Smallville – S07E12 – Fracture

Supergirl!Tonight’s episode: Fracture

The previous two weeks of Smallville have been strong, with last week’s Black Canary appearance being a particular highlight. According to TV Guide there are only three more episodes remaining that were shot pre-WGA strike, with 3-5 episodes left to shoot to finish out the season. I wonder how that’s going to effect the laying out of the plot and/or whether or not this show continues for an 8th season.

“Fracture” brings Kara back into the story as the action shifts to Detroit, which is where she landed with amnesia. But the thing I’m most excited about is the little glimpse in the trailer of a white suited President Luthor from that episode way back when with the woman who could see everyone’s future. That episode gave me chills and any more of that will be most welcome.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. Boy, that S-shield is everywhere.  Not really going to be much of a secret who he is when Superman eventually shows up.

    How many Smallville viewers get Sundance and MacGyver references?

    "Linda."  Awesome.

    Uh… well, that looks like it should be fatal.

  2. Some weeks I love this theme song and some days I hate it.  Tonight, I love it.

  3. Medivacted from Detroit to… Smallville?  Or did they all travel to wherever they are in Michigan?  Also, did the EMTs not notice the two girls being held captive right by the body?

  4. Slowly but surely Lana is taking over the role of Oracle from Chloe.  Man, Chloe just can’t win in life.  First she loses the guy and now she’s losing her niche.

    Also, did Lana take a computer course at The Learning Annex or something?  When did she become an expert?  Not even Ron knows how to hook up that many monitors. 

  5. "I know you’re about to be hooked up to a potentially fatal experimental mind transference machine, so here’s an extremely chaste kiss on the cheek."

  6. That "I know some of the best researchers in the world" line, like, never works on cute waitresses.

  7. It’s actually really sad when you rememeber that Clark and Lex *were* best friends. 

     Aaaaand Lionel was a bastard.

  8. Ouch.  That’s cold.  Also, somewhat more explicit than this show usually is.

    Smallville should not continue without Michael Rosenbaum. 

  9. In the world of Smallville, there are no locked doors.  People walk freely in and out or medical labs, people’s homes, highly secure facilities, the Daily Planet – you name it and access is granted.

  10. Chloe is going to have some serious worry lines when she’s older.

  11. Still weird to hear "Oliver Queen" thrown about.

  12. I think Chloe made a big mistake healing Lex in front of Lionel. I think there’s still a lot of evil in that man. I am loving this episode.

  13. Chloe is a zombie. Nice Clockwork Orange poster.

  14. @chelsea – Oh, he’s still totally evil.   He is now going to be looming in her background until Lex finally kills him.  Which needs to happen soon.

  15. That was very nearly a "REMY ZERO!" moment.

  16. Oh, Lex – you diabolical bastard.

  17. Yeah, I think the last good thing Lex will do is kill Lionel to save Chloe. I really don’t want Smallville to end. 🙁

  18. I thought the kiss on the cheek was pretty lame too, what was with that? And did Rosenbaum say that he was definitelty not going to do an 8th season?

  19. @chelsea – Clark is kind of a doormat.  I’d certainly be questionaing my relationship were I am.  But I’m not him, he’s him.  So back to making moony eyes about Lana whenever she’s not around.

     Has for Rosenbaum leaving… hmm… some digging finds that the original source for that story is this:

    And there is nothing in the article that would point to how they came across thus information.  And then everyone started citing that story as the source.  So who knows?

  20. I’m excited. I love seeing Lana in HD. She’s a little skinny this year. I also love me some Supergirl.

  21. Without Rosenbaum there is no Smallville.  Clark is such a bland character on the show, even more so than he’s accused of being in the comics.  They really need the villain to drive things forward, and though I loved him as Spike in Buffy I can’t see Brainiac doing that.

    Actually I’d rather see a Lex Luthor spinoff show than watch Smallville without him.  Maybe a show with Lex and Oliver Queen going around the world judging reality game shows or something.  Or solving crimes as detectives who share an apartment and spend all their free time trying to assure the world (and themselves) that they’re not a couple.

  22. I thought he was just thinking about leaving, this upsets me. Not cool.

  23. @chelsea – Well, now that I have invesatigated it, I’m not so sure he’s actually leaving.  We’ll see, I guess.

  24. Lex leaving isn’t good news. Michael Rosenbaum is one of the absolute best actors on that show.

  25. Every show filmed in Vancouver ends up losing its star or having to move production to the USA eventually.  For more information see X-Files.

  26. @Jazzlawyer – Or it could be that after 7 years he is tired of being Lex.  Maybe he’s sick of Vancouver.  Maybe he wants his hair back.  It could be any number of things that we don’t know about.

  27. Tired of being Lex? I guess that’s possible.

  28. Could be any of those, we don’t know.  Genre shows that reach a certain level of popularity do tend to typecast their stars, the most notable being Star Trek.  David Duchovny was certainly more vocal about leaving Vancouver than Rosenbaum has been, but as you noted we’re not even sure that he wants to leave. 

    But Smallville isn’t The Simpsons, it’s not going to be going for 20+ years so maybe it should end while it’s still good.

  29. Rosenbaum’s contract on the show is up after this season. And the speculation is that he doesn’t want to renew his contract. There is more talk about this at

  30. Dam it! Dam it! I missed this ep. Why don’t they have some place on the net whach them? 

  31. @ JazzLawyer So it shoulda ended after fifth season?

  32. Maybe.  I don’t know.  I’ve enjoyed this season so far, though I’m tired of Lana/Clark by now.

  33. …I’m tired of Lana/Clark by now.

    Tell me about it!  Conor aptly noted the "chaste" kiss–I mean, can’t they even sell their relationship a little bit?  The actors/writers don’t make me believe that they even like eachother!

  34. Yet another strong show, awesome stuff! Did anyone else find the stuff with Clark talking to the small ‘good Lex’ kid a bit moving, or am I just a huge wuss?

    Pretty brutal in places for Smallville too. Teasing us with a massive bullethole in Lex’s forehead when we know Rosenbaum is possibly leaving this year… White-Suit Lex beating up on that kid with just a terrifying, maniacal grin on his face… Clark pummelling evil Lex while he just laughs at him. This season ain’t pulling no punches, that’s for sure.

    Let’s end this Clark/Lana thing soon please, and get the Luthors back at each other’s throats. This show has been amazing this year, but we all know Smallville is at it’s best when Rosenbaum and Glover go toe-to-toe! 

  35. Having a great time with the season so far. I think Welling is getting a lot better at portraying Clark. Hopefully one day we’ll see him flying around in the suit. The only downside is Lana. She was cute for the first couple years when they were supposed to to be in high school but now she just reminds me of a little kid trying on mom’s makeup and acting like a big girl. I don’t buy her as an adult with any real responsibility. I almost dread the last 5 minutes of the show when they predictably have the Clark/Lana heart to heart in the house/barn/Talon. It killed me when they let Jonathan die instead of her. 

  36. @ EJ – Totally with you, dude! They did a great job at the start of this season with giving Lana something interesting to do, and lately it all seems to have fallen away. Although, I have a feeling someone’s for the chop soon, and she may be on the shortlist.

     Not Kristen’s fault, it’s just her character’s rarely given anything interesting to do. The one season they do, and we all start liking her, they make Lana insipid again.

     It killed me too when Jonathan died too, but you’ve gotta admit that was friggin’ good TV! That episode affected me for ages after, like it was a dream. That’s when Smallville’s great, when it takes risks, and for the most part it’s been taking risks all of Season 7. Bravo to the makers!

  37. Just watched it.  Wow, I always love CrazyLex! episodes.  Limited Lana and no ending with Clark and Lana makes for especially good Smallville.  I think the past two seasons with the increased superhero mythology has added so much to this show.  These three episodes have been really good, and now it’s not on next week.  Boo!