Smallville – S07E14 – Traveler

Tonight’s episode – Traveler.

Let’s face it, last week’s episode was terrible. It might have been the worst episode of the past two seasons, at least. But that’s a pretty strong track record so, undaunted, we move on to this week’s episode. And we’ve already seen scenes from this week’s episode which they ran in the trailer for last week’s episode. Maybe they just didn’t want to tip us off to how bad it was going to be.

Speaking of which, does anybody have any gum? I’m partial to Stride, myself.

The only other Smallville news I’ve got for you this week is that I read an unconfirmed report that Kristen Kreuk said she was only going to be in a few episodes next season. Possibly no Lana and possibly no Lex? Just end the show!


  1. I don’t seal enough of my correspondence in wax.  I need to start doing that.

  2. Chief!

  3. well, this is intense.

  4. So how many people know that Clark has abilities now?

  5. Lana, Pete, Lionel, Chloe, Kara did.

  6. green arrow also.

  7. Okay a lot pretty much

  8. Also the JLA, his mom and various girls and hired goons.

  9. Okay, I get it now.  It all makes sense.  Clark is the fifth cylon.

  10. Heh, thanks.

  11. Oky, well that explains why the Kryptonite bars aren’t killing him.  They’re watered down!

  12. Oh, yeah!  Dr. Swann knew about Clark and apparently now his daughter too.

  13. The Queens!  Awesome.

    "Astonomy club" – Heh.  I love Lionel.

    "Prepare for the traveler"?  Is it Gozer?

    Holy shit!  Lionel killed the Queens?!? 

  14. I’m glad they have brought back the Swans

  15. Looks like they are reasserting Lionel’s evilness.  That’s a good development.

  16. Yeah, I like evil Lionel, he’s much more fun.

  17. God, Lex is a bastard.

  18. So far this episode is way better

  19. @chelsea, I agree. This episode in first fifteen minutes has washed away the bad memory of last weeks episode

  20. a year supply of Stride gum? Alright!

  21. No matter how hard she tries Lana is just not intimidating

  22. @chelsea – I wonder how much they consider to be a year’s supply?

  23. Well with its new long lasting flavor, I would think not much at all.

  24. @chelsea – Heh.

    Every time they say "astronomy club" I giggle.

  25. Stride is breaking my will.

  26. What about gloves and hats?  I’m just sayin’… it’s the North Pole.

  27. at least some earmuffs.

  28. This is very much a "we have to advance the plot" kind of episode.  Not bad, but not terribly exciting either.  So far, anyway.

  29. who didn’t see that coming?

  30. She didn’t, apparently.  🙂

  31. Lex needs to hurry up and kill his dad.  I think it’s really important for his character arc.

  32. this is true.

    I wonder if Clark is going to get that Lionel was behind it or if Lionel somehow convinces him that he was there to rescue Clark?

  33. Who does a worse job keeping their secret identity… well, secret?  Clark on SMALLVILLE or all of the Bruce Waynes in all of the Batman movies?  At this point, it’s a toss-up.

  34. oh just be Superman already and quit complaining.

  35. Whoops.  Cat’s out of the Lionel bag.

  36. Hmm…. new love interest for Clark?

  37. @conor Definitely a tie

  38. Good for Clark.  For once he wasn’t the naive dupe.

    I feel like Lois hasn’t been on the show in forever. 

  39. Holy…!



  40. Hey, I forgot all about Lois. 

    ha,I guess not so much of a love interest anymore.

  41. So much for that love interest idea

  42. Hey, next episode looks good.

  43. GREAT ending.  This show is strong when it lives in the moral grey area.

    Next week looks delicious. 

  44. Blast!  I missed it!  Off to The Pira…I mean iTunes!

  45. I’m not even sure what I want from smallville anymore but I know I’m not getting it.

    We all know what it’s building to but foundation is getting weaker and weaker.


    Why isn’t he using his powers in more clever and creative ways? If a situation is fixed by a straight shot of heat vision or a slow motion super speed sequence I’m not going to watch anymore. I’m bluffing but damn gina mix it up or at least fly already. Then we can have the slow motion jumping take off every third week to save the day. 

  46. Not going to be any flying.  Probably not any creative use of powers either because:

    1. That’s expensive.

    2. He’s not a master of his powers.

    He’s not Superman yet, that’s the point. 

  47. I liked the actress that played Patricia Swann.  She did kind of resemble Christopher Reeve, and I thought she did a decent job.


    Too bad she’s dead.

  48. Kick-ass! Much better than last week’s episode, seems to be back on track. Bit slow starting, but really dark in places, which is how I think this show works best (you gotta balance out the smaltz, people).

    And we got Chief! And Supergirl back! I really like the eps when Clark’s out of the picture and it’s up to everyone else to save the day. And Holy Shit; that ending! That was ballsy of them.

    Only minor gripe, they’ve got too many leads now, and we’re going weeks without seeing certain characters. I really wanna see the Clark/Lois thing going again, they were getting a nice raport. Also, could they not afford Terence Stamp this week?

    Still, A-plus in my book. And not a damn stick of gum in sight… Hooray! 

  49. Hey guys. Longtime podcast fan, but just registered and signing on with my very first iFanboy comment. Love what you’ve done with the place.

     So is anyone going to acknoledge that the editor of the Planet got blown away in public? There’s been no reaction from Jimmy, Lois or Chloe at all and you’d think that’d be a topic around the newsroom, right? Did I miss part of an episode or what?

     Last night was pretty good. Nice to see Lex get through an episode without getting knocked unconscious. I swear you could build a Smallville drinking game around that.

  50. @jonnjonz; Hey dude, greetings and salutations! You raise two excellent points. Nobody seems worried that the editor was killed. Maybe everyone’s keeping quiet because they assumed Lex killed him. I have no idea what Lois thinks about it as it feels like YEARS since she was last onscreen, lol.

    And that sounds like a mightly fine drinking game to me, taking a pull every time Lex gets hit! Conor, I think you should do this for your next live commentary!