Smallville – S07E08 – Blue

Tonight’s episode: “Blue.”

It’s Lara again! I’m looking forward to this reunion. I bet there are some tears.

For the supposed Last Son of Krypton, there sure are lot of other Kryptonians floating about. Here and in the comics too.


  1. Great episode, I wasn’t expecting it to be as big as it was but I guess it’s kind of sweeps season right now.

    Having Lara and Zor-El in just for this episode was a great touch and I’m glad they’re gone again, I was afraid that the story might start to get too drawn out.

    Kara being gone and having amnesia is a little too cliche for me but I’ll deal

    Grant really being Julian Luthor? I did not see that coming but I think that will be a great plot device in the show.

    And the ending, a consequence….what happened??? It’s about time though, Clark is always going against what Jor-El says (like any normal son would) but I think it’s time that Jor-El mans up and sticks it to Clark a little bit.

    Great episode and a great season so far, I loved Smallville in the beginning and I thought it got unbearable to watch around season 5, but ever since last season the show has really found its magic again…..too bad this writer’s strike is going to take that away from us.

  2. Does Kara ending up in Detroit have any significance? Is she going to run into Steel? That would be sweet!

    Go Lions!

  3. It was okay, but I missed how Clark got the Blue Kryptonite ring off of his finger?

    Oh, it would be so sweet if Kara ran into Steel.

  4. I agree with others here, I really enjoyed this one. Maybe not the greatest episode of the season so far, but still a good solid one, and still seems to be driving the story.

    Anyone else thinnk there’s a really epic feel to the season so far that just seems to be building week on week? There’s been hardly any filler, and they’ve already packed more into these 8 episodes than we normally get in a full season.

    I knew there was a reason we were meant to hate that editor, he’s an evil Luthor! Nice twist there.

  5. Definitely not the best episode of this season I think, but I still like the show a whole lot – but there were a few plot holes in this episode big enough to drop a fat elephant through – not just “How did Clark get the blue ring off?” but “How did he get to the North Pole without super-speed?” (ooops). Was it the thing in the book from like 4 season ago, and didn’t that thing get destroyed? Oh wel…

    On Smarmy Editor Man being Lex’s kid brother– it was a big fun reveal, but I kind of feel (for once in my life) like those who complain about continuity – The two episodes about how Julian died (?) in the third season and how that warped Lex was one of the best of the past seven years of the show, IMO. I’ve decided to be open to what comes next, but I hope that Julian’s “survival” doesn’t end up being as contrived as how Clark got the blue ring off and how he got to the fortress…

    I’m in, will wait and see… BTW, I read a statement by the two guys who run the show – apparently they have enough scripts for 15 episodes, or until the end of February. The last script written before they went out on strike was given a tidy ending, but is actually a cliffhanger, much like a regular season finale.

    That info from:
    Statement From Gough & Millar On The Writers’ Strike:

  6. Very good point about the plot holes. I kind of assumed the blue ring got destroyed when Clark smashed the crystal, but it was never shown so not sure. I also thought he got to the North Pole using the kryptonian key, but totally forgot about it being destroyed.

    I remember the episode where an imposter claimed to be Julian, and another with flashbacks to Lex’s childhood showing Julian’s death (is that the one you’re referring to, DrWally?), but honestly still liked the reveal.

    The more I think about it, the more sloppy this episode feels, but I’m still caught up in the story so I’ll let that slide and hope it continues to a great finale.

    15 episodes would be sweet, I can live with a shorter season if they tie it all together (assuming they can’t get the strike sorted in time). And I don’t mind a cliffhanger if it’s along the lines of the Angel finale (i.e: there’s casualties, there’s still danger, but you know the hero will keep on fighting).

    For the moment I’m enjoying the hell out of this season, so I trust them.

  7. So doing some fact checking on Wikipedia and Julian was supposed to have died in 1992 at the age of two. So he would be seventeen now? Is that right? I mean I realize that these characters are a lot younger than the actors who are playing them, but that isn’t the issue here. He is editor of the Daily Planet at the age of seventeen? Wha?

    Right, the Kryptonian Key I forgot about that and it was right there in the scene before. Okay, I have no problem accepting that as an explanation about how Clark got to the fortress.

  8. In a world where 30 year old college students don’t actually go to class anymore and Clark Kent should have been Superman for a few years by now, I wouldn’t try to make all the numbers fit, you will go mad.

  9. I finally saw the episode over the weekend. It was okay. Some good stuff, some not so good stuff.

    Clark’s slow-motion punching of Zor-El before he could take out Lionel was BADASS.

  10. That might be my biggest gripe with this show. They do the superhero nonsense stuff, like that awesome punch, very well and make it seem as plausable as something like that can be. Also Green Arrow’s costume from last year. It is crazy to think anyone would dress like that for any reason other than Halloween, but I didn’t have a problem with it because it seemed functional. And it could have looked a lot worse.

    However when they mix up stuff like Julian’s age and what happened with the blue ring I get bothered. It is like they are leaning on, “Yeah, but it is a Superman show so why should you be bothered about those kinds of details.”

  11. There’s a certain point when continuity gets in the way of a good story. I think that one of the best written shows of the last ten years was The West Wing, and even that had noticeable continuity issues.

    Don’t get me wrong, ‘d be thrilled if it all fit together perfectly, but it’s nigh impossible.

  12. I don’t want to seem like I am being intolerable towards it. I understand that it happens. It

  13. Dave, you’re spot on. I’m really loving this season so far. The fact that there’s so much they get right that gets you psyched makes it all the more frustrating when some moments just aren’t up to standard.

    That said I think this is best season for years (so far) so I’m in for the long haul… well, as long as the strike allows.