Smallville – S07E07 – Wrath

Tonight’s episode: “Wrath.”

Lana (temporarily) gains powers tonight! If you’re on Smallville, and you haven’t gained superpowers, please raise your hand.

I think that by the end of this show, they should give everyone on the show superpowers and the show can then be about the Legion of Superheroes. That would be a neat twist.


  1. *crickets*

    Anyone still watching this show?
    Admittedly I’ve got a backlog of about 4 episodes – but I plan to catch up this weekend (hopefully)

    I think the Legion twist would be swell.

  2. I enjoyed last night’s ep. The…uh…earthquake lovin’ was… comical. I thought Brainiac was a little too symbiote like. Made me think they were reaching for something from Spider-man 3 that they don’t need.

    I like how getting super powers have become so common place that all Clark has to do it tell Lex that Lana doesn’t have them anymore and everything is accepted. Actually, that drive me nuts, but if I picked that apart the whole show would collapse in under itself. I mean, I realize there is still a connection between Lex and Lana that plays into Lex’s behavior, but in this episode Lex observes Lana getting super powers and never questions it (unless that DID happened while I switched to another channel).

  3. It’s probably not that unusual for Lex, considering *he* had powers too at one point.

  4. I finally got to watch this week’s episode.

    It was… okay. Probably the least enjoyable of the season, though certainly not bad.

    The sex thing. Yes, earthquake sex was funny but now they’ve basically put this Clark in a world where he can’t have sex with non-powered people which pretty much eliminates any kind of normal relationship, and certainly keeps him from being able to ever be with Lois. No matter how much love there is, you can’t have a healthy relationship without sex. The comics writers are smart to ignore “The Kevin Smith Problem”.

    I really, really dislike the EIC of The Daily Planet and I’m glad he might be evil.

    I like Lois’ bangs. I miss her being part of the main story.

  5. If “The Kevin Smith Problem” is about the inability of Superman to have sex with a normal woman, he was probably riffing on the essay by Larry Niven, award winning science fiction writer, author of Ringworld. It’s called “Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex” and I just found it online right here:

  6. The above article reveals that science fiction nerds are the nerdiest of all. Star Trek and comic nerds can not compete.

  7. Ok, little late on this one thanks to a dead internet for days.

    I was worried at the start of this episode that they were just gonna do the ‘comedy’ show of Lana getting Clark’s powers, especially such a high quality season so far, but I actually really liked how they used it to further Lana’s journey down the dark path. It was nice to see them take a gag and turn it into a progression for a character arc.

    I cannot STAND that editor! Seriously, something about that guy creeps me out. But maybe it’s meant to, so good acting on that dude’s part.

    I’m still loving this show right now, and though this may not have been as good as previous weeks have been, I still really enjoyed it. Maybe that’s a sign we’re being spoiled with riches this year.

    Only small gripe; It took Clark the best part of 3 years to gain and control his powers, and Lana manages to master heat-vision and super-speed in a day? It’s nit-picking, I know, but still…

    Marsters is close, I can tell!!!!!

  8. As far as Clark not being able to be with normal women, I just figured it’s part of his journey to master his strength and powers. With a bit of tantric if you will, I believe that he can enjoy a perfectly healthy sex life.

    WOW! That may be the single nerdiest thing I have ever done. My wife would probably divorce me if she knew I just wrote that.