Smallville – S07E06 – Lara

Tonight’s episode: “Lara.”

More super guest stars — tonight Helen Slater appears as Kal-El’s mom!

This season has been phenomenal, I have to admit. And I’m thrilled about it. I’m not sure why it’s so good. It’s probably because they’ve found something interesting for all of the characters to do. Even Lana! I’m actually really into her storyline for the first time in years. I honestly never thought that would happen.

But, man, how bad was Supergirl?


  1. Couldn’t agree more…

    …though I still want Lana to get killed. I’m officially against her at this point, despite that she’s interesting.

  2. Yeah this was a really good episode, but what was the huge reveal that the promotions kept claiming would happen. During one commercial break it said, “watch as a major change occurs tonight.” I am not quite sure what that was supposed to be. Does anyone know?

  3. The Big major changing event was probably Clark and his “mom crystal” at the end, or it was the sneak at next weeks episode where I’m pretty sure will be the begining of the Lana Clark split.

  4. This episode was awesome!!!!!! Anyone else catch the Braniac reference in this?

  5. Yeah this was really good, I like seeing Clark going to little bit towards the “dark” side. He’s not making a dark choice by any means but his urge of knowing his mother and his constant loneliness is getting the better of him and I think that’s an interesting way to take the character. I for one never saw that coming and never would have thought that he had stolen the crystal, and even lied to Kara about it.

  6. And it just keeps getting better! I was sceptical that this would be on par with last week’s stunning episode, but man oh man, it was right up there!

    You hit the nail on the head, Conor, everyone seems to have an interesting story thus far. I’m totally invested with each and every character, and every week I buy every single performance. Also, every episode at the moment, especially this one, seems absolutely washed in mythology. Just by taking on the myths it’s weighting the show down with some serious gravitas.

    Helen Slater looked incredible, and seemed so elegant in her performance. I always remember the actress who played Lara from Superman: The Movie (forgive me, I forget her name) held herself with such grace, and I thought Helen did a great job of embodying that. Really nice moment with Clark finding the photo.

    Raph, I noticed the Brainiac reference too… Bring on the Marsters!!!

    This is hands down the one show now where as soon as an episode ends I’m excited for the one a week away.

    Only minor gripe; Chloe AND Kara fighting over taking Jimmy to lunch?!! Don’t get me wrong, I like the kid, and I’m liking his story so far… but Chloe AND Kara??? Lucky bastard!

  7. I just saw Episode 6, WOW. I’m spent. Full agreement with everyone else here. Question: Just how far can this show maintain its incredible, wonderful momentum? So far, I am continually amazed everyweek, it just keep getting better. And the CW has certainly (thank goodness) given Smallville a pretty healthy budget to really do this season right.

    I feel really happy for the actors: everyone has a great meaty role. It’s great how people can be “officially against” Lana, want to punch Editor guy, and Chloe…oh Chloe, poor Chloe…will she live long enough to make it through rehab? But that’s what’s great – we care (or care to see the Editor get slapped).

    1) Kara, Lara, Zor-El flashback – Great way to be daring with the backstory, great stuff.
    2) Lana: “Clark, I know where Kara is,” as she FLICKS her remote to close the secret door of what I’m now calling the Secret Peeping Lana Room. Kristen Kreuk is probably happy she has more to do on the show then just show how big her eyes are.
    3) Clark BAM super heart restarter, revives Kara — wow, what a punch. Kara’s left, uh, yeah, not the worse for wear…
    4) Scene with Clark and Kara at the end: Yeah, I got misty… in seven seasons of Smallvillle, only the two episodes with Ryan and the first one with Bart Allen did that to me.
    4) Chloe hears about Kara and Jimmy going to lunch – So much for the momentary relief from…wow, poor Chloe. I feel her pain.
    5) Mom crystal and Clark: Uh Oh… this can’t be good.

    And yeah, the way they went from super everybody happy to “Uh-oh, getting dark here…” in the last 5-10 minutes was really good, daring writing.

    My pitch for Clark’s first flying scene – first a scene that re-establishes he has a fear of heights, then Chloe on the roof of the Daily Planet, deadly drunk with an empty bottle of hard liquor, standing on the precipice… Clark on the ground way below.

    Jimmy (on roof): “Chloe, what are you doing?”
    Chloe: (spins in surprise, totally drunk) “Huh?”

    Chloe slips and falls, Clark, totally looks on in great panic, helplessness, but instinctively jumps with tremendous effort, catches her, and they keep going up, up and away, off into the clouds….

    Chloe: (still drunk) “Wow, you ain’t a super guy, you’re my real Super MAN….”

    And I would totally now watch the original Helen Slater movie from the 80s – yeah, it was bad, but Faye Dunaway? Some things you just have to watch for ridiculous, idiotic fun.

    And yeah, Bring On the Marsters. And more Martian Manhunter!

  8. Great post DrWally, loved the pitch for the flying scene!

    Good question about how long they can maintain this level of quality. The optimist in me thinks that it’s just going to get better, or at least keep to this high quality.

    I’m thinking they’ve gotta have the rest of the season mapped out now, especially if this is the last season. Plus this season so far has been a massive leap forward in terms of taking definite steps to Clark becoming Superman, or at least Clark accepting himself as Kal-El.

    This has split my opinion about the show ending though. One hand, I’m happy this may be the last season as the show badly needs a definitive ending rather than getting cancelled, and the freedom to the writers of knowing “this is it” has produced the ballsiest episodes in years (possibly in it’s entire run).

    But on the other hand, this season has been so outstanding, showcasing exactly what Smallville can be when done right, that the selfish person in me wants more now.

    If I’m honest of course I’d rather have an amazing season to finish the journey than have it sink back to being mediocre if they stretch it out, but damn it’s tempting.

    Either way, I’m loving how much people are responding to this show right now (as you said, DrWally, whether people like or hate characters, everyone seems to care), and I’ll just keep enjoying it while it lasts.

  9. And the Supergirl movie was so bad it’s ESSENTIAL viewing!

    “Leave this place and do no harm!”

  10. “During one commercial break it said, “watch as a major change occurs tonight.” I am not quite sure what that was supposed to be. Does anyone know?”

    I just watched the episode tonight. They showed a quick clip during a commercial break. In it, one of Lex’s science lackeys hands him a container with what appears to be liquid Kryptonite. He tells Lex that “the metal is alive”.


  11. I’m not sure what “major change” is being advertised, but I don’t pay that much attention to advertising – as long as the show is good, I’m happy. Actually, each episode has so many significant plot twists and turns for so many of the characters, it’s almost superfluous to advertise “a big change.” They should advertise, “Smallville – Season 7, It’s Really Good Again, A Big Change.”

    Thanks Eyun, it’s just great to know people are having so much fun along with me watching this show. I’m totally agree, they probably had the whole season mapped out way, way before hand, thinking its time to go out with fireworks rather than a sputters and fog. Every episode doesn’t seem to have a single thrown away scene – future stories and subplots are constantly being “seeded” in every episode, even if not at all related to the main story of the week.

    I agree with sentiment that it will be sad to see this show go, as it has reached such a level of quality, but a bad 8th season would be a real big bummer. Better to go out with a magnificent Super Bang.

    “And the Supergirl movie was so bad it’s ESSENTIAL viewing!”

    100% agree. I actually remember seeing it when it first came out, I think I was stll in high school, and I distinctly remember that the story “flowed” like a fast, forword moving current, always onward, always onward…almost TOO effortlessly. In particular I remember Supergirl’s first “Earth Entry” at the beginning, and remember how they had this long, amazing flying sequence playing with all kinds of shapes and things to fly over or through, and it ended with Kara plopping down in that bedroom and first assuming her secret identity…

    I thought then- “Wow, that was all really easy…a little too easy…no bumps in the road there…” Smallville Season 7 is by contrast wonderfully riddled with all kinds of wonderful plot twists and turns every moment, causing all kinds of troubles and complications.

    Have to see Supergirl again:

    Faye Dunaway:
    “I’m considering nothing …less …than …world …domination.”

    Brenda Vaccaro:

    Horrible script, great actors totally high on giant doses of HAM, what’s not to love? I think somebody’s just jealous of Hart Bochner… =)