Smallville – S07E15 – Veritas

Tonight’s episode – Veritas

Apparently, the producers are putting their sacred “No Tights, No Flights” edict to the test tonight as Kara attempts to teach Clark to fly. Now, they have shown Clark fly before but only when he was in his red kryptonite “Kal” persona, which was a bit of deft loopholery.

We’re gearing up for a big showdown with Brainiac, which I’m assuming is the big finale of this weird strike-truncated season. That should be a lot of fun, James Marsters has been playing an interesting Brainiac and the show is almost always better when he shows up.

Last week it was suggested that I write up an Official iFanboy Smallville Drinking Game. It’s an interesting proposition. This week, in the comments, I’ll take suggestions.


  1. Woot.

  2. My commentary might be sporadic in the beginning of this one – I need food!

  3. Owls are bad ju-ju.

  4. This is kinda TWIN PEAKS-esque.

  5. Oh it’s go time.

  6. Why is it that when people get thrown around, they always hit a water pipe?

  7. Somebody saaa-aaave meeeee…  Food time!

  8. @Conor – Or something that explodes in a shower of sparks.  Like electric water pipes.

  9. Everytime the theme song starts I am annoyed by it, but then halfway through I am singing it.  Every time.

  10. This episode is going to be awesome. 🙂

  11. "Why didn’t you tell me there was another Kryptonian on Earth?"  Sometimes I feel like there are more Kryptonians than Earthlings.

  12. Flight training!!!!

  13. Everytime a character does that "I’ve just heard something important so I’m going to raise my head a couple degrees" move, take a drink.

  14. Hey!  It’s Lois!  She needs to start picking on Jimmy more.  Also, it’s about time for Perry White to be the Editor-in-Chief at the Daily Planet.  He needs to be a grizzled vetern by the time Clark gets there.  Too bad he is played by Michael McKean (who was AWESOME), who probably has better things to do.  And too bad they basically wrote his wife off the show.

  15. Every time a character who has worked for Lex for years, but we’ve never seen before, walks into Lex’s office, take a drink.

  16. @Conor – Last I heard, McKean was doing a play or something in England or something. 🙁

  17. Hahaha – Young Oliver with the bow and arrows!

  18. Don’t go in there Lil’Lex!


  20. Refresh my memory, was Swan the guy Chris Reeve pla…nevermind, he just wheeled past.

  21. This is an intense episode, and I don’t have my laptop. 🙁 not cool.

  22. You know, I *thought* the girl watering the plant seemed especially shapely…

  23. I’m still bummed she’s dead after one episode.  I liked her.

  24. Kara’s not much of a teacher.  That’s like me driving my car around the block and then handing my keys to my sister and saying "just that easy – now you try!"

  25. Clark is scared of flying!

  26. Stabby stabby!

  27. WTF?  We didn’t even get to see him fall on his face…  Was that Kara training Clark to fly????  If so, I’m declaring shenanigans on that episode description the CW provided.

  28. That’s… gotta hurt, right?  Or at least leave a big scar on her forehead?  Right?

  29. Can she be okay after that? Also Clark is a baby. Geeze.

  30. Well, we already saw it kill Dax-Ur.  How will Lana not die this time??

  31. No, seriously – where’s my food?

  32. Im in ur building, intercepting ur takeout.

  33. There is no Lana only Zul.

  34. LOL, good call!  Are you the gatekeeper?

  35. Only one drinking game nomination so far, people!

  36. A comic based on a TV show based on a comic.  Worlds collide!

  37. We really just can’t escape Pete Ross and his gum, can we?

  38. Take a drink everytime se see an exterior establishing shot of the Daily Planet.

  39. Two keys are needed?  Sounds like someone needs Richard Pryor and his case of booze.  Break out the Singapore Slings!

  40. Two keys are needed?  Sounds like someone needs Richard Pryor and his case of booze.  Break out the Singapore Slings!

  41. Lex has fantastic childhood recall.

    I fell like Lionel was the kind of father that would never allow a clip-on tie.

  42. Now or never Clark!  Fly after them!

  43. Fly CLARK!  DAMMIT FLY!!

  44. I have a feeling he’s not going to fly.

  45. But that could just be hunger.

  46. Clark didn’t really try that hard to stop Kara.

  47. Ya, vanished off the map, causing a sonic boom in space.

  48. And "No Flights, No Tights" stays intact as I suspected it would!

  49. Well, that was the ep where Kara teaches Clark to fly.

  50. Next Episode Lex finally does what we have been waiting for him to do since season 1

  51. Ok, that was a pretty good episoded, but TOTALLY did not live up to the descriptions or my expectations of what we were going to see.

  52. @HBD – Well, to be fair, I just checked the episode summary and it says "Kara decides to teach clark to fly…" which is exaclty what happened.  She decided to do it, it just didn’t happen.

  53. I’ll give that one a 4 our of 5.  Very good, but I guess I was really hoping for an attempt at flying.  I kind of figured Clark wouldn’t actually learn, but I thought he would at least give it a try.  Last week’s Traveler was a nice build into this one though.  Like Vincent86 said, it looks like Lex is finally going to do it.  I would have preferred they didn’t actually "show it" in the teaser, but oh well. 

    How many weeks til "Descent"?  That one should be a good ol’ fashioned barn burner!

  54. The fact that they showed Lex… doing it in the teaser makes me think it’s not actually going to happen

  55. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. good point!  Judging by last week’s teaser, or their teaser’s in general, we don’t see half the stuff they show.

  56. Well, I try to stay away from spoilers these days, but I did hear that this Veritas was the episode that would split up Clark and Lex for good on their respective paths.  That definitely didn’t happen tonight.  I guess next week. 

    As for Clark flying, does anyone think this will ever happen before the final episode?

  57. @Supervan – I don’t think it will happen, no.

  58. To me it’s obvious where Kara/Brainiac went.  In a past episode where they featured Lara/Kara on Earth, they went through a ‘portal’.

     Tonight Brainiac offered Kara to see her family again and for her to be back on Krypton.  In other words, that sonic boom we saw in space was actually a portal back to Krypton (in the past). 

     Here’s hoping for a season finale of Clark being ‘stuck’ on Krypton with a Terrance Stamp guest appearance! 🙂


  59. @ aleks – Stuck on Krypton sounds possible, but I don’t think we’ll ever see Terrance Stamp.  Heck, we didn’t even get to hear him last week when Kara got her powers back.

  60. I doubt Terrance Stamp will make an actual appearance as well. Haven’t they made the point several times that Jor-el looks exactly like Clark?

  61. Man, they really are making Clark to be pretty useless in this episode.  Afraid to fly, doesn’t stop Kara, doesn’t help Lana.

    The preview for Descent looks awesome though. 

  62. That sonic boom you saw was brainiac and kara flying backwards and rebuilding krypton.

  63. Thank god the Marsters is back (although ever since Buffy and Angel and his almost perfect Brit accent, his real Amercican accent just sounds a little fake to me. I know it’s not, but it sounds it)! Loved this one, really got down and dirty into what I imagine is this season’s final arc.

    They actually put Lois in an episode! And teamed her up with Jimmy! Great move, as individually these characters have had nearly zero to do for ages.

    Is it just me, or was that ending supposed to imply that Lana’s dead? 

  64. Also, I’m with Superyan about the drinking game, every time they show an establishing shot of The Daily Planet. Only drawback is you’d be wasted by halfway through because, boy, they show those a LOT!

  65. I’ve been out of touch with this shown since the end of season 5 beginning of season 6.  How’s it coming this year in comparison to it’s earlier seasons.  Worth me catching up on?  I need to spend some money on something.

  66. Anyone else notice the awkward moment when Jimmy gets busted by Lois for staring at her rack?

    Take a drink after the follwing establishing shots:
    The Kent Farm
    The Daily Planet (as mentioned above)
    Smallville Medical Center
    LexCorp exterior
    Chloe speaks in ongoing thematic metaphors ala "Clark, I don’t want to flood you with information but this download is raining data that will make all of us wet and I don’t want to drown."
    Lex gets knocked unconscious
    Clark and Lana address a "trust" issue
    Clark shows up at The Planet