, but now let’s get back to the meat of it! 

  137. Chew Stride gum!!!