Smallville – S07E13 – Hero

Tonight’s episode – Hero.

Pete RossIt’s the return that (virtually) no one asked for! Pete Ross is back!

Poor Pete Ross. It’s not really his fault that they never had anything for him to do, really. Chloe usurped the role of chief confidant and once the stories started focusing heavily on the romance angle there was less and less for Pete to do so they shuffled him off to Chicago where he became an EMT. Or maybe that was on ER. Regardless, it’s been a while since Pete has been around and he might not even recognize the small town he left.

In other Smallville news, we’ve gotten official word that the show will be returning for an 8th season. Not sure how I feel about that. Hopefully that means more DCU guest stars (I would imagine it would, that’s been the show’s bread and butter for the last two seasons), but the question of whether or not Michael Rosenbaum will be back as Lex Luthor has yet been unanswered. A part of me is looking forward to what an 8th season will bring, and another part of me just wants the show to accept the applause and bow out gracefully.

As for Pete Ross, he will always hold a special place in Ron and I’s heart for giving us the best bit of unintentional comedy that we’d seen on television in years. Thank you, sir.


  1. Finally a new episode. 🙂  I had not heard about the 8th season. I’ll be happy about it as long as Rosenbaum stays on as Lex. Actually, I’m pretty happy about it either way. As for Pete Ross, I was really starting to hate him on the show before he left. He was just getting too whiny.

  2. Blimey, they’ve been milking the season gaps a tad, haven’t they, not that you can blame them with the strike going on (is this one of the only shows that may actually fill it’s full season quota?).

    If Rosenbaum’s coming back, then I’m excited about an 8th season. If not, and especially after the strength of this season, they should go out on a high. I’ll be back to be either elated or grumpy (most likely the former) after I’ve seen it. 

  3. Can’t watch this one live, sadly.  My thoughts on this later tonight!

  4. I lied!  Live it is!  Kara and Jimmy on a date?  Pete!

  5. Awkward music cameo!  Awesome.  It wouldn’t be a Pete episode without one of those.

    He needs to come out and yell "ONE REPUBLIC!" 

  6. If I were from Smallville, I’d avoid all green foods for the rest of my life.  All things green, actually.  Take no chances!

  7. Years living in Smallville didn’t give Pete powers, but that did?  Really?

  8. Pete Ross, Elongated Man!


  9. Wait i thought that Jimmy and Chole were back togather? Did i forget or miss something?

  10. Yeah, they broke up.  He’s been circling around Kara for a bit.

    Runaway, Pete!  Runaway!  Go back to Chicago! 

  11. He’s gonna take Lana with him!

  12. @conor more like rubberban man. 

  13. Wouldn’t Pete’s minty-fresh breath hurt Clark?

  14. Ouch.  The dad card.  Ouch.

  15. Guilt trip, all aboard.

  16. Pete always was a little jealou of Clark.  There was always a hint of darkness below the surface of their relationship.  I approve of this development.

  17. Pete Ross, back to his old ways. Still.. I did kinda miss him.

  18. since when did they make k gum? better yet why would any went k gum?

  19. New Reaper after Smallville!

  20. Jimmy needs more bowtie.

  21. @HBD  got to have my Lost fix!

  22. Bwah?  Wow, did Chloe go from Metropolis to Smallville in the time it took for Lex to download that picture?

    "Open door policy."  Excellent.  Glad they finally acknowledged it. 

  23. Chloe and Pete should totally do it.

  24. For a newsroom full of … *cough*… "reporters" did no one notice the Elongated Man flower grab?

  25. They must’ve been busy going after the hard news, like what Lindsey is doing now, or who get’s Heath’s estate.

  26. Yeah, it seems like that flower grab would be worthy of a glance or two. And really Chloe will never have Clark, she should just throw Pete a bone. err, you know.

  27. Did Kara lose her powers with her memory?  She’s never tried to open a bottle and shatter it?  Or jump a puddle and fly to New York?

  28. @chelsea – In basketball terms, toss him a lay-up.

  29. Maybe it’s a mental block.  Kara can’t physically manifest her powers until she consciously realizes she has them.

    A part of me wishes she would have suddenly manifested her heat vision while looking at Lana. 

  30. That’s one sweet custom status bar on Lex’s PC.  Scorpions are a lot cooler than a little expanding bar.

  31. How did Clark destroy the gum?  Borrow Batman’s anti-K suit?

  32. Jimmy shouldn’t look so shocked, at this point who *isn’t* a meteor freak.

  33. nothing like  verbal product placement.

  34. Smallville is like Peanuts.  There are no authority figures anywhere.  Don’t these people have bosses?

  35. @Conor – Wha whu wha wa, wu woo wa waa.

  36. I think at this point, Lex is technically everyone’s boss.

  37. When did Lex find out about Chloe? Hey, did you hear that new Stride gum now has a ridiculously long lasting flavor? Awesome.

  38. Right, he’s the publisher of the paper, but where are the editors???

  39. Mouth closed!  Chew with your mouth closed, Ross!

  40. Pete should’ve spit his gum at Clark, more dramatic than opening the box.

  41. Mekhi Phifer needs to come in here and smack some sense into Pete.

    More awkward music cameo! 

  42. Lex has a Haitian?  Wait, wrong show…

  43. You know, I don’t know why but I really feel like buying some Stride gum. 

  44. Who would have thought a One Republic would be the place for a beat down interrogation to take place.

  45. @HBD Ha! That’s exactly what I was thinking too!  

    So Pete’s way of saving Clark is to leave him with K on his chest outside of Lionels vault.  At least he was loyal there at the end.

  46. @chelsea – No kidding.  Nice friend he is.

    Quickie in the copy room, Chloe? 

  47. "Gumby found his Pokey"?  Awesome.

  48. Jimmy just saw pate and cloe hugging.ooooooo SNAP!

  49. In case you haven’t figured it out, this episode is brought to you in part by Stride :/

  50. Bring it home, One Republic (featuring Timbaland).

  51. Man J&C are back. Would have like to C&P togather.

  52. Is Stride a gum or something?


    Why don’t I find Kara attractive? 

  53. Whoa, she doesn’t trust Clark and Lana anymore?  How did that happen?  She’s pliable like silly putty.

  54. Tonight’s Smallville featured music by One Republic?  It did?  How did I miss that?

  55. Well at least next weeks ep. looks good.

  56. Average episode, 3-out-of-5 pieces of Stride gum.  Made better watching it with the iFanboys!

  57. Funny, next week’s episode features clips that were in this week’s preview on youtube.  Someone somewhere made a mistake.

    I refuse to believe it’s me. 

  58. uh oh, Kara. That’s no good. 

    Next week’s episode looks great! 

  59. If it had better music, Smallville would be unstoppable.

    I just love Jimmy Olsen and all his awkwardness, he really should be wearing the bow tie.


  60. @Conor – Nope, it’s not you.  I saw that same preview tonight before Smallville, and it said it was for tonight’s ep.

  61. Hey.. me too. I saw it on a commercial last week.

  62. I guess they just wanted people to watch.

  63. Maybe Stride paid a big bonus to have this ep moved up one week.

  64. chelsea and HBD have eased my troubled soul.

  65. I’m glad I have this site to talk Smallville. There’s no one in my Clark Kent life that likes it. It’s nice to get my random thoughts about it out. 🙂

  66. Smallville buddies for life, chelsea.  Smallville buddies for life.

  67. Waiting 20 minutes so I can skip through the commercials.  Bring on Product Placement Pete!

  68. So ah, got any gum?

  69. something big needs to happen on this show. there needs to be a no one is safe feel going on.

    i couldn’t even watch tonights episode, it was awful. this many seasons in i think it’s okay to start killing people off

  70. Which DC characters have appeared on Smallville? I have seen episodes here and there, but I don’t watch it regularly.

  71. @xebix 


    J’onn J’onzz



    Black Canary

    Green Arrow


  72. When is Kristen Kruek going to show up on Mr. Skin? Clark’s getting a little old isn’t he?

  73. I don’t know if I’d watch this show without Rosenbaum as Lex. He has been my favorite character in this series, and that’s saying a lot considering I’m not that fond of Superman OR Lex in the comics. The last season I watched was 5. I’ve been feeling so lazy in picking up 6 so I can catch up to 7 for some reason. I dunno… I hope the show just ends with a good ending instead of them dragging it along.

  74. Am I the only one that noticed that the lead singer of One Republic was dressed like Han Solo?

    Damm these discussions are awesome too bad I work thursday nights and have to Tivo "Smallville".

  75. I don’t care what happens in season 8, all i know is that he better be in costume in the last ep or the ENTIRE SHOW will be a failure.

  76. @d1whowas – I disagree *strongly* on that score.  I don’t even want to see him in the costume.

  77. Just got around to watching the show on tivo.  Wow, that was truly awful.

  78. For what’s been such a strong season so far, this one felt a bit like treading water. However, Rosenbaum continues to be awesome. Season 8 will feel sorely lacking if he leaves the show.

    I don’t wanna see Clark in the costume in this show either. This show’s about Clark, not Superman, so I would love to see the show end with him putting on the glasses for the first time! 

  79. The appeal to Smallville is that it’s working towards Clark transforming into Superman. No matter how much I like the journey as Clark, when you get right down to it, it’s a Superman story. I want to see the end product. They’re gonna have to slap the "S" on his chest at some point at the end. But he really has to learn how to fly first, I’m getting sick of seeing the super speed effect.


    I believe a man can wear his shorts on the outside goddammit!